The Song on the Dawn



This new day dawns with the song of the dove

Its sweet melody fills the skies with a song of love

In perfect harmony with the first rays of the morning sun.

Yet it hides in the shyest ways, waiting for just the right time.

Snow patches still evident as it rides with the chilly wind.

Through the frigid skies it sails afar, returning to its one true mate.

The eternal power of love is an unseen map which guides the bird.

Across the valley, in a place where no man and few beasts dare travel,

Another white bird sits atop a frozen branch, waiting patiently.

Dreaming of a summer day when love was ripe in the air for all to see.

On days when the light outshined the dark and memories were of joy

When upon the wind a whisper, no words, but a message nonetheless

I remember you my love and I’m waiting

Fly forth and all your dreams shall be revealed

Set a course to the middle of the valley and I shall be there for you.

The dove flies high above the frozen land, eyes fixed.

It weaves its way to appointed place, with care and full of hope.

Steadfast and without delay for not to miss the great reunion

Soon one will arrive first and prepare the place, to light the beacon

And the other shall arrive as it is a destiny written ages ago.

The first shoots shall feed their bodies, and as the snow gives way

Together they’ll gather the dried twigs of old to build a new home

And they shall close the distance between alone and together.

The coming moment when we reunite shall be the spark of forever

This cycle of life and the beauty of its many different seasons

Where almost everything changes but the few which are constant

The golden sun shall continue to rise in the east and set in the west

Every moment that we have been given will be full of wonderment

Never again will find ourselves living separate lives

For we have been blessed on our pathway by the peace of the dove.



I am a Java dove breeder – if you’d like to learn more about these beautiful pure white birds, check out this article on – For the Love of Doves

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