Trapped Inside My Terror Room

Terror Room

Terror Room

The door is locked; impending doom

Trapped inside my terror room

With glowing eyes in the night

And leathery wings taking flight

Shadows lurking in the corners

Just beyond my visions’ border

Restless things, that slide and scurry

Creatures always in a hurry

Specters flash then disappear

Laughter only I can hear

Sleep has but abandoned me

Forced to face whatever I see

Nothing seems to make it end

Exhaustion now, my only friend

Yet sleep denies me

Like a screaming banshee

And as I lie awake in fear

Certain death is always near

Nothing real is what it seems

Horror stories from my dreams

A tentacle creeping to my head

Flaming symbols, always red

Lightning under clearest skies

Moving objects, muffled cries 

Translucent figures floating by

Or figments of my own mind’s eye

Howling comes across the room

Nighttime sky and fullest moon

My bed surrendered; it goes unused

No relief from pills or booze

I’m headed down the twisted path

Where none return; just do the math

Counting moments; time has stilled

Always sure I’ll soon be killed

Insanity erodes away my brain

Destroying me with aches and pain

I see the border of insane

It’s in my reach; I can’t explain

An infestation of my mind

Abject fear keeps me confined

Controlling how I think and act

Blurring falsehoods from real facts

Paranoia growing stronger

Days are shrinking, nights grow longer

Each night my world is filled with doom

Trapped inside this rubber room

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