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He stares at his hand, sweat forming on his brow as he considers the word…

Palmistry – interpreting the lines, examining the swirls, seeing everything

What lies hidden beneath and why the overwhelming nervousness?

Will something be revealed that somehow changes his everything?

Shaking off his fears, steadying, focusing, and finally moving forward

He enters her parlor, slowly, his eyes wide, scanning the surroundings

Shelved walls lined with bottles, charms, and things unexplained

The smell of every imaginable herb and spice mingling in the air

Purple velvet chairs with carved backs sit nestled around a circular table

Thin rays of light streaming in between the patterned lace curtains

Crystals, stones, and statuary of places both far and wide

It’s as if she’d tapped into his imagination and produced the scene

Everything is as it should be and even the unrecognizable seems correct

He tries to capture it all; take a mental picture; but it’s too much to see

She raises a hand in welcome; confidently guiding him; beckoning him

His nervousness still shows; one hand tenuous and the other closed

She smiled with a reassuring look and takes her place across from him

Genuine – the only thought surfacing in his mind, yet he doesn’t know why

This is for real; it’s not a parlor trick and I’m not at the carnival

With a bit of trepidation he dares to make direct contact; sight to sight

Her eyes hold the memories of thousands of palms, each collected with reverence

Mystical and filled with a magic that can only be described as a lucid awakening

Memories that keep reminding her; “What is found can never again be lost”

Another smile followed by soft words; her eyes locked; never averting from his gaze

She reaches for his hands; not one palm, but both palms tell your story, she says

Again his energy rises; he’s at the top of the roller-coaster for that fleeting moment

Her touch; electrifying and energizing simultaneously; as if she commands the energy

Slowly his fingers yield and his hands open like delicate flowers revealing their hidden secrets

Down the rabbit hole; he’s spinning inside, entranced by her intensity and depth of sight

Her eyes never stop moving as she traces his lines with a comforting sense of easiness

Each line revealing something new, an unknown talent, each whirl has a story to share

Past, present, and future; and all those moments found in between

And like a magickal breath of sparkling air, he’s transported somewhere far away

Lost in his own life-map, fingers no longer clenched, trepidation easing up

Mind whirling in multiple directions; like tops spinning on a hardened board

Thoughts collide and connect; nothing added nor removed; each his own

The very threads of time being woven into a glorious tapestry of uniqueness

His enthusiasm now integral as he asks, and asks, and asks so much more

Chills run through his entirety as each layer of his existence is revealed

A passage of time seems nothing more than a flicker of an eyelash

Lines of life, journeys of the heart, moments of love, and tales of talents

Each their own voyage, each with their own stories to tell; should he wish

The search for what’s been lost, experiences of what’s newly found

Secrets of what’s lain hidden in plain sight for the many decades

A cryptic tome, full of puzzles, pieces, and possibilities have been waiting

Until now, only she had the key; unlocking that which will guide him

Propel him ahead to realize his dreams and ride the pathway of his destiny

Minutes become hours and tales of all things both now and perpetual

Tears often flow, breakthroughs and breaking news, and sometimes silence

His first journey comes to a close; a new closeness formed with his inner one

No longer haunted by uncertainty; his future still unclear but the path is free

Palmistry – Chiromancy – It’s always there…do you want to see?


Author’s Notes

The piece you’ve just read has all the makings of a fantasy movie, complete with set decorations, action sequences, and a nervous protagonist.  Yet, despite how it sounds, this is based on reality.  The descriptions are of a parlor of an actual Palmist who changes lives through palmistry.  The nervous condition and subsequent change to full immersion of a palm reading is unbelievable to experience.  In a few hours, a life can change, a relationship develop, and a pathway becomes clearer.  I know this firsthand because I’ve watched countless numbers of people walk into that parlor and out, hours later.  I hear the excitement in their voices, the gratitude in their tone, and although I can’t really explain why or how, they seem to radiate an energy I can only associate with pure and unadulterated love.

To learn more about palmistry or the palmist that’s the “star” of this piece, follow the link below.

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  • Loved it! So descriptive! SO inspiring! Made me go grab my journal and my Tarot cards, reigniting my thirst to learn all i can about the old ways. Love everything on you site. I noticed most things are from 2018 and earlier. Are you still actively writing and using this platform?

    • Read through the rest of the site – much of the new stuff is in the rituals & ceremonies section and the unexplained events/places

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