Wildflower Land


WildflowersTiny Wildflowers


Tiny wildflowers lay scattered on the floor.

Once proud and full of life, but no longer

They have sacrificed their essence for you.

Gratefully and without thought of remorse

Few women receive flower blessings

Even fewer are blessed so willingly

Perhaps they know that everything has a master

Beauty does as well

They have been lucky to find you


The Guide

I’m lost the place where things are as they should be.

No one sees where things begin or where they end.

My truth lies in a face, and in a smile, and a laugh, and of course in a touch.

Being lost in the wonderment of love makes perfect sense.

Why it happens, that I cannot tell, only can I say I am grateful.

She’s my guide, my compass, my light shining at the end of my tunnel.

My sense of direction has been tuned, been refined, been sharpened.

I see like never before, and I like what I see.



There are gifts, and there are gifts

Some carry the glitter and shine

Others, like flowers, are fragrant and then gone

Leaving only memories, pleasant and calming

Yet none compare to the product of love

When purity embraces passion

When the physical, mental, and emotional all converge

Time offers a sacrifice

As it stands fast, holding for those precious moments

When one and one make another one

And with a collective exhale

We sleep until the new day dawns

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