The Summoning


The summoning

Bubbling, bubbling, skies are troubling
Cauldron simmering, potion shimmering
A root of mandrake, dug in the dark
Mistletoe and Druids bark
Two coffin nails, a dragon scale
Volcanic ash, a young girl’s sash
Vellum from a holy book, cut away with a reaping hook
A snail, a toad, and the wing of a hawk
Crystallized honey and a sacred rock
Stir it once, stir it twice, all around grows cold as ice
Dry leaves blowing, power growing
Storms ‘a gathering in the clouds
Distant howls, their voices loud
Screeching owls, errant shouts
Mysterious voices crying out
A shadowy mist upon the land
Serpents rising from the sands
All around a dusky grey
Trapped between the night and day
Bubbling, bubbling, terror doubling
Cauldron boiling, snakes ‘a coiling
Spiders weaving, webs deceiving
Winds ‘a howling, something growling
Branches bending, magick impending
Rising moon is coming soon
Ethereal light will fill the night
Glowing nettle and ember flowers
Aptongue mold for increased power
Mushrooms, lizard, and venom sac
Blood of an amnesiac
Belladonna, fresh worm grass
A silver coin and one of brass
Bubbling, bubbling, somethings coming
An incantation for the abomination
Potion spilled upon the ground
Immediate silence all around
Winds reversed, a spoken curse
Open ground, and all around
Thunderous rumbling, soil crumbling
Barriers crashing, lightning flashing
Darkness rising, materializing
All hope is gone, the demon spawn
Brought to life on a full moon night

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