Stories of Flowers


Flower Fairy

Lend me a moment and I shall tell you of flowers 

Each their own testament to beauty

Each an announcement to the magic of color

Upon permission of the Faeries, pick one

Tuck it carefully away aside of your face

A magical perfume emerges and enchants

When history presents an age old question

Does a flower make the woman more beautiful?

Or does the woman do so for the flower?

Choose the woman, for she is beautiful

That with or without the aid of a flower

When in dreams we journey to a secret garden

It’s to share ourselves with one another

Recall the place where mystical flowers grow.

Call for blessings from the forest beings

Lay gifts upon the cusp of the woods

Make your choice of what to wear

And step forward without fear

Let the elemental colors be a guide

Olfactory perfume your wings

A visions of amazement yet seen, your compass

And when you rest in deep slumber

You will find me on the other side

My ancestry of the green

And I shall sow for you the colors

Hidden from outside eyes

Here in our secret garden

Never shall you find any want

A bouquet for every moment

Life everlasting 

And stories of flowers


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