Candle Colors and Their Magickal Meanings


Candles have been a part of magick and witchcraft since the dawn of time.  They are used to mark the Quarters, or Cardinal directions, during many pagan rituals.  They are an integral part of many spells and meditations, and the focal point of many others.  Some practitioners keep a candle burning as a connection point between our world and the spiritual world.  And still others use a lit candle as an anchor point during their personal prayers.

Candle colors are very significant when engaged in any sort of spell work or magick as it helps to focus and channel energies to where they are needed.  The list below is not comprehensive and there may be more information available from other sites, so use this as a starting point.


Any real witch knows that the color black is not an evil color.  Black is simply the culmination of all things on the material plane.  It is a strong color associated with protection magick as it absorbs negative energy. Black candles are used in banishing spells and spells to break bad habits.   They are also used to cause discord and incite the spiritual destruction of enemies.  Black candles are also used to combat negative binding forces and as protection from illness and evil or any negative energy someone tries sending you. The black candle is also burned to harness the healing energy of the universe.


Blue is connected to the West and the element of Water.  It carries a gentle, but powerful energy.  There are many shades of blue, and each one has its own significance.  Dark blue promotes joy and laughter and is influential on emotions and dreaming, where royal blue signifies loyalty and fealty.  In spellwork, blue candles are used for emotional healing, truth and justice.   Blue can also help to awaken and/or heal the psychic part of your mind.

Light Blue

Light blue is more complex than some other shades of blue, so it gets it’s own classification.  The color itself is calming and used to clear and dispel rage, anger, and angst. Light blue candles invoke the lighter powers of Water, but not any of the dangerous properties.  Light blue is also good for spells seeking the truth.  Many people use light blue candles for meditations focused on truthful guidance for the future as they increase creativity and overall perception.


Brown is the color of earth, representing balance or a direct connection with the land itself.  Brown is one of the best grounding colors because of this connection.  Use this color in spells that are focused on balance, stability, and building trust.  Some Witches use brown candles for manifestation magic and connecting with the realm of animals.  It is the perfect color for rituals seeking refuge from chaos, confusion, or indecisiveness.


When the grounding energy of brown and the fiery passion of red come together to form burgundy, a unique product emerges.  Burgundy strongly resonates with blood, and although it grounds, it also ignites passion.  Use burgundy for spellwork related to determination, strength, and personal power. This color also is known to increase the power of other candles and is often part of a larger array.


Copper candles are not as common as some other colors, but do carry a very specific value and use.  They are all about success the business world.  Use copper candles for magick connected to achieving personal financial goals, business goals, and professional growth.


The color gold corresponds with the Sun, light, confidence, strength, willpower, and optimism.  It also attracts optimism and positive influences from the cosmos.  Many rituals are written using a gold candle to represent a God or Goddess in the ceremony.  Burning a gold candle will enhance your openness and communication with the universe.  Gold candles are recommended for use in rituals focused on increasing one’s personal power, fame or fortune.


Traditionally green has been the main color for spells connected to money and wealth.  A green candle attracts abundance and earthly well-being. It is used for magick that promotes success in new business ventures.  It also is used in spells to help recover financial assets. Other uses include spells of prosperity, health, and all spells that are directly tied to nature.   Dark green candles are used to counteract the influences of greed, jealousy and unchecked ambition.  Light green candles are used to invoke the Fae and other earth elementals.


Like burgundy, grey is between two colors; white and black.  It is the color of neutrality and balance.  Grey candles are used extensively in protective magick, to neutralize negative energy and break spells that may be directed at you.  Also used to gain discernment and wisdom when meditating over complex or confusion topics.  Grey also negates or neutralizes a negative influence in any aspect.



Ivory is often used for Full Moon magick , initiations, or as an alternative to pure white.  Many think of ivory candles having the power of white, but with an extra added bit of grounding from the brown.   The color ivory is associated with things of value like pearls, so it is often used in spells to attract wealth or luxury.


Lavender is another combination color, gaining some of the characteristic of purple and white, when used for spellwork.   This color is used for numerous reasons, specifically love magick, spells of peace, tranquility and wish granting.   Lavender candles are used in rituals that are focused on divination, understanding dreams, spiritual protection.  Lavender should not be confused with lilac candles, which are used to purify your surroundings and to counteract diseases of the mind and body


Hot pink, dark pink and magenta are all used for anything related to lust and passion. In ritual magick, magenta is used for spells of sexuality, confidence in sexual situations, and flirtation.  Some rituals use magenta candles to attract a female lover.  They also add energy to rituals where an elevated level of spiritual healing power in needed immediately; almost acting as an emergency remedy. They are also used in exorcisms and spiritual healing rituals.


Orange candles are used primarily for spellwork connected to business and careers.  The color evokes ambition and creativity and a sense of fearlessness.  Burning an orange candle is considered an aggressive move, that shows you are without fear and expect big things to happen immediately.  This is why orange candles are well-suited for career workings, or any other time you need to assert your strength and individuality.  Orange candles are used in rituals that come before important events such as the eve of an important business meeting or family event.


Regardless of how you use it, a pink candle manifests love, devotion, friendship and faith.  Pink is the color of universal, unconditional, and enduring love.  Pink candles are used in spellwork to attract attention, improve emotional well-being, and strengthen matters of the heart.   Spells of forgiveness and reconciliation are enhanced using a pink candle. Also spells that are focused on solving emotional problems.


Purple is a mysterious, magickal, and royal color all wrapped unto one.  It is associated with psychic matters and is used in magickal workings for divination, astral travel, and to connect with other planes. Purple is also suitable for magick related to wishes, ambition, power and authority.  The color purple is also associated with the third eye, and can be used to cancel the effects of bad karma.


The color red is a color of the physical world.  It represents sex, love, power and vitality; basically anything connected to the pleasures of the flesh.  It is used extensively for rituals of fertility, sex magick, virility, physical energy, and strength.  Red can also be used to enhance any working that requires a strong fiery energy boost.  Red candles are also used in protection magick.


Silver candles are used heavily in any magick dealing with the Moon or the cosmos.  They are also connected to channeling, clairvoyance, astral travel and overall psychic receptivity.  Other uses are for spellwork connected to long-term memory and remembering past lives.  A silver candle is often used to represent a God or Goddess during rituals.


Turquoise is a wonderful mix of green and blue.  It shares many of the calming, healing qualities of light blue and the influence of the color green.  Turquoise candles are used to stimulate creativity and the spirit of adventure.


White represents the highest level of consciousness.   They are used for protection spells, healing and purification. White represents everything good in this world; truth, unity, harmony, and oneness.  When burning a white candle, the practitioner invokes the power of the moon and night sky and they are often used in moon rituals.  White candles are also used to represent the Goddess.  Since all colors are derived from pure white light, a white candle can be used as replacement for any other candle in many rituals.  In some cultures white represents death and mourning.


Yellow represents intellect, imagination, memory, and open and clear communication.   Yellow is associated with the East and the power of Air.  Yellow candles are used in spellwork to enhance communication in a relationship and to increase focus.  You can light a candle and meditate to seek the wisdom of the ages.  Burning a yellow candle brings one closer to attaining a state of perpetual happiness.  They are often used in rituals to represent the sun or one of the many Sun Gods.


Candles help humans create a connection to higher planes, open our eyes to adventure and romance, and acts as a tool to improve communication on many levels.  Candle colors are part of the process when we are working with spells or in rituals. We’ve come to rely on them for more than just light and a small amount of heat.  They offer comfort, tranquility, and remind us that we are in control of our own lives.

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