The Weed Covered Lot


imageObstacles in a weed covered lot

Some small, others foreboding

Aged bottles with faded labels

Splintered wood

Weathered, serrated, rough

A rusty……….something

Gnarled and arrogant

Black spot on the hard ground

Remains of a campfire

A few tiny bones

Perhaps the site of a last meal

Footprints cast in the dried mud

Not Bigfoot, just an old boot print

Half of a chain-link fence

Moves with the wind

Quietly squeaking it’s song

A torn t-shirt, a sock, wicker basket

Decayed fruit attracting flies

Painted images on everything tall

Cardboard piled high near a wall

Certainly a shelter, but for whom

Won’t go near as I’m too afraid

Mental state always on my mind

Shortcut was a good idea…or was it

Stepping quicker, sight more blurred

Flash of a metal can, and dandelion

A child’s toy or at least a part of one

Heart beating fast

The distance closing

Over my shoulder sunlight

Harshly shines on broken glass

Eyes raw, fixed forward

Ragged breath comes

Cold pavement my finish line

The curb is in sight

Imagining a hand pulling me back

I give in to fear and run

Pumping legs and arms

Worn tires in my path

Stumbling in terror

Attacked by imaginary shadows

My side erupts in pain

Knees bleeding, elbows raw

Quickly on my back, scanning

My only company is solitude

No sound, no soul, just nothing

But the debris in a weed covered lot



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