Searching for Faeries



With an open mind and freedom of thought

Upon the wayward path I trod

For seeking Faeries, ’twas my ambition

Purposeful, expecting bundled fruition

Populations understood quite vast

Walking with caution in case I should pass

But neither lore nor myth would provide

That I must discover to slake my pryde

History reveals they love an illusion

Or so I have read, it adds some confusion

Endure I must their bouts and tricks

Hopefully with mercy their maneuvers are quick

Glowing apparitions nary enter my field

Hope casts a shadow most certain in yield

Elementals, guardians, helpers too

Perspective given, perhaps point of view

One shall suffice, even a distant glimpse

As if wishing made fact, simply a wink

And yet my quest seems ineffective

My confidence shaken

Behind me the many miles

This journey, on all levels now forsaken

Aloud I cry at the time since wasted

Tomes read, stories now faceless

Atmosphere giving nothing to read

Silence riding the wind

The last rays of light languish

Feeding my sorrow, tempting my anguish

My silence, my only companion

Ambitions lost in a deep mental canyon

Forgetting my purchase I stumbled on

Abruptly lost in a strange phenomenon

For tendrils of darkness like serpents did crawl

A blanket of mist drawn thick as a shawl

The quiet now broken

In the distance a shriek

I knew I was not welcome this deep in the trees

When in anger a gust forced me down to my knees

Obscurity my penance while still part of life

All around came the noises like scrapes from a knife

In haste I revealed to thine self my desire

The contact not made, deservedly so

For the glory of no one but myself would it show

No offering nor respect did I bring

Fortuitous visions favor the true

In harmony they find the ones that they choose

With hunters, they watch and dampen the day

Exhausting the pride, driving it away

With that awareness now firmly awake

A rebirth in my soul brought a halt to the snake

Howls and haunting echoes did wane

Currents subsided yet darkness remained

My sense of direction laid forward my route

An internal compass to find my way out

In remorse I did tarry and meander along

Carefully stepping, no longer headstrong

When off in the distance a magical sight

A beacon did shine, a small guiding light

Follow I did with a charge in my pace

The branches unfolded, giving me space

But closer than far is all I could achieve

As I made my way home on this wonderful eve

My gift of this sight remains only with me

Blessed with the knowledge

They allowed me to see…


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