Snow Moon Ritual for February, 2024 – Moving Forward


The Full Snow Moon will be at peak on Saturday, February 24th,2024 at 5:31 AM, (MST). When a full moon peak occurs very early in the morning, we see some of our followers holding their ritual the night prior, which is completely fine. There’s no ‘one way’ to do things in the pagan world. You may notice the full moon appears slightly smaller than usual. Its because this month’s full moon is a micromoon; think opposite of a supermoon. Simplified, it means this month’s moon is at its furthest point away from earth, rather than it’s closest, due to its elliptical orbit. The lunar energy will still be strong, so no need to worry.

February’s full moon is called the snow moon because this is the month when the most snow falls in North America. Other names include the Bear Moon, Racoon Moon, Suckerfish Moon, Goose Moon, Bald Eagle Moon, and Groundhog Moon. Names connected to the weather are Storm Moon, Snow Blinding Moon, Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon, and Ice Moon. With heavy snow fall and much of the world still in the grasp of hard times, names like Bone or Bony Moon, Famine Moon, and Hunger or Hungry Moon were also common across many Native American Tribes. The Hopi tribe, which was spared of the agonies of winter weather due to their geographic location, deep in the American Southwest calls it the Moon of Purification or Moon of Renewal.

snow moon ritual february 2024

Full Snow Moon Ritual Circle

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper (if a fire is not an option, then fill a wide bowl with salt. During the banishing portion, have the participants bury their paper in the salt)
Athame or Wand
Altar – encourage everyone beforehand to bring their stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, point in each cardinal directions while calling the quarters; ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead>

This circle round, from sky to ground, such blessed light, on full moon night! Our sacred space, a meeting place, on this night our truest face, we gather here amongst the Fae, forward now, we light the way!

We begin in the East, where the icy breath of the winter winds still linger; their message never ceasing, their strength never wavering, and their mystery, our perpetual teacher. Invisible, yet invincible, the wind is the great carrier, of words, thoughts, wisdom, and deeds. Questioning it will yield no answer, but trusting it will guide you to the revelations you seek. <light yellow candle in the East>

Now to the South, where the hungry flames lure you closer to the source of the heat, and the great paradox of fire. For as it is with all things in the natural world, balance reigns supreme. Too distant leaves an unsatisfied feeling, too close leads to great suffering, yet at the balance point, we are neither and yet we are both. That which provides too little is no different than that which provides too much. <light red candle in the South>

Look West, open your eyes to the many ways of that which resides everywhere. The snow and ice wait, just as the cocoon, for their moment of transformation. Breath bows to the night, leaving only a frozen cloud of mist. Deep beneath, the flow continues, effortlessly, and without obstacle or hinderance. Form is but a construct of the energy that lies within. <light blue candle in the West>

Now turn to the North, the origin point. For all that does live, breath, grow, and exist has a beginning and an end. Time is but a window into the never-ending wisdom of the great turning wheel. Geographies change, climates, temperatures, flora and fauna, and even life changes, yet the world continues Moving Forward, never looking to the past, nor waiting for the future, simply flourishing in the now, this moment of infinite possibility. <light green candle in the North>

Gods & Goddesses

To each and to all, take this moment to give proper words, blessings, prayers, and invocations to your Gods and Goddesses. May you be rewarded with a thousand fold of protection and care in return, for honoring them. Trust, faith, and intention are but three of the great guiding principles that anchor our foundations, and we must ensure care is taken to preserve them. When we offer the best of ourselves to that which we truly believe, we open ourselves to the growth we deserve. <Light White Candle on the Altar>

Musical Interlude

It’s no secret. Music makes the world go around, well it actually doesn’t, but it certainly makes the ride enjoyable. From the earliest time of human history, music has been a part of ceremonial practice. Drums, chanting, singing, and other rhythmic instruments have been used to raise the collective energy of the gathered group. A singular focus of conscious, each person sending energy to that which was about to happen. It’s quite a powerful thing, especially when you are in the heart of it. For tonight, a Nordic chant called The Frozen Call, but Jonna Jinton. Free your mind and let the hauntingly beautiful melody sweep you away to the peak of an ancient mountain.

Moving Forward

Rather than the typical messages of the Snow Moon, this year we are taking the direction of something different. Usually, we use February symbolically speak of endurance, such as by making it through the rest of the winter, or survival, facing difficulties, or other winter-related themes. Tonight, instead, our message is Moving Forward, leaving the past behind, and taking that big bold step into our future. It’s almost incomprehensible to believe that the main reason people don’t progress in life, is because they hold themselves back. Often they wait for something to somehow magickally happen, or an out of the blue job offer to be handed to them. Something akin to winning the lottery without ever buying a ticket. Sounds funny when you think about it, but mostly true. We’ve all had those times of waiting for our ship to come in, and even made excuses as to why we aren’t Moving Forward.

We are not here to pass judgement on anyone, yet rather to offer encouragement and understanding on why Moving Forward is important, both in your physical and spiritual life. When we are together, things are easier. We have each other to lean on, share our stories, get advice, and find wisdom. Yet, once the circle closes and we return home, things often feel out of place and we struggle with maintaining the necessary focus to grow our spiritual lives. We lay down to rest, and often the troubles of the world, or at least our world, lay down with us. We surrender our time to worry, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and even failure. Eventually, under the cloud of restlessness, we drift off into a troubled sleep.

