Using Selenite for Healing, Protection, Energy Work, and More

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Selenite Wand

Selenite is world-renowned for both it’s protective properties and it’s many uses in the metaphysical community. But before we discuss those different uses, let’s first take a look at the physical properties of this wonderful crystal. Selenite is an exquisite crystal, with smooth parallel lines and a milky-translucent coloration. Most samples are elongated, tubular in shape, and have a wand-like appearance. It’s composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate with a chemical formula of CaSO4·2H2O (gypsum). Selenite can be found naturally in both North and South America, as well as Australia, Madagascar, throughout Europe and in Russia. The name Selenite, comes from the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Ancient scholars believed that Selenite, and many other transparent crystals “waxed” and “waned” with the moon, meaning their strength would follow the moon cycle, ebbing and flowing at different times during the lunar month.

Selene – Greek Goddess of the Moon

Investigating the Unique Composition of Selenite

Selenite has been referred to as Desert Rose, Satin Spar, and Gypsum Flower, however it is misleading. All four are crystal habit varieties of the mineral gypsum, and none contain selenium, an element found in metal sulfide ores. Yet selenite stands out from the other three for several reasons. Satin Spar is similar looking, but cloudier and often contains other coloration. Desert Rose is sand-colored, and is almost always found in the shape of a rose while Gypsum Flowers are found in many different shapes. Selenite is nearly transparent and colorless, making it more desirable than the rest of the group. Fortunately, those who sell crystals will identify each variety separately. All four forms of gypsum have a natural thermal property to them, which provides a cold feeling when touched. This characteristic likely increased the value of Selenite, and the other forms of gypsum in ancient times.

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Selenite – Understanding the Value to the Metaphysical Community

The list of positive things attributed to Selenite is quite long and it is used worldwide by healers, energy workers, and other metaphysical practitioners. It is most commonly used to clear energy blocks, to dispel any negative entities, to cleanse and rejuvenate auras, and as a tool to unlock higher human consciousness. The close relationship Selenite has with the moon draws many people to use it when working with all things found on the subconscious level, including channeling, telepathy, psychic readings, intuitive and spiritual work, and as a spiritual healing tool; helping others release major energy blockages. It’s especially useful to quiet the overactive mind, which in turn is beneficial for restoring mental clarity. Some claim it has been shown effective in strengthening the memory.

As a protective stone, Selenite is known for its power to shield the user from mental and psychic attacks, specifically by putting up a defense against those trying to attach negative energy cords or to pollute energy fields. It is recommended that  property owners create a protective selenite grid for their house by putting a selenite wand in each corner of the house or at the point closest to each cardinal direction (N, S, E, W).  It is known to sooth, calm, and bring about a sense of peace and relaxation. For this reason, Selenite is used for many while meditating, to help them reach deeper into their own spirit or to self-analyze.

Energy workers and those connected to the spiritual realms use Selenite to dispel negative energy. It’s used to cleanse the aura, clear glandular energy infestations, cut cords, and bring power forms of light into their space. Some take it further and draw upon the crystal for strength; moreover for the energy necessary to connect with spirit guides, guardian angels, and even their own higher self. Additionally, the crystal has a powerful vibration, which when employed can open, activate, or clear the Crown Chakra – it’s the most powerful stone for clearing the upper Chakras. It’s recommended as a clearing tool for anyone who works with the public. Practitioners of the metaphysical arts regularly come in contract with huge amounts of negative energy from their clients. Selenite is used to deflect and dissipate that negativity.   It’s also used by individuals to clear their personal space, both physically and within their environment.

The calming and peaceful properties of Selenite can have positive impact on sleep and dream patterns when kept under the bed. It is known to increase creativity and promote a harmonious atmosphere wherever it’s kept. Also, it’s a great addition to your work space as it’s known to promote creativity, minimize any workplace conflicts, strengthen decision making, and keep you focused. In addition to the protective powers, Selenite is also used to treat physical ailments including arthritis and in certain treatments of tumors and cancers (this is not an endorsement, or advice – anyone wishing to use the healing powers of Selenite for treatment of physical health concerns should do so under the advice of a licensed physician). It’s also been identified to increase libido and promote fertility. There are many articles written on how Selenite can bring luck and fortune, love and relationships, and even change someone’s entire disposition in life. A quick internet search will start you on your journey of exploration, should you decide to look further. What’s important to understand that Selenite can be a valuable part of your life, but only if you are ready to accept the changes with perfect trust.

selenite columnar crystal habit
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Facts and Interesting Things

Some of the largest crystals ever found are Selenite crystals – the largest specimen found in the Naica Mine’s Cave of the Crystals is 12 meters long and weighs 55 tons.

Selenite is water soluble and if left in water, will disappear completely

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