Scrying, or “seeing” is an ancient metaphysical art which reveals a prophetic message to the practitioner, through the use of a medium. A medium can be anything reflective or having a light source. Some common mediums are crystal balls, mirrors, water, and fire. Messages can come clearly in the form of a vision, symbol, or face, or they can present as cryptic or prophetic. Only the person who sees, can truly understand why those particular things were shown to them. It could be for life guidance, a prophecy, untold revelations, positive or negative reinforcement, or inspiration.

How to Begin Scrying

In order to be successful scrying, there must be complete commitment. Plan for a completely distraction free area; many people like the option of dimmable lighting or a darkened room. Remove any potential distraction from the room. That means no pets, computers, phones, electronic devices, kids, or other people (unless they are also scrying).

Next, choose your medium. Your medium will act as the bridge between your physical senses and your metaphysical ones. As previously mentioned, there are options. The crystal ball has been associated with prophecy for centuries, and it continues to be used today. To use water as a medium, it must be still, such as in a bowl, pond, or reflecting pool. Mirrors are also common, both in lighted and darkened environments. Fire scrying is done using a candle flame or an open fire. If none of these connect with your spirit, find the thing that does, and use it.

Finally, set aside some time. Scrying requires relaxation, so it’s best not to try and squeeze it in between other things. If you find yourself overly stimulated leading up to a session, take some time beforehand to meditate or another activity which helps you to relax; maybe it’s chanting or listening to peaceful music. Anything that helps you to get in the right frame of mind.

Once you have everything in place, get comfortable and prepare to receive. Take several deep breaths and allow your body to completely relax. If you’re having trouble, focus on relaxing your tongue. You’ll feel a complete release when you do. Focus on your medium and do not avert your gaze from it. Let your eyes relax as you enter into a transitional state of consciousness, sometimes called the space between the worlds. Stay focused on the medium, breathe deeply and free yourself from any inhibitions. Free your mind from the mundane. Be one with emptiness and nothingness. Remember, you are opening up to receive whatever message the universe chooses to reveal to you.

As you stare deeply into the medium, your mind will begin to drift. Your eyesight may seem fuzzy and your other sense suddenly become dull. Don’t worry, as these are signs of entering the transcendent state you want to be in. This is the moment of your happening, the moment of your own personal revelation. Put everything to memory, even the things which seem unimportant, for they may be important in the future.

How long you have in this state varies. You’ll know that it is time to stop when staying relaxed and focused starts to get difficult. It’s a cue from the universe that the intended message has been delivered. Remember that you might not feel like any message has been delivered or what you saw didn’t add up to anything that made sense. Often times, the meaning is revealed after an earthly event triggers a great and sudden understanding. Remember that not all messages are sent for immediate consumption.

I Didn’t See Anything – What Now?

Nothing of real value comes easy. Scrying, like all of the metaphysical arts, improves with practice, both in how to engage and how to interpret the revelations. If your session doesn’t meet expectations, don’t give up, rather try to look at things from a distance to see why. Were you in an environment that provided an optimal opportunity? Did you approach with complete conviction and intent? A big one is going into the process with precognitions of what you expected to see. You must have a completely clear mind. It’s not like you see in the movies, where you ask a question and get an answer.

Not everyone will be able to reach the state of unconsciousness necessary to open their third eye, on their first try. For some it may take several tries, which can be very frustrating. But if the individual passes the tests of the universe, learns how to overcome their own mental blocks, and finally crosses over, the results will be incredible and well worth the effort. Practice, focus, and learn as you progress.

I Don’t Understand What I Saw

The messages of scrying sessions are exactly that, messages. They may hold clues to your future, but you won’t get a detailed narrative on how things will happen. It’s not fortune-telling. Often when a session is filled with seemingly unconnected imagery, it’s a worthy idea to write down as much as you can about the session and meditate on it. The good news is that the more you practice, the better you’ll get at interpretation as well.

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