Full Flower Moon Ritual 2022 – Blood on the Moon


On May 15th at 10:15 PM, MST, the Full Blood (Flower) Moon will be at it’s peak.  The Flower Moon was named because of the abundance of wildflowers everywhere in May.  But, in 2022 we are in for a treat because it will be a total lunar eclipse and the moon will look a bloody red color.  The visible part of the eclipse will commence at approximately 8:30 PM MST, with totality starting at 9:30 PM and lasting until about 11:00 PM.  Interestingly enough, we experienced a Blood Moon last May also.

Traditionally the May Full Moon is called the Flower Moon, but it’s also been called the Full Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Bright Moon, the Blessing Moon and the Milk Moon.

Tonight we will continue with our 2022 full moon planning and self-improvement series by discussing risk and taking chances.  giving our full attention to rising above the noise, or in simpler terms, not allowing emotions to drive our actions.  Last month our celebration was focused on embracing the lunar energy in all aspects of our lives.  In February we dove into creative planning and in January our focus was preparing ourselves.  On this leg of the journey, we learn how to stop making off-the-cuff decisions based on a short-term influence.  The reason why this subject is important, is that many people allow the noise of current events to derail them from their spiritual path.  Once off their path, many lose focus which can lead to a spiraling out of control, spiritually.

Preparing for This Full Blood Moon Ritual

This ritual should be preformed outside under the light of the full moon.  Position your circle around a bonfire or fire pit for the best results.

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper

If you are having a group session, inform everyone in advance that they can bring their stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

Blood Moon Ritual

Ritual Begins

From earth to sky, sky to ground, I cast this circle round and round – Our meeting place, a sacred space, outside of time, an endless world to interface.  This circle is now cast; we are now between the worlds.

<This serves as a call to action for the participants to stop talking, gather, and prepare to begin the ritual>

Calling the Full Blood Moon Quarters

Set your sights on the lands to the East.  Feel the awakening of your soul as the winds rush in and surround your bodies.  Offer silent prayers to the great spirits of Air and the energy they are sharing with us.  Tonight is a time of great cosmic energy and a potent time for making new or strengthening spiritual connections. <light yellow candle>

Now turn to the lands of the South.  The source of fire, heat and the spark of creation.  Focus on the flames and the great fire and allow your mind to decipher the secrets hidden within the dancing colors.  The great Fire spirits are with us as we embark on another journey together into understanding ourselves and the universe around us.  <light red candle>

Pivot and focus your attention to the lands of the West. All the divine knowledge of motion and cleansing is found with the great Water spirits.  With the rising of the tides, the movement of all earthbound water, and the falling rain are wise messages given freely to those who might choose to embrace their teachings.. <light blue candle>

And now set your gaze upon the lands of the North.  The vast richness of soil, stone, foliage and fowl are everywhere around us.  The great spirits of Earth are waiting patiently to provide for our needs.  We must find harmony with all things and give as much as we receive to keep the great circle healthy and hold a position of honor on the great wheel.  <light green candle>

As we marvel in the ways of that which are seen and unseen, we are comforted by the faith we have in the Great Goddess.  IN our times of trouble, she is our protector and in our times of bounty, she is watching and celebrating along with us.  We trust that with faith, hope, and endless love that all things will become as they are destined and we shall find our way through the universe. <light Goddess candle>

Full Blood Moon Ritual May 2022

Opening Statement

In January, we celebrated the Wolf Moon with a lesson of preparing ourselves.  In February, under the shining light of the Snow Moon, we engaged in creative planning for the future.  Both were important lessons leading to Ostara. In March, under the Worm Moon, our conversation was about charging ourselves using the lunar energy; connecting with the universe.  Prior to Beltane, and the great Fire Festival honoring fertility, we used the Full Pink Moon to hone our personal skills.  Now, in May, under this Full Blood Moon, we look at taking chances, exercising some risk to get something before it gets away.  What that ‘it” is different for each one of us, but we all know of it’s existence.  It could be a goal we were pursuing, a personal interest or a new spiritual connection.  It’s time to get off the bench and into the game.

