Soul Contract


Soul Contract

Soul Contract

Contract signed in blood

Demon at the crossroads

Bargaining with your soul

What’s it value, some say

They rather trade it away

Earthly pleasures big and small

Wealth, fame, or control

Living life so lavishly

Time their only enemy

Now that morals are forgotten

What’s with eternal damnation

Repeating cycle of cremation

Move along, try not to see

Deal with it eventually

You want it now, the everything

Eternal youth and diamond rings

Conjure with an ancient spell

Open up a gate to hell

Tied forever to the hourglass

Amazing run will travel fast

The pact and payment due

No substitute…only you


Famous Pacts with Demons

Robert Johnson – American Blues Musician – His shadowy life and early death at age 27 gave rise to the legend that he traded his soul to the devil for fame and fortune

Johann Faust – Fifteenth century alchemist, astrologer, and magician whose life became the focal character in the popular tale of Dr. Faust who entered into a pact with Mephistopheles, exchanging his soul for 24 years of service.

Urbain Grandier – A French Catholic priest who was burned at the stake for witchcraft in 1634.  One of the documents used in his trial was a pact between the devil and Grandier, written in Latin and covered in strange markings.  It was known as the  Pactum foederis Urbani Grandieri.

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