The Words of Another Man


Words of Another Man


What of moments cast in time

When the directions are all open

And turns are without walls

No landmarks offer bearing

And not a map nor compass

Temporarily lost or never to be found

On this great journey of life,

What are you to do?

Who shall be your guide?

And moreover, are you really in need

Is your heart not speaking clearly?

What of the noise of the universe?

Selective listening or just silence

Will you surrender your walking staff?

Hand it to another man?

Trust in him to feed your soul?

And your belly

What path will he lead you on?

And where will your destination be

Will you even think about?

The place your journey began

Where you first chose a path

Made a pact with yourself

Decided what you wanted to be

As you follow, will you ask?

Questions that really matter

Doctrine and philosophies

Scope and expectations

Or will you listen and recycle?

The words of another man

Perfectly repeating one by one

As you’ve done with his steps

Will you shout out praises to him?

Call him teacher, or even master

Forsaking your inner brightness

For a lesser light on a busy road

Where those who walk beside you

Are simply holding space

Full of motion, but without substance

Finding the monotony soothing

Without real responsibility

Dependent on the big machine

Becoming that which you denounce,

But on a different vibrational plain

Livestock of their self-serving doctrines

No longer the feel of expansiveness

Narrowing thoughts day by day

Influenced by the words and paths

False cryptography

Being led by the words of another man

Have you forgotten choice?

Seeking mental clarity through thought

Some easier, while others infinitely difficult

But not insurmountable

Will you use your inner light?

Or the second-hand candle of another man

What you do; that’s up to you

Stay in line and follow the course

Or step aside and evaluate

Once again believe in the steps you take

If they are of your own choosing

There’s still time to walk away,

Ignore the speeches, ignore the noise

Cut the cord, regain your life

Never again to walk another’s path

Or follow the words of another man

Words of Another Man

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