Winter Preservation Spell – Keeping the Magick in Your Growing Area Strong


Land management takes hard work and dedication.  It helps if you have a strong working knowledge of natural techniques to control pests, diseases, and other issues.  You probably already make your own fertilizers (from all natural ingredients, of course.)  And you probably carefully administer water and plant in areas that get the best sunlight.  And you likely spend countless hours weeding, staking, pruning, deadheading, and talking to your beauties.  But, if you are a grower of sacred herbs or other rare plants, especially ones that are to be used in magickal concoctions, then you may want to consider additional safeguards.  In layman’s terms, it means adding protective magick, either by a charm, spell bottle, or talisman, in the vicinity of your gardens.  A winter preservation spell can be a valuable and time saving addition.

When winter is near and the growing season is nearly over, try to think ahead.  The only work being done in the fields is harvesting or late season irrigation.  Most growers aren’t thinking about weed or pest control this late in the year.  There are too many other things taking up time.  This includes canning, hanging and drying herbs and flowers, and putting root vegetables and squash into winter storage.  Everyone is busy preparing for winter, but I encourage you to make just one last preparation.  Take a little time for this powerful spell.

This bottle spell is intended to preserve the magick in your growing areas through the long winter months.  After all, you’ve spent so much time making it perfect.  A winter preservation spell will act as a bridge to keep all those wonderful touches vibrant and alive.  Once spring arrives, it will further act as a kick starter to early germination and growth.

Ingredients For This Bottle Spell

Winter Preservation Spell for your land/garden/growing area

A glass bottle with a sturdy stopper (I am always on the lookout for unique glass bottles to use in spellwork; it adds a personal touch)
1 plant root (any plant, but not a weed or grass)
1 fresh leaf (personal choice)
Seed or acorn or other pod (symbol of renewal)
Pine needles (winter greenery for green magick)
Organic soil rich in nutrients (life)
Sunflower petals (symbolizes the sun)
Drop of Honey (for the bees)
Ground Comfrey (natural fertilizer)
Eggshells ground (calcium)
Iron Nail (iron)
Epsom Salt (sulfur and magnesium)
Calendula flower (prevent evil from entering)
Fire Ash (alkaline balance)
Fresh peppermint or spearmint leaves (to control insects)
3 drops Lavender oil (naturally improves soil)
Pinch of cinnamon (controls weeds)
Chips of rock or cement (prevent erosion)
Sacred Water (it’s your choice, we use sacred well water)
Human Hair (deer repellent)
Sealing Wax (stamp if you would like to)
Breath of life (see below)

Gather all the necessary ingredients in a place where you feel near the earth and it’s radiant power; sitting in your garden would be optimal.  Offer a blessing to the Goddess for what she has provided.  Focus on the living things surrounding you.  Feel their energy and connect to it.  This will be critical as it will enhance the strength of this spell.

Start adding your ingredients, one at a time, focusing on the intent each item will add to the blend.  See the items inner strengths and natural beauty.  Continue until every item is added except the final ingredient; Breath of Life.  Put your cork in but do not seal.

Pick A Full Moon

The next step in the process takes place on the night of a full moon.  The Sturgeon Moon in August or the Harvest Moon in September are both excellent choices.

Cast your circle under the light of the full moon.  Make sure the bottle(s) are bathed in moonlight as you recite this incantation.

Sky tonight – Full moonlight

Hallowed ground – Our power found

Energy flowing – Ever growing

This sacred circle – Universal

Hear me now – My solemn oath

Infuse this blend with fertile growth

Potency of nature – Stay in this ground

Protect these lands – Hereby bound

Day and night – Through dark and light

Ice and snow – Cold winds blow

Herbs and flowers – I now empower

Magick planted – Fields enchanted

First to bloom when springtime comes

Breath of Life – My words are sung

Once the spell has been spoken, uncork the bottle and breathe into it (your Breath of Life). This step matters more than any other ingredient as it has your energy included; the same energy that was infused into your gardens in the beginning.

Seal with wax.  After your circle is closed, immediately bury it in the middle of your collective gardens so it can radiate outward throughout the winter months.  If you wait until the sun rises, the spell will lose its energy and will necessitate being re-worked.

Blessed Be to the Garden Witch !


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