Wasteland Weekend


Wasteland beauty

Billed as the largest post apocalyptical festival in the world, The Wasteland Weekend is a collision of cars, thundering music, and cosplay on an epic level.  Tracing its origins back to the Mad Max based fan event Roadwar USA held in 2004, and building to the Road Warrior Weekend in 2009, and finally giving birth to the first Wasteland Weekend in 2010, this event is here to stay.  The attendance grows exponentially each year and with the most recent Mad Max movie release has changed for the better.  Attendees are seasoned veterans of the event and they compete each year with one another with concept cars, costumes, and campsites being the focus.


With no nuclear apocalypse in the near future, this is the closest most people will get to living and breathing the ultimate rush of “what if.”  Novice visitors will quickly find themselves in need of visiting their local DVD rental store to catch up on all of the Mad Max films to help develop their look for the event.  With a loose set of rules defining how you can dress and drive, participants take cast off junk and repurpose it into some of the baddest-assed depictions of a futuristic world where everything goes.  The attendees then live their characters for the weekend in the dust and decay of the hot desert.


Hard rocking live music is on tap daily and nightly to drive the entertainment factor up to 11, mind blowing amazing project vehicles give everyone a taste of just what humankind can come up with when your wheels mean the difference between life and death on the treacherous highways of this future hell, and lastly but not least, the eye-candy on site for the event.  A glorious collage of living nightmares, fiercely armored hulks of man flesh, and scantily clad seductresses of pain are just a taste of what you’ll be exposed to.  With plenty of rust, noise, dust, smoke and fire to ice this fallout free event, it’s a must see for those with the will to survive.


Tickets for the event are $135.00 each, held September 22nd through September 25th in California City, California, a wonderful little place right down the road from Death Valley in a 20 acre park surrounded by an open desert.


For more information check out the official site…..if you dare.

The World’s Largest Post-Apocalyptic Festival



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