Unintended Consequences of Being in Love



Ponder if you might, if only for a brief moment or two, the unintended consequences of being in love

Tis only a matter of watching the worlds of those who partake compared to those who cannot

For seated all around the banquet table are willing hosts, yet some are passed by time and again

Yet others seem to reap the bounties and plentitudes and are void of any wants or needs

So I ask of you my love, shall we stand and mingle for a moment as we make our way to the dance floor

I cannot fill my cup with another drop, nor my plate with another morsel, for room neither hath any

Shall we twirl about and enjoy the satiation of the endless moments spent in another’s arms

As I spoke afore, it’s the moment when you realize that the feelings come first and the rest second

When being fulfilled comes not from what has been tabled before you or poured from a carafe

Tis a cold existence for some to spend their waking hours in search of such a feeling of fullness

Yet, I hold true that the cup cannot compare nor the feast realize the bounteous light inside me

Look deeply into my eyes, for it is our closeness here on this hardwood mezzanine that is intoxicating

Drink deeply of our shared space as shall I, then give thought to ponderance of consequence

For what is life with an empty space, an open maw laid wide to the sorrows the world would bring

Sadly we see the spaces of those unlucky souls being filled with the things that matter not

Truly it is a humbling experience to look deep within oneself and count the many blessings of love

For a novice, tis easy to cite the low hanging fruit of happiness, and comfort, and arousal

Yet the wizened seer would point to the vastness of things which support the longevity of being

Countenance, yea, the radiant glow given freely, and disposition hold steadfast anchors

While, merriment, wonderment, and anticipation frolic beneath linked with the threads of time

Tis true that furnace of the soul gathers its heat from the proximity of shared nights at rest

Nay to forget playfulness, jocularity, and those moments when we lapse back into a childlike state

For truly we only fully realize the child within when we observe the children we have created

Yet perseverance, determination, and the essence of humility and all she carries be pillars below

Tis easy to see that the tale could digress into a long soliloquy of the merits of love and its bounty

So let us finish this waltz with a final pirouette and perhaps a slight nod of the brow

I bid you walk with me my darling, hands laced in a gentle clasp, eyes fixed on the moment

Let your thoughts be not on the past nor the future, but lead to listen to the now

When the residuum of our thoughts on the dance floor have brought clarity to that timeless question

When a bride or a groom takes pause to ask of their other…why tis it that you love me?

Think of the fullness that blooms and the shared times we created those moments…you and I

Let not your heart be troubled for the answer you see is revealed in every passing moment we live.

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