Rougarou Nights


The Acadian whispered, careful and slow

Keep’a your wits, and mind your beau

For da bad moon rises and da fog dips low

Get home fore dark, and you kids stay indoors

Cover de windows and shutter dem doors

Stay from you skiff, and keep out a da swamp

The bayou ain’t safe, for da evil does stomp

Most nights, the marsh, it a peaceful nice place

Folks dancing and singing and filling dat space

Yet none take a dare when the moon all alight

We hearing da calling, dems da Rougarou nights

Even gators won’t hunt, and quiet grows fear

Worst of the worst, in this time of da year

Sweltering June, when ders blood on da moon

The mist it does rise, and den come da cries

Howling and shrieks, dats da call of da beast

Thickly of fur, tall and eyes glowing red

Teeth sharp as knives, and a face telling dread

If you hear dem, keep low, don’t dare even look

If you see one, you’ll be one, da eyes are da hook

Since you the prayin type, then you take’a a knee

Beg for protections, ya, you make it a plea

A hundred and one, dats da days of da spell

Da curse of the creature, you life goes to hell

You turn to the wolf, you den hunt for da meat

Long of the night, said you wander and eat

Hunt gators and pigs, even snake and da fish

But the thirst say it heavy, taste da man do it wish

But cher, once they taste the bones of a homme

Days lose a number, da curse stay fo long

You be shiftin of shape, when the moon gettin white

Roaming deeze swamps, witcha howls in da night

Author’s Note

If you enjoyed Rougarou Nights, check out this article on the Dogman, another terrifying North American cryptid

History of the Rougarou: Louisiana’s Werewolf

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