Full Strawberry Moon Ritual 2022, Becoming One With the Sun


On June 14th, at 5:52 AM, MST the full Strawberry Moon will be at its peak.  The year 2022 is nearly halfway through and we’ve seen a lot of changes in the world.  This year’s full Strawberry Moon will be the second Supermoon of 2022.  It will appear bigger and brighter than we are used to seeing.  As we gather with friends and loved ones on this warm summer night, we must remember that the Strawberry Moon Ritual is more than just celebrating together; it’s about both growing as individuals and as a spiritual community.

The June full moon name comes from Native American history.  Wild strawberries and other berries have a very short window of when they could be harvested, which coincided with the middle of June in the Northern part of the country, thus the name for this full moon.  Other names for this moon are the Honey Moon, the Rose Moon, the Birth Moon, the Blooming Moon, the Egg Laying Moon, the Hatching Moon, the Green Corn Moon, the Hot Moon and the Berries Ripen Moon. It has also been called the Mead Moon, but has no relationship to the beverage we all know from ancient cultures.  Long ago meadows were called meads.  During mid-June, the meads that were planted with hay, were cut and stored for animal feed over the winter months.  The ancient Celts also called the June full moon the Dyan Moon and the Horse Moon.

Tonight we will continue with our 2022 full moon growth series by becoming one with the sun.  I realize that the name seems at odds with a full moon ceremony.  Becoming one with the sun is about networking and engaging with other like-minded people.  The summer sun is a magnet for drawing people out from their homes and going places.  Whether it’s a pagan marketplace, a renaissance faire, a national park, or another gathering, understand that many of the others who are there, are your people.  Take some time to get to know them.

In May we discussed how risk and taking chances impacted our lives.  In April gave our full attention to rising above the noise, or in simpler terms, not allowing emotions to drive our actions.  March was celebration by focusing our attention on embracing the lunar energy in all aspects of our lives.  In February we dove into creative planning and in January our focus was preparing ourselves for whatever the world would be throwing at us in 2022.  These monthly lessons are critical to our spiritual growth. They bring us back to the key elements in our lives and help us to remember that our spiritual path and the steps we travel along it are essential to a healthy life.

Preparing for This Full Strawberry Moon Ritual

This ritual should be preformed outside under the light of the full Strawberry moon.  Position your circle around a bonfire or fire pit for the best results.

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron suitable for safely burning small objects and paper
Large Bay Leaves (enough for several leaves per participant)

If you are having a group session, inform everyone in advance that they can bring their stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

Strawberry Moon Ritual

Ritual Begins

From earth to sky, sky to ground, I spin this circle round and round – Once the thread is cast around, each of us are safely bound. Safe inside this sacred space, protected in this meeting place,  ours now an endless world to interface.  This circle is now cast; we are now between the worlds.

<This serves as a call to action for the participants to stop talking, gather, and prepare to begin the ritual>

Calling the Full Strawberry Moon Ritual Quarters

As each day begins, the sun rises in the East and we start anew.  The great spirits of Air slip effortlessly across the open grounds and make their presence known with a gentle breeze on our faces.  The events of yesterday are nothing more than memories and entries in the great book of history.  Step boldly into the future and do not allow the trials of those memories to keep you anchored.  Free your mind and you shall free your body.  <light yellow candle>

The heat and light draw our attention to the South.  The great spirits of Fire never rest.  The sounds of constant hammering on the great anvils and roaring flames from the great forges are felt in every waking moment.  Creation is found in every spark.  Change is found in every fire and comfort in each moment of warmth.  The lessons of balance, sacrifice, and control are found in the great teachings of fire. Master them and you shall master many of your emotions.  <light red candle>

As the day comes to a close, the sun sets in the West.  Our work has concluded and we take time to quench our thirst and cleanse our bodies with the gift from the great spirits of Water.  Progress is measured in days, whether that progress be physical, mental or spiritual.  Knowledge has been accumulated, lessons learned, and moments of great remembrance added to our personal journals.  Focus on that which has improved your state, rather than any setbacks you have encountered,  Your future is built on solid foundations, not mistakes or misdeeds. <light blue candle>

