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Steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction/fantasy that incorporates technology from post-industrial designs to create a world immersed in gleaming metal, copious amounts of geared objects, and costumes that capture pure imagination on what could occur if the world was without boundaries.  Victorian-era clothing styles altered and enhanced to include artistic and imaginative accoutrements that could have come straight from a Jules Vern novel are the hallmark of this culture and there are no boundaries, except for goggles, which are a must.  The people who subscribe to this alternative version of history are some of the most creative and mechanically inclined people you could imagine, demonstrating that the age of invention hasn’t passed us, it merely took a break.

The Steampunk World’s Fair



The Steampunk World’s Fair is held in early May each year in New Jersey and included musicians, performers, vendors, artisans, authors, and other guests whose work is either characteristic by, or in some way linked to all things Steampunk.  Originating in 2010, the event is host to socializing, educational workshops (about Steampunk of course,) musical performances, fashion show, plenty of vending where attendees can shop, and of course a small army of costumed people who create a scene of a virtual world where things aren’t as they seem.

Steampunk World's Fair

Some of the past events included a Steambones Workshop, where for a small fee participants could learn to take mink skulls and embellished them with clock parts and gears to create broaches, magnets, or pendants.  Also available a limited chocolate tasting with a chance to not only learn about the fruit “from bean to bar,” but taste 12 exclusive artisan chocolate creations made by the presenter/chocolatier themselves, LeBeau.  An adult scavenger hunt, a costume contest, and even a belly dance show also take place during the weekend event.  If you are a fan of Steampunk you will probably find something to your liking at the annual event.


For more information about future events, check out their website which has the dates, lodging, and other information.

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