Full Strawberry Moon – June, 2018 – Growth, Responsibility, and Discipline


The full moon for the month of June is known as the Strawberry Moon, the Mead Moon, the Honey Moon and the Rose Moon.  The 2018 Strawberry moon is a perfect opportunity to review the “year-so-far” and measure how we’re doing toward accomplishing the many goals, and developing the myriad of opportunities we’ve encountered .  It’s also an ideal time for any spellwork connected to healing, intuition and independence.

This, like all of our monthly Full Moon gatherings is a focal point for everyone to purge and permanently release things from our lives which are weighing us down.  It’s important that each of us maintain control over what we select to release.   Sometimes we feel a need to let go of things that we can come to regret later.  This often is caused by heightened emotions and impulsive reactions that are “in the moment.”  If you’re unsure about releasing something, then it’s better to meditate and evaluate before letting it go.  Remember that you can always release something at a later time.

What You’ll Need For This Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle – I prefer a three wick candle to symbolize the triple Goddess
Goblet or ceremonial drinking vessel
Sacred water – either from a sacred well or other source considered important to your area
Paper and pencils

Fire pit

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

Ritual Begins

A circle spinning round and round; it’s power pulled from sacred ground; around us it shall form a dome; tonight our space; tonight our home.  Timeless without permanent place; I hereby cast this sacred space!

Calling the Quarters

Great Air Lords of the East, Winds of Strength and Power, blow your fresh, clear, and rejuvenating gusts of mountain air through this circle tonight <light yellow candle in the east>

Masters of the eternal Fires of the South, Keepers of the Flames, guardians of the great forges, share with us your eternal energies in this circle tonight <light red candle in the south>

Immortal Swells from the West, Waters of Life, precious and divine liquid of life, spill forth your regenerative powers upon those gathered in this circle tonight <light blue candle in the west>

Titans of the North, Everlasting foundation of Earth, receptacle of celestial rays, sustainer of life, keep our circle grounded this night <light green candle in the north>

Great Goddess; mother of all things, nurturer of the young, spirit guide of the elderly – we ask that you grace us tonight with your light, your inspiration, and your command of the flame; we call upon you to illuminate our way with your radiance – Welcome and blessed be <light white Goddess candle>

Opening Statement

Midsummer has awoken us with an eloquent grace.  The longest day of the year has passed and now we begin our walk along the long path into the dark half of the year.  The crops we have planted are starting to yield the first usable leaves and berries of the season and the young animals are entering a period of rapid growth.  Many of us are distantly removed from the agrarian lifestyle, but it is imperative that we remember our roots.  We cannot look toward a bright future without understanding the foundations of our existence.  Our memories must be pure and unadulterated from the noise of the modern world.  It’s that noise we must focus on in order to prepare ourselves for the lengthy walk.  Tonight is an in-depth focus on remembering, planning, and cleansing, followed by permanent positive growth.

Moon Magick

The Moon’s manifestation periods are on a cyclical six month calendar. Before we get too involved in our cleansing ritual tonight, I encourage each person to take a few moments and reflect on the last six months of their life.  Specifically look at the opportunities that have surfaced, any new friends made, births and deaths, plus the goals and intentions you’ve thought about.  What role have you played in strengthening the community?  Have you encouraged anyone else to get active?  Have you been charitable?  How many times have you backed out of something at the last minute?  We often make plans that we do not act upon.  There are goals which we continually push further down the road.  We make excuses to ourselves to justify why we didn’t or couldn’t accomplish an objective.  Most of us would attribute this to a lack of discipline.  Fortunately we have tonight and the supercharged energy of the Strawberry moon to lend a helping hand.

The June sun is in sensitive Cancer; the mother of the zodiac.  The June moon is in strict Capricorn; the father of the zodiac.  This combination of energy is balanced and powerful as both the mother and father are providing equal portions.  Plus, the energy is beneficial; filling in the areas where we may be lacking, but doing so on an individualized basis.  Cancer is emotional and nurturing, while Capricorn is serious and realistic.  A proverbial “best of both worlds” scenario.