In the afterglow of another day, we turn our sight to the North to reflect and gather our thoughts.  The great spirits of Earth are moving all around us and the land is filled with powerful spiritual energy.  Every moment of action has revealed something worthy of thought.  We have grown wiser, older and more keen to the world we live in.  We have given lessons and also received them.  We have endured pain, passed tests from both the world and from others. Our courage has grown, our vision strengthened and our hearts more open. Reflect on that which has influenced you and carry those lessons forever.  <light green candle>

Our days are focused on the physical lives we live.  Yet, as the day ends and our toils and trials have come to an end, we take time to let our minds run free in the spiritual world. We gather all those thoughts that are not fulfilled by the physical world and seek the guidance of the Goddess for answers. Our faith is not swayed because we have questions, in fact, it is strengthened.  For faith is having a place to turn to seek those answers which are higher than the physical world.  Faith is having comfort in times of trouble and guidance in times of confusion. When we need protection, we call upon the Goddess to wrap us in her loving arms.  When we are in moments of great joy, we praise her for providing such bounty.  When we are unable to see the light, we trust in the Goddess to lead us to a place of safety and security.  Faith is the truest form of trust in the universe.  <light Goddess candle>

Strawberry moon ritual

Opening Statement

As we celebrate on this, the last full moon before Midsummer; the great Summer Solstice, we find ourselves entering the busiest time of the year.  All focus will be on the three warmest months of the year.  The times of sowing, growing, and harvesting will dominate much of our time.  Newborn animals will be fattened.  Broken fences and houses will be mended.  Stores will be cleaned out and prepared for use again.  The three great harvest festivals will be highly anticipated and prayers will be offered for bounty.  But let us not forget that we must take time to ensure we not neglect our spiritual growth and remain focused on our chosen path.

Musical Interlude

As we celebrate the full moon each month, we take this time to raise the energy for the ritual with a musical selection. Music has always been a critical part of ritualistic practice, whether it be drumming, pipes, chanting or singing.  Music speaks to people in a mysterious and magical way and it frees them from inhibition and opens their minds.  Tonight our selection is by Wardruna entitled Fehu.  It’s a hauntingly powerful chant that invokes a deep and powerful magick from within the Earth and our very souls.  You will find yourself lost but found in another far off place where energy, reality, and possibility all converge.

Becoming One With the Sun

The Strawberry Moon has many meanings and many messages for humankind.  It is the first full moon of summer; well not technically summer, but modern-day interpretation of summer.  The weather has finally shifted to sunny days and the nights are beginning to release their last grip of cold.  People are either already outside or ready to get outside, depending where they live.  Plans are being made for travel, vacations, and attending events of interest. Bodies will be in motion and we will all be interacting with others whether we’ve planned it or not.  It’s a perfect time to expand your circle of like-minded friends and expand your knowledge plus you may find there is something that you need but have never been exposed to.

I know it sounds simple. Go make some new friends. But it’s the simplicity that somehow raises suspicion and keeps many of us from following through. This politically-charged, them-against-us, cancel-culture we live in has created division among people to the level we have never seen before. We are being divided up into smaller and smaller groups. People are being separated on highly-charged issues and being forced to choose one side or another, even if the issue is irrelevant to us in particular.  Inclusivity no longer means what it used to mean; it’s been hijacked by those who wish to use it as a talking point to label people that don’t agree with them.  Civil conversations seem to no longer exist and many don’t want them to.  The world has seemingly gone mad and the small minority of people who just want to see love and peace be the dominant topics of conversation are shrinking fast.

Well, today I say, enough is enough.  Today I say we need to ignore the demands of the loud-mouths who demand we make choices that are not of our wish.  Never in the history of this planet has everyone agreed on everything and up till now it didn’t matter.  Knowing that should give you the courage to follow through on your convictions.  When you are out and about, open up to others who seem like they are part of your tribe. Seek out others who have similar beliefs, not to alienate those who don’t, but to strengthen your bonds with what you believe.  If you are Celtic-minded, then find others who are too.  If you are a flat-earther, then find some others who are of the same thought.  There is nothing wrong with being true to yourself, regardless of how others want to think.  If you support a cause, then support it, but not at the expense of demanding everyone else supports it too.

