The Gypsy Thread

A Collection of the Unexplained, Magickal, Essential, and Esoteric

2024 Pagan Calendar – Sabbats, Moon Celebrations & Astrological Events

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Imbolc 2023 – A Purification Ritual for Spring

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myth and religion

Old Gods, New Gods and the Blurry Line Separating Myth and Religion

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The Pagan Origins of Easter

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Lupercalia – The Deliciously Lustful Origin of Valentine’s Day

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Hag Stone – Sacred, Powerful, Magickal

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Black Eyed Children

The Sayers speak of urban legends Other cite a cautionary tale What to say of black eyed children… When explanation comes up empty And…

Witchcraft & Magick

Knowledge is the Key to Success

Strange Places

Terrifying, Strange, and Mysterious Places Found Across the World

Pagan History

Never Forget Where Our Ancestors Came From

Strange Creatures

Our World Continues to Amaze

The Metaphysical World

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