Tranquility – The Sensual Pleasures of Perfection




A peaceful stillness

Surrounded by earthly pleasures

The sensual and provocative

Shape of a blooming orchid

Tender petals moist with dew

Arching towards the light

Yearning for the sweetness

Of each drop of sunshine

A never ending thirst

Momentarily quenched

In a shudder of magical silence

While beyond the horizon

Soft winds of opportunity

Slip effortlessly

Twisting and gently biting

Lifting and separating

Exquisitely slow and precise

Caressing every curve

Tantalizing that which lies between

Each moment an eternity

Breathlessly pursing

Gazing in the moment

With great admiration

The precious jewel

In the velvety garden


In complete satisfaction

Still waters pooling

Subtle drops flowing

All that remains

Hidden beneath closed eyes

The tempest slowly releasing

Hypnotic crescendos

Waves rising and gently falling

While upon the surface

Fingertips trace the shoreline

Tender reminders

Of entwined lovers

Sharing libations

The chalice of a butterfly

Horn of the ram

Coming together

Souls in transformation

Delicate lusciousness

And the music of memories

Hauntingly beautiful notes

Faint whispers of heartbeats

Two, which sound as one

Their vibrations echoing

Perfection in pairing

Followed by gentle slumber



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