The Gypsy Thread

A Collection of the Unexplained, Magickal, Essential, and Esoteric

Beltane 2022 Fire Ritual – The Return of Vitality

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Walpurgisnacht – The Night of the Witches

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2022 Pagan Celebration Days, Full Moon & Zodiac Calendar

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Friday the 13th – Myth, Superstition, or Real Danger

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Battle of the Beanfield – Clash at Stonehenge

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Hag Stone – Sacred, Powerful, Magickal

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The Nazca Lines

An Art Gallery in the Desert The Nazca desert lies in southern Peru on a high and arid plateau in the foothills of the…

Witchcraft & Magick

Knowledge is the Key to Success

Strange Places

Terrifying, Strange, and Mysterious Places Found Across the World

Pagan History

Never Forget Where Our Ancestors Came From

Pagan Poetry

Not Your Everyday Poems, But You Just Might Fall in Love