Becoming one with the sun means merging your physical, spiritual, and mental self with the light that shines upon you. It means raising your vibration to a level which is above the noise of division and control.  It stands for reaching out and making connections with others based on similarities, not differences.  When we can return to the state of civility and a broad exchange of ideas and information, we will see violence and hatred subside.  When we return to strong communities, which for many of us is what we call family, then we can find support for dealing with problems and people to share triumphs with. There will be fewer lost people in this world and fewer instances of tragedy.  Coming together with open minds promotes positive growth in everyone.  Allowing someone else to divide us creates confusion and leads to many people abandoning their spiritual path for a path of materialism, false power, or gluttonous pleasure.  I implore you to tap into your internal energy and focus on togetherness rather than division.

Cleansing and Clearing

As we come together each month, we seek to expand our knowledge, learn from one another, and become better versions of ourselves. We also come here as individuals to cleanse ourselves spiritually.  Some of the division we just discussed and some of the toxic people who are spreading it create unwanted baggage in our lives, Add that to the mean people we encounter, bad relationships, and untold unhealthy situations we come across, and its easy to see the potential encumbrances on our spiritual health.  Minds which were once filled with hope, joy, and a real sense of purpose are now cluttered with darkness, loathing, anger, fear, and negativity. As time passed, they allowed the bad things to dominate their thoughts and most of them don’t even know why or how it happened.  It’s a common reason why people get derailed from their personal spiritual path.  There are people who want to influence others.  People who seem nice enough, but aren’t really that nice. They carefully use language and imagery to convince others that their way is not only right, but the only truth out there.  Sound familiar?  This is one of those divisionary tactics we just spoke about.

Even if you are one of those who is filled with pollution, don’t give up. There is a solution and it’s totally free.  Just say no. Cut the cord, Walk away. Make the choice of your sanity and humanity over anyone else’s attempts to control you.  Take back your mind and you’ll see that your foundations and your spiritual pathway is still there.  Cleanse the garbage from your mind and rebuild the galleries of beauty that you once wandered through. And not to be pushy, but do it quickly. This Strawberry full moon ritual is all about cleansing and clearing away the clutter of darkness that has infiltrated your thinking. You are in control.  This circle is a safe space and supercharged by lunar energy.  It’s time to make a choice: choose to run your life from this point forward or let someone else use you as their pawn.  We are about to enter the awakening stage of this ritual, so get comfortable and prepare to receive.  It is recommended that you are barefoot so you can be grounded to the earth.

<from this point forward, the ritual leader should significantly slow down – each sentence must be allowed to sink into everyone’s thoughts – read it like a guided meditation, one sentence, then a pause, then another then pause, and so on – speak with an even and calming voice throughout – your voice will help relax and allow everyone to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your body. Take several deep breaths. Bring yourself to a point of neutral clarity.  Free your mind of the mundane activities of living.  Enter a state of simply being.  Allow the spirits of your ancestors and spirits of air, earth, fire and water to guide you. Envision a great expanse of nothingness. Settle deep into a state of calm rational thinking.  A state where what is right and wrong for you are the only things that matter. Identify how the darkness has entered your life.  See the things that are troubling you. Examine the coloration of your thoughts.  Listen to the sounds of your memories. Ask yourself if the things that are influencing your life are bringing you to a higher state of being.  If not, then why are you allowing them to influence you.  Are your behaviors serving another, rather than yourself.  Are there beings who are using you or putting you down or trying to keep you down.  Are you visiting places which seem to draw you but offer you nothing but negativity. Do you see the darkness and the damage it is bringing.  Keep breathing deeply and remain focused.  There is much to evaluate and understand.  Do not rush through this task.  Examine everything.  If you seek happiness, what is stopping you from achieving it.  Are you being tricked into believing that happiness comes from external factors.  True happiness comes from within.  No one else controls it but you.  Sunshine is free to anyone.  Breathe slowly and find the strength to call out that which is not serving you.  Prepare to shed yourself of that which does not serve your best and highest good.  Remember that the powerful lunar energy is supporting you.  Now open your eyes and prepare to step into the light.

<distribute paper and pencils and bay leaves>

Stepping out of your darkness is often terrifying.  It takes great strength to overcome forces that do not wish to surrender so easily.  You will need to reach deep and allow your warrior spirit to empower you.  Feel the energy of the earth as it courses through your body.  You are one with your ancestors.  You are one with the elements.  You are one with your community.  Your family is here to support you.  It is time to step out of the darkness.  Use your natural intention to shed yourself from the debris and negative forces that haunt you.  Now, write down everything that is working against you.  Decide that in this moment, you are releasing those thing which hold power over you. Pledge to yourself that you are cutting those cords forever.  This is the moment to burn away that which causes you pain. This is the moment to free yourselves from fear and anxiety.  This is the moment to take back the you from those who want to control you.  Stop participating in unhealthy relationships. Stop being used.  Shake away the false feelings of security.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future depends on your strength of mind.  Believe your warrior-self that this is a fight you can and will win. Believe it with all your heart.  Allow the powerful energy of the full moon to strengthen your resolve.  As you command it, then it shall be!

