The Sadness of Shattering



The profound sadness of shattering

Moments and the beyond 

Breath collectively held for a moment 

And yet the analysis

When sufficient time has past

The settling after an abruptly landing

Odd repositioning in odd positions

Juxtaposed accidentally 

Without a plan, care, or careful planning

Each event a magnificent uniqueness

An aftermath of disassembly

Artistic in a poetic demonstration

Where happenings lead to

Erratic shards mingling with broken dreams

A multi-world collision where

Illusions are forced to agree with reality

Hopes and their subsequent scattering

Mostly mixed pieces remain

Mixed with forgotten debris

Shattering future possibilities

Another done which can’t be undone

A fragility of modern illusion

Deconstruction by demonstration

Everything once accepted

Summarily breaking as rejection

Mythologically measured definitions

Yet looking in from the out

Curiously observing the motions

Leading to the destruction

Abruptly and violently

Unmaking something whole

Into the sum of its pieces

A conversation in uncharted sounds

Glass exploding, confidence eroding

Memories given new interpretations

Thinking which needs rethought

What was, now suddenly not

A script written in a deafening moment

Collected works of stentorian announcements

And the whispered repercussions

Throughout it all, the addicts emerge

Converging on the misery

A spectator event it seems

Grand assembly of damage

Observed without a solution

Once done, nothing remains

But picking up the pieces


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