Sinking or Surfacing – It’s All About Perspective

Original Artwork by Katie Watersell (Kidy-Kat)

Sinking or Surfacing?

You decide and realize

It’s all about Perspective

Sometime up is really down

Other times they’re switched around

Judgement calls

That’s it, that’s all

Tears can be for happiness

Anger as a motivator

Silence an affirmation

Trust a false construction

Might makes right

Except when it doesn’t

Sense isn’t always sensible

And often lost in commonality

Anxiety leads to energy

Hurt can be the best medicine

Emotional aches

Physical pain

Separate but often the same

Apart in practice or merged together

Trading places while sharing spaces

Observe the boredom

Of a genius mind at work

First glances and second chances

Invisible labels can’t identify

Determinations or amplifications

The stoic ones with all the answers

Profound upon examination

Yet shallow in delivery

Stripes of white on a field of black

Or light shining through darkness

Making a cataclysm

Of your viewing prism

Agitating your stereotypes

Challenging your song and sight

What you see and what is hidden

Window into things forbidden

Every picture has a score

Words counted and often more

A thousand might just be too little

That’s the objective

At least from my perspective

Every mind has a viewing eye

To see things how they want to see

Blurry lines of an aged prescription

Softening of hard convictions

Fight or flight or something else

Where are you in this big scheme?

Pick a side or in-between

Live out loud or sit and dream

And do you care what others think?

Perspective is just a point of view

Not a fact or definition

Simply an opinion…


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