When you are ready, wrap your written list with bay leaves, approach the fire with conviction and commit it to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everyone to burn and meditate over what was released>

Steady yourselves, as a great weight has been lifted from your spiritual being.  I congratulate you at taking this amazing step into self-healing and self-reliance.  Before we close, this Strawberry moon ritual a few things to remember.  We use Bay Leaves as an accelerant to help you as they are known for protection, success, and possess a strong healing power.  Many of you will need that when you leave the circle.  Your mind has been purged of many bad things and there are spaces that can be filled.  Do not allow other negative forces to occupy them.  Becoming one with the sun now has greater importance than when we began.  Find your tribe, follow your path, fill those spaces with that which serves you to become a better version of yourself.  Bring your own happiness and from this point forward, enjoy the peace and harmony that you deserve.  So mote it be!

Closing Our Full Strawberry Moon Circle

Together and separately we’ve experienced tremendous growth tonight.  For some of us, a new light is shining in our lives, for others a renewed sense of community, and for others a nudge back in the right direction.  Without fear we all shall leave to something better, brighter, and something that will improve our spiritual standing with the universe.  Now join me as we close tonight’s circle.

The great grounding energy of the Earth has once again shown us how all things are connected and that whenever we feel lost, we only need to firmly plant the soles of our feet on the bare soil to be immediately put back in touch.  As we move through the next few months, the landscape will change.  What is green will turn golden and then finally brown.  What is small shall grow to something large.  And what is born will eventually die.  Such is the great circle of life that we are part of.  In some distant future when we cross over to greet our ancestors, we shall become a permanent part of that energy and guide the generations that follow. <extinguish green candle>

Great cleansings always remind us of the power of Water.  Water flows from the source to where it is needed.  It flows to where it can do the most good.  It waits in reserve atop high mountains for when the heat of the day calls for it to flow.  It sustains life and gives without expectation.  As it flows, it cleans; washing away abuses, carelessness, and harmful influences. We must forever keep the lessons of water alive in our memories. Our constant self-improvement depends on it.  <extinguish blue candle>

Fire has such a great lesson on duality.  It can consume, such as with the negativity that has been committed to it on this night.  Yet, it can also create, as it does by providing humankind with a source of heat and light.  It is powerful, and can be used for good or evil.  This also is the way of the human mind.  Thoughts are sparks of creation and they can be turned into something beneficial to the thinker and perhaps all of the world, or they can be harbingers of doom and despair.  A cleansed mind is a source of positivity.  A place where ideas generate that serve, help, and develop the world.  A negative mind is a source of destruction.  A place where control, destruction, and pain are born.  It’s a choice we make…choose wisely.  <extinguish red candle>

As the night winds carry away the smoke from the cleansing fires, we are reminded that the Air is always there to remind us that nothing is permanent.  With a gust it has taken our negativity far far away, never to be felt again.  What many of us felt was our future is now an open page once again.  Things are always in motion and we must remain vigilant, however we must still allow hope and trust in our fellow human being to be our guide.  We may not get the results we expect, but we may.  That chance of making someone else’s life better is certainly one worth living for.  Be a catalyst for bringing people together rather than dividing them.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, as we leave this sacred space, we praise you and offer thanks to all that you provide us with. Our spirits are once again clean and our hop is restored. We are blessed for this opportunity to share space with all the divine elements of the universe and have gained new insight, wisdom, and a sense of peace by your presence.  As we go out into the world, we will need your continued guidance to bring the lessons of tonight to those who have not yet found inner-peace and happiness.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

Go now and share your real self with the world!

This circle is now open!

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The common definition of a supermoon is any full Moon that is at a distance of at least 90% of perigee (which is the point at which the Moon is closest to Earth). June’s full Moon stands at 222,238.4 miles (357,658 km) away—comfortably within that cut-off point. (Source Almanac.com )

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