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Palm reading and palm readers originated in India and China, but the arts were perfected and elevated to a whole new level of awareness by the Romani people.  Known across the world as gypsies, Romany, Roma, or Romani, this ethic group has a legendary status in the realm of Palm reading, tarot card reading, and reading the crystal sphere; the three most common ways of “fortune telling”


The Romani people came from India in a large group around 1500 years ago, travelling North until they reached the Balklan mountains where they established a base, so to speak, before spreading across Europe in small travelling bands.  History has shown the world that Gypsies were received poorly wherever they ended up.  The Romanies were enslaved, persecuted, and purposely kept out of many areas as they were considered inferior people. Romani people were kept as slaves, subject to ethnic cleansing, physically and mentally tortured, and even physically mutilated. During the Great War, gypsies were killed on sight by the Nazis, their language was banned, and their children interred in work camps.  In other parts of the world Gypsy women were sterilized to prevent future generations.


The question many want to know is why gypsies have always been a target by just about everyone and why gypsies rank near the bottom of the social order in most nations.  Many explanations have been given over time, but all seem to come back to the gypsy lifestyle.  The Roma people live a transient lifestyle, they speak an ancient language which is a dialect of Sanskrit, and they dress and acted much differently than the rest of Europe.  They also keep to themselves and are very suspicious of outsiders, giving them a mysterious aura to observers.  Being transient, they make their way through life, earning money through fortune telling, games of chance, and doing odd jobs wherever they land.  The world on the other hand brands them as lazy and thieving; perhaps due to the jealous feelings they have over people who truly live free and are beholden to no master or government.

Yet despite all of the hell our people were forced to endure, the Roma still thrive today.  Their numbers are difficult to measure since they do not register anywhere, and they have spread to America as well.  What makes them special is their abilities to connect with things and people on the other side of the veil.  When a real moment in life arises when a non-gypsy needs to “see” or to “find,” they’ll temporarily put their contempt aside and wander into a gypsy camp to have their palm read or a reading of the cards; it’s always been this way and will always be so.


Palm reading common in the Roma people, so much so that some say palmistry is the first skill mothers teach their children. The reason is quite simple; since palmistry does not require any equipment, only knowledge, it can be practiced anywhere and anytime. It can be taught to young children who will have years to master the art.  In its essence, palmistry is interpretation of the hands of the person being examined with the reader examining several factors on the hand, including the shape, fingers and visible lines.  The lines on the hand are in constant motion, changing during a human lifetime and Gypsies understand the dynamics of the current presentation and can often tell how the hand might change in the future and what those changes could reveal; thus the legendary fortune teller reputation.

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