Musical Interlude

Each month we feature a song to help raise energy for the ritual.  For as long as the human race has populated this world, we have made rhythmic sounds to stir our souls.  Drumming, chanting, and wind instruments have stirred our souls and given us a reason to dance and express ourselves in wild abandonment. Tonight our featured piece is by YOAV, appropriately titled Blood Moon.

Healthy Risk Taking

Risk taking is a term that makes many people very uncomfortable.  It could be because they are focusing on unhealthy risks; foolish and often dangerous activities.  Others may associate risk with potential loss; often financial loss. Yet, most of us try to avoid risk because we have a fear of the unknown.  With modern technology, we try to predict every outcome and aspect of nearly everything. We have literally been programming ourselves to avoid things. Add this to the fact that many of us grew up constantly being told, ‘do do that’ or some terrible consequence will befall you.  The helicopter parents of the latest generation have led to the development of highly risk-averse adults.  Now many of us are realizing that it was developmentally damaging, being told to avoid everything for any reason.  Many people have missed a critical part of their development. Taking risks builds confidence and character.

Even though we are adults, we can still reach back into time, so to speak.  We need to realize first that trying something that may be out of our comfort zone can be a positive or negative experience. We must also realize that avoiding trying new things because someone put a fear into us, has made us weak.  We need to experience things in order to grow and often times these experiences come with a degree of uncertainty.  But before we look deeper into the topic, the risks we are talking about are not dangerous, at least not physically dangerous.  I’m not trying to convince you to go cliff diving or trying to put your hand in a lion’s mouth.

Start by taking small risks and working your way up to taking bigger ones.  Some examples would be to try new foods, take a walk in the forest and explore nature, or volunteer some place locally.  Immerse yourself into something that you might have never thought you’d be interested in.  If you don’t like it, then try something different, but don’t stop trying.  Deep down inside, most of us have a wish list.  Maybe its time you started working on actually achieving some of them.  The Full Blood Moon is a perfect time to step out of your comfort zone.  Even if you are afraid, trust that the powerful lunar energy will guide you to your best and highest good.

The Blood Moon has been reputed to represent something coming to an end, but also a new beginning coming from that very closure.  It’s a good time to take stock of your personal life and make some hard decisions.  As you’ll see in our cleansing and clearing meditation, sometimes we need to cut cords with close friends in order to achieve personal spiritual wellness.  Bottom line is don’t live in fear of failure or emotional pain.  You and you alone possess the power to take a chance on being what you always wanted to be, even if you have to take it several times, keep reaching.  Don’t let fear of the unknown derail your growth.  Take the risk and reap the rewards.

Cleansing and Clearing

As we do every month, we spend time learning, but also cleansing our personal selves.  We all know that emotional baggage, mean people, bad relationships, and unhealthy situations weaken our spiritual health.  So many people find themselves filled with darkness, loathing, anger, fear, and negativity; many of them don’t even know why.  Everywhere we look, it seems we are being bombarded with multiple attempts to try and gain influence over us.  Whether they be close friends, on-line personalities, or other so-called ‘influencers’, remember that any attempt to coerce you in one way or the other, is a form of control.  Some will be subtle about it, while others charge ahead by trying to make you feel guilty, ashamed, or something else, in order to control the situation.

You can just say no, walk away, or cut the cords with these people.  In fact, it’s highly recommended that you break free as soon as humanly possible.  Once you are free, then you need to wipe away the remnants that remain on your spirit.  The full moon is the perfect time to engage in personal cleansing.  The process is simple, and the action itself is powerful and possibly life-changing.  On this full flower moon, in the safety of this sacred circle, I implore everyone to rid themselves of negativity and take charge of their own destiny once again.