We’ve all done it more than we should, for one reason or another. Why? Well that is the question that only you know the answer to. Some say it is a natural part of being human, others cite the fragile modern-day world we live in. And still others point to trivial thing, negative energy, or the fact that they just can’t see the benefit of putting in the extra work. It is definitely a complexity of epic levels, but one which we must find the inner strength to rise up and defeat. Knowing the workings of energy, ask yourself. If you aren’t moving forward, shedding the weight of the past as you do so, what are you doing? Reverting to the safety of the past, a shell of yourself, neither growing nor learning. Of are you in stagnation, like forgotten water in a far off pool, slowly waiting to be overtaken by the mosses and decaying leaves.

Thought provoking, true, but in reality, a wake-up call. Use the Full Snow Moon to focus your energy as a gateway to take that first step into the rest of your life. Focus so hard on all the goodness ahead of you, that those intrusive thoughts do not even enter the conversation. Reach out an open hand, embrace the world, and let yourself go. Instead of finding excuses, find solutions, gateways, and keys. The doorway to personal freedom, growth, and a higher vibration awaits.

As part of that focus, we must cleanse ourselves of negativity. Not always easy, but critical. Moving Forward is a difficult battle, and being unburdened makes it much easier. Fear, hate, resentment, jealousy, and revenge are just a few of the heaviest weights. Once we allow them in, they fester, grow tendrils, anchors, and become something we cannot control, nor understand. As we begin our clearing ritual, my only wish is that you find the strength to release all those things which no longer serve you.

full snow moon

Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

<ritual leader should distribute pencils & paper to everyone>

The Full Snow Moon provides energy, but it is up to us to use that energy in the most constructive method. Understanding that this lunar energy is free, we have the choice of using it in any way we choose. Most people will feel its effects, yet not truly understand what they are, or where they come from. To a very tiny sliver of the population, the full moon energy literally pushes them to the edge of insanity, with irrational behaviors and odd actions resulting. But to those of us who work with lunar energy, it is seen as an essential tool, with value on many levels.

One such use is providing strength and empowerment to release negative energy from our lives. To those who practice magick, see releasing negative energy the same as conjuring or casting a spell. First gather strength, then channel it with our intention, ultimately move that energy to do what we want it to, or to bring a change to ourselves. When we choose to banish that which no longer serves our needs, we follow the same protocol. Focus and isolate the negativity and baggage found within, gather powerful lunar energy to serve as our tool, then release the hammer, so to speak, to propel the negativity out.

Writing down those things serves to assist our focus. Thoughts are thoughts, but when transferred to paper, they have a tangible physicality, which makes it easier to focus on them. Burning them is the action of ushering them from our physical and spiritual beings; removing them with force, evicting them permanently, and building doors to prevent their return.

Now I ask each of you, what are your burdens? Who is trying to control you? Where are your travels taking you and what are you bringing home in return? What weighs upon your soul? Are you held back by trauma; harboring a deep secret from ages ago, that continues to destroy your well-being? Are you allowing others to use you? Are you afraid? What have you internalized? Are you your own worst enemy? Are you that person who cannot sleep as the self-imposed demons, dance through your thoughts?

To cleanse and clear, you must get to the heart of the matter. Once you say their names, you start the process of shedding. You may not be ready to release them all tonight, but once you have taken the first critical step of identification, you’ll soon be ready to expel them. Each full moon will add to your power, and when it reaches an apex, you’ll know the right moment.

Now, write down those things which no longer serve you, step forward and commit them to the flame, saying, “I give up freely that which no longer serves me.” Do this as many times as necessary. Focus on the flames as they consume the paper, and watch the smoke as it’s carried away by the wind.

As you release, you’ll feel a great weight has been lifted from you. A new energy will course through your body and you’ll feel an overwhelming feeling of freshness, as if you’ve just been reborn, free of baggage. Some heavier things might leave you feeling vulnerable, but do not despair. Do not allow those aftermath feelings consume you. Take time to fill those new, empty spaces in your spiritual self, with positivity. Talk with those you trust, rebuild your confidence in your own decisions, study the ways of your path and your ancestors. Find your tribe and lean on them for support!

Closing the Full Snow Moon Circle

Now with a strengthened resolve, and a renewed connection to the universal energy, we again turn to the North, not for validation but for guidance and direction. One of the fears of Moving Forward is uncertainty, but with the land, the stone, the trees, and all the living beings surround us, all we need to do is ask, and nature will respond. <extinguish Green candle in the North>

Now turn West, take to heart the message of transformation. Like water, we are forever changing forms, yet never really changing our core. The heavy weight of ice may form, as does negativity, yet by willfully engaging and directing our positive energy, it melts and we are free from the burden. <extinguish blue candle in the West>

In the South, the flames have been our willing partner on this night’s journey. Not our servant, nor our master, but our partner, working in harmony to aid us in our journey of growth. Carry this thought as we depart, for it is as with all things. We are a part of the greater universe, neither commanding its power, nor being subjugated by its majesty. <extinguish red candle in the South>

Now again we turn our attention to the East, close our eyes, and listen to the wind. For each ear awaits a message and each message brings confidence, growth, and direction. Seek and you shall find the words waiting. <extinguish yellow candle in the East>

Closing Prayer
To each soul, we offer the power of this community. To each mind, we provide that which spurs imagination and investigation. For every shoulder holds the line, every eye, the vision into the future, and each heart a wellspring of love and compassion. Give thanks now to your Gods and Goddesses, the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself. Remember not only what brings us together, but what holds us together. We are bonded forever. Blessings and prosperity in life, love, and joy.

This circle is now open, but the connections not broken.

February Fact – Black Moon

Since February is the shortest month being 28 days (29 in Leap Years), and the full moon cycle is 29.5 days, about once every 19 years, February does not have a Full Moon. In those years we see 2 full moons in either January or March, with the second one being termed a blue moon. The next Black Moon will occur in 2037, the previous one occurred in 2018.

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