What’s The Price To Buy Your Soul?


What’s the price to buy your soul?

Asking for a friend; as that’s my role

Think of me just like your waiter

Ignore those folks who call me traitor

These menu pages present my wares

Don’t compare, it’s better than theirs

Trust in me for all your needs

In exchange, you’ll do some deeds

Little things that you’ll hardly notice

Stick with me; the world’s your lotus

You see, we’re all about simplicity

Although comes out cynically

Name the figure or the needed items

Sign the paper and we’ll provide them

Stacks of cash, jewels, or cars

Lavish trips, meals, and bars

Pin-up girls, or boys for toys

Distractions that drown out the noise

Maybe teens or little children

Don’t be shy, we offer millions

Morality is just another word

Don’t believe the lies you’ve heard

Ask how high you can really get

Stay that way and you’ll soon forget

Endless drinks and drugs galore

Sign your name; there’s so much more

Guilty pleasures with no more guilt

Some are fresh, some rebuilt

Your secret thoughts; strange desires

Sign the paper and we’ll acquire

Hiding places, torture spaces

Tap into those databases

Perverted thoughts can come to life

Rendezvous with another’s wife

Games so sick we cannot mention

But finally now, we have your attention

Deviance comes without a judge

All it takes is a little nudge

Steer you in the right direction

Place you with the right connections

The first rule is to avert your vision

The second is to selectively listen

Point your browser to a fixed direction

Arm yourself for the next election

Cast your lot just like we say

Sometimes twice in a single day

Sign the contract to get free things

Ignore those pesky hanging strings

You’re happiness is all we want

And to be your confidant

Treat us like your new found family

But one you like, that gives you money

So before I head back to my hole

What’s the price to buy your soul?


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