<from this point forward, the ritual leader should significantly slow down – each sentence must be allowed to sink into everyone’s thoughts – read it like a guided meditation, one sentence, then a pause, then another then pause, and so on – speak with an even and calming voice throughout – your voice will help relax and allow everyone to focus>

First, close you eyes.  Relax your body. Take several deep breaths and bring yourself to a point clarity.  Free your mind of the mundane activities of living.  Become a free floating being. Allow the spirits of air, earth, fire and water to guide you. Envision a great expanse of nothingness as you settle deep into a state of calm rational thinking.  Wander through the passageways of your own mind. Identify the dark areas and things that are troubling you. Examine the coloration of your thoughts.  Listen to the sounds of your memories. Identify the things that are influencing your life but not bringing you to a higher state of being.  Are you anchored to something dark, What things are doing emotional damage. Are your behaviors serving another, rather than yourself. Can you see the faces of those trying to put you down or keep you down.  Are you visiting places which seem to draw you but offer you nothing but negativity. Do you see the darkness and the damage it is bringing.  Keep breathing deeply and remain focused.  Ask yourself which things need to go in order for you to grow.  What is keeping you from being happy. Focus on those items that you need to release from your life.  It’s time to make a decision; one that will give you a hand up and a step forward.  Now lock those things in the front of your mind.  Open your eyes but remain in that relaxed state of being.

<distribute paper and pencils>

You will need your focus to step out of your own darkness.  Use your natural intention to shed yourself from the debris and negative forces that haunt you.  Write down everything that is working against you.  Decide now that you are releasing those things which hold power over you. Pledge to yourself that you are cutting those cords, now and forever. This is the moment to burn away that which causes you pain. This is the moment to free yourselves from fear and anxiety. Stop participating in unhealthy relationships. Stop being used. Shake away the false feelings of security.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future depends on your strength of mind.  Believe in yourself to be the agent of change you need. Believe it with all your heart.  Allow the powerful energy of the full moon to strengthen your resolve.

When you are ready, approach the fire with your list and commit it to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everyone to burn and meditate over what was released>

Closing Our Full Blood Moon Circle

Now with a renewed sense of direction and a clear spirit, we set out into the world.  With each thing we cleared, we’ve opened a space that needs filled with something better, brighter, and that will improve our spiritual standing with the universe.  Now join me as we close tonight’s circle.

Once again we gaze upon the lands of the North.  With our negativity washed away, we can see with greater clarity the essence of life itself bursting forth from the land.  The once barren and dry soil is now green and lush.  Wildflowers are welcoming pollinators and life is surrounding us.  We give a most humble thanks to the Earth Spirits for joining us tonight. <extinguish green candle>

Now to the lands of the West to offer great praise and reverence to the Water Spirits for being an integral part of our lives.  With our spirits cleansed, we are like a mountain stream, every flowing and growing, gathering up bits and pieces of vital information along the way.  We learn to overcome, be flexible and never stop in our pursuit of self-improvement.  <extinguish blue candle>

Now look to the lands in the South as the shadow of the Blood Moon begins it’s slow decline.  The reddish hue reminds us of fire and we feel ever closer to the great Fire Spirits.  As humans we are drawn to the heat and light that fire provides us with.  We see value in burning away that which we wish to permanently shed from our lives, as fire is a great destroyer.  But as we fill those empty spaces with positivity, we can see fire as a source of creation, a spark that brings on a new beginning.  <extinguish red candle>

Finally look to the lands of the East and embrace the great Air Spirits. The wind is always reminding us that nothing is permanent and things are always in motion.  With each risk we take, we gain personal growth.  With each step forward, we become a better person and better able to serve our fellow human being.   <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, on this great eclipse night, we praise you and offer thanks to all that you provide us with. We leave this sacred circle in a state of joy and satisfaction.  Our spirits are cleansed and our souls are in a state of euphoria.  We are blessed for the opportunity to share space with all the divine elements of the universe and have gained new insight, wisdom, and a sense of peace by your presence.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

This circle is now open!

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