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Welcome one and all to the Gypsy Thread; consider it a home away from home when you’re lost in the tangled web of internet traffic, unwanted pop-ups, and overall boring content.  I’m just a regular guy (as you can see by my grumpy looking picture) with an incredible thirst for knowledge of everything unique, interesting, esoteric, and yes…magickal.  I’m married to a ravishing beauty who just happens to be a professional palmist (not the circus-type, but an actual knowledgeable palm reader,) herbalist, and the local essential oils go-to gal who has the amazing ability to light up a room just by walking in.

If you stick around, you’ll be able to read about things which you might not have known existed – some are historical in nature, while others are of the supernatural type.  I’m also a published poet, and yes before you ask it, they do still exist.  On this site, you’ll find poetry which goes beyond the traditional thinking both in presentation and content.  Some of the imagery is a bit on the adult side, but its always presented tastefully with a flair to the dramatic.

You can check out my work from this site and some of the other sites I either own or write for on my Pinterest page, plus some of the other unique things I dredge up from my journey’s in cyber-world.  I’m also on Twitter and Facebook

Writing to me is more than just putting words on a page.  It’s akin to a living breathing experience where I have the unique honor of presenting a totally different viewpoint to the subject matter.  I love to dive into the depths of word-usage, and often find terms or words that aren’t used anymore to add to my work.  I see myself as someone who constantly challenges myself to add new levels to what I’m trying to describe.  Follow along and you’ll see…

I’d like to claim I’m putting fresh content out daily, but its not always possible.  But on the other hand, there are not pop-ups, advertisements, or fictional links that take you to bad places here either.  And in closing, if you have something you’d like to say about any piece, you can comment using Disqus.

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