Salvage Yard



Old car in Black Hills
A lonely salvage yard

The rusted fence, high and silent

Tipped with broken barbed wire

Keeping out no one in particular

Gnarled hollow trees, dried branches,

Rotting wood and leaves beneath

Guarding the entrance

From no one in particular

Gate held fast by a corroded padlock

An easy mark, if anyone cared

Classic cars sit idly rotting away

Ancient wheels mired in hardened dirt

Pathways weave between the chaos

Carved and furrowed from the wind

A final forgotten resting place

Plastic pail, broken glass, trash

Shattered dreams on display

Passerby’s simply pass by

No thought of what’s inside

History confined in this cage

A time capsule without an open by date

Heaping mounds of deterioration

The piles resemble granite ridges

Shades of rust, sand, and more rust

A tapestry of mottled lines

An eerie canvas of detritus

Weather the only influence

Scorching heat and freezing nights

Rainstorms, hailstorms, windstorms

Far too many to count

Paints faded, vinyl gone brittle

Whole reduced to parts

A mystery of what’s beneath

Junkyard archeology

Self-taught from a salvage lot

Chrome scraps glint at midday

Sending their signal to no one

Broken chairs, a tireless trike

Hubcap piles, frame of a bike

An awning hung lazily from a bent rod

Faded oil sign with bullet hole patterns

Remains of a campfire from long ago

Broken bottles and a cinder block seat

Construction debris piled haphazardly

Now homes for the homeless

Barrels, paint cans, axels and gears

Waiting in piles for nothing at all

A useless heavy car crusher

Waiting for no one in particular

Endless stacks of tires

Flattened piles nearby

Endangered treasures disintegrating

A lazy yard dog trots by

Staring through the chain link

Forgetting the broken lamps,

The pipes, and worn furniture

that which could be

From that which once was
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