Cleansing and Replenishing

We’ve looked back at the last six months and asked ourselves tough questions on purpose.  Remembering means more than just a cursory glance at the good times that were had.  It’s a time to investigate, interpret, and deconstruct the reasons for not only our success, but our failures as well.  Keep the past in your mind as you begin the journey forward.  Ask yourself what you are grateful for, without allowing what you are lacking, to possibly distort your train of thought.  Remembering is critical to the purging process and in the replenishing process. As we give, so shall we receive – but if we aren’t focused on how and what we receive, negativity can slip in and our personal situations won’t improve.

If you haven’t realized your short term goals, then use this full moon as your personal turning point – an action step in propelling your life forward rather than remaining stuck in place.  Take inventory of your life, thinking about things you actually want to achieve, goals you actually want to meet.  Instead of non-specific goals such as “being happy,” really dig down and make specific focused goals such as “I’m going to ask for a raise, or I’m going to start…and finish a project.”  What’s more important is that you use tonight as a starting point for several weeks of deep and meaningful personal thought.  Make a point to put exact dates on your planner – you’ll never finish something which you never start.

As it always appears, planning is time consuming and tends to cause people to drift off course.  For this reason, we entered this sacred space; a place free from outside interference where each of you can focus on your own personal expectations.  With the protective circle surrounding us, we can cleanse in safety; we can cut the deepest cords, slip away from the smothering mantle of negative energy, and rid ourselves of the debris of attachments.  Many of you have brought physical items to be purged, others have mental images or strong understanding of things to be banished.  Gather your items, write down your images, picture the release in your mind and approach the flames.

Write it, sign it, seal it, and burn it.

<After the burning has been completed, take the cup and fill it with blessed water – hold it high above your head>

Oh divine spirit
Guardian of the temporal world
Guide to those who seek
Master of all
Yet master of none
Infinite power
Pure energy surrounding us
Penetrating us
Challenging our notions
Our calculations
Time has no meaning
Space is but a construct
We call upon you
Not to ask for trinkets
Nor bodily control
But to cleanse our souls
Release that which does harm
Shield those empty spaces
Prepare them to be renewed

<pour the cup of sacred water over the burnt items in the fire>

Finally….Forgive it – letting go means letting go with zero strings attached, no buried feelings of remorse, and no animosity toward a fellow human being.  As long as you harbor even the tiniest bit of ill-will, then you are providing negative energy to fuel the negativity.  You may feel the negativity has been released, but it’s only temporary unless you forgive and forget.  And finally, forgive yourself.  This is often the most difficult step for people to take, but necessary for full and complete release.  Guilt and shame shall resonate and establish a permanent place if you allow it.  Let all the negativity you have toward these problems drain away by forgiving the situation, the person, or yourself for any wrongs and then thank yourself and the Universe for taking care of this situation on your behalf.

<Silent meditation to allow for ponderance and reflection>

Leave this sacred space with a clean soul and an open spirit.  Fill your cup with the magick that will propel you to your highest state of goodness.

Closing the Strawberry Moon Circle

Titans of the Earthly realm, we offer thanks you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to remain centered and strong.  We bid you farewell. <extinguish green candle in the north>

Immortals of Watery realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night.  May we be blessed with the ability to flow with life’s currents. We bid you farewell. <extinguish blue candle in the west>

Masters of the Fire realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to find the beacon that illuminates the way ahead. We bid you farewell. <extinguish red candle in the south>

Lords of the Airy realm, thank you for your presence in our circle this night. May we be blessed with the ability to rise above difficulties that may challenge us. We bid you farewell. <extinguish yellow candle in the east>

Great Goddess, we thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space. <extinguish white Goddess candle>

This circle is open but unbroken
No longer sacred this space I decree
May the Blessed Ones guide our paths
In faith and unity, blessed be


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