The Traveller


Ship on High Seas


Ancient Mapcompass noramintel-ancient-map-and-compasswhales-attacking-shipAgeless yet ancientsea-serpent-attacks-ship

Weathered faces

Hands worn raw

The battle fought within

Man versus everything

Gale force piercing winds

Painful driving rainstorms

Hardened brutal hail

Snow and frigid death

Oppressive draining heat

Fierce terrain

Razor sharpened stone

Sinking sands

Vast emptiness

Thickened jungle vines

Pestilence and disease

Torn skin, torn hair

Carried scars evermore

No domicile for comfort

Scarcity of food

Parched from thirst

Watching eyes

Tracking every move

Some with teeth and claws

Others carry steel

Riding battering waves

Atop the horses

Iron and living

Keeping perpetual watch

Seeking out the new

Held back by nothing

To colonize virgin lands

Geological discovery

Myths and legends

Fighting natural enemies

And the prize was…




Cartography is the practice of making maps and isn’t solely attached to seafaring activities.  The importance, accuracy and perspective of a map, especially in ancient times could mean the difference between life and death.  Map makers were highly valued for their skill in being able to express distance, elevation, and key landmarks with a homogenous mathematically based scale.

Early mapmakers used the sun and the stars as points of reference when crafting their maps.  We know today that these sources are unreliable as their positions in the sky changed based on the time of year.  Until the latitude and longitudinal system of measurement was perfects, sailors relied on methods which were less accurate.  Yet, despite all of the challenges, these brave souls set forth across the seas to chart unknown coastlines in search of treasure, trade routes, and adventure.

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