Ritual for November’s Full Beaver Moon – Cutting the Cord Ritual


The 2023 Full Beaver Moon peaks on Monday the 27th at  (2:16 AM, MST) – During November, beaver pelts would be harvested since this is the time when their coats were the thickest and most useful. It is also called the Trading Moon, the Full Sassafras Moon, Digging Moon, Whitefish Moon, Frost Moon, Freezing Moon, Fog Moon and the Mourning Moon. It is also the last full moon before the Winter Solstice.

Our Celtic ancestors called November’s moon the Dark Moon or Oak Moon. In the northern hemisphere, the November full moon falls among the shortest days of the year, and being the first full moon after Samhain, is the first full moon of the new year. It is the perfect time to release negative energy, and cut cords.

The 2023 Full Beaver Moon Ritual – Cutting Cords

What items you’ll need to collect for this ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle (three wick if possible)
Taper candles for each participant
Fire pit or cauldron
String, dowel rods/sticks/etc.

<The ritual leader can prepare the cords in advance of the ceremony. Pound your largest stick/dowel in the ground near the center of the circle area. Pound the remaining sticks in a circle around the center post and tie a piece of string from each stick on the outer ring to the center post. Make sure there are enough ‘cords’ for everyone.>

As always, anyone is welcome to bring stones, crystals, wands, or other magical tools to be charged on the communal altar during the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed by <> symbols should be understood as instructional notes and not to be spoken aloud.

The Full Beaver Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, point in each cardinal directions while calling the quarters; ask all participants to turn in the direction, following your lead>

As darkness becomes light, light returns to darkness. Now, I hereby conjure this space of duality, this space of everything and nothingness, free from all encumbrance, open to all who seek knowledge and empowerment.

Calling the Quarters

With my hand upon my heart chakra, I call out with great reverence to the Air spirits which hail from the East. We humble travelers seek the everlasting wisdom of illumination, free from ego and the need to control. For just as the light of the new day bathes the land in a great reflection, we stand here under the light of the full beaver moon, bathed in the powerful lunar energy. <light yellow candle>

My fist meets my solar plexus, not in anger or self-harm, but poised to draw out that which no longer serves my physical body. Standing at the ready, we call upon the Fire spirits of the South. For tonight we gather our strength and cast off the thoughts of the unknown fears and unseen pitfalls. With the flame eternal, we burn down the walls of that which has imprisoned us. <light red candle>

With my hand open on my sacral chakra, I take charge of where my very being was established, and boldly cry out a hearty welcome the the great Water spirits from the West. For tonight we become more close with the natural world around us. And just as the mighty oak releases it’s leaves, we shall release that which is no longer needed. As one energy departs, another shall take it’s place. <light blue candle>

And with both hands open wide, I surround the sphere of my root chakra. And with all the esoteric wisdom of the many thousand footfalls upon this land, I call out to the Earth spirits of the North. Where others see darkness, we see consciousness. When others speak of the black abyss of an endless void, we see a pathway that awaits our illumination. The alignment has been energized, and we are balanced and focused on the task at hand. <light green candle>

<Ritual leader should raise their arms high, near the circle center>
East, South, West, North, and all points in between are now engaged and charged with the powerful energy of the the full beaver moon and the infinite grounding energy of Mother Earth. We call upon the Great Goddess, the symbol of all things good and worthy, grace us with your presence on this night and share in our celebration of personal liberation. <Light Goddess candle>

beaver moon


Greetings and blessings to all who gather on this frigid autumn night to celebrate under the glow of the full beaver moon. Tonight is the first full moon of the new year, and a day of auspicious energy. Energy is the engine which moves each of us. It serves to motivate, to dictate, and reignite when necessary. It is ours to control, but only if we choose to command it. Without our command, others may seek to siphon it from us, draining us in unseen ways. These energy vampires attach cords to us, allowing them to feed at will. Some of these are easily recognizable, while others are more stealthy and sinister in their placement. The weight of negative energy and excess spiritual baggage becomes more burdensome and lofty, when we are constantly being weakened by the drain, making it difficult to even identify the source and ultimately free ourselves from it. That, my fellow travelers, ends tonight. For we shall pull energy down from the full beaver moon and pull grounding energy up from deep inside the dormant Earth, and as one, we shall open our third eye to the location of the hidden cords, and cut them away forever.

Musical Interlude

Before we get started, let us take a moment to fill our souls with the ancient sounds of our ancestors. For nothing else stirs the soul more than music. Each note touches a place in our hearts and each drumbeat brings our body to rise from its mundane resting place. For tonight’s full beaver moon, I have chosen an enchanting melody by Peter Gundry entitled, Fólkvangr

The Chakras

As we called in the spirits and cast our circle, we did so with the four lower chakras. The root, the sacral, the solar plexus and the heart. The root is our grounding point, both physically and emotionally. The sacral chakra rules over our creative feeling and the pleasures of the physical body. The solar plexus chakra is the chakra of our personal power; our confidence and self-esteem. And our heart chakra is the source of love, compassion, and serves as a bridge between the upper and lower portions of our energy field.

We have channeled our circle to be in alignment with these core chakras and collectively, we are all part of the surrounding sphere. We do this in the perfect trust of those to our right and to our left, knowing that none shall take energy on this night. However, some may need to borrow energy to aid them in their task of cutting cords. So before we go on, I must ask of each of you. Will you freely give that which is yours, should another need it? Will you offer your strength to shore up the walls and secure the gates of those who stand across from you?

My fingers rest upon my throat chakra, the center of communication. Ask and you shall receive.

<ritual leader should walk the circle and secure a verbal response from all who have gathered> 

Now that we have agreed to it, our many individual energies are now one collective energy. And so now, with the lower palm resting upon you forehead, I say focus! Then open your third eye! For sight shall be granted only if you deem it so! Awareness is yours and yours alone to command. Let your intuition be your guide and see that which has been hidden from you!

And finally place your hand atop of your head, and be warmed by your crown chakra. Unburden yourselves, unblock that which is stopping you from rising to your greatest and highest version 0f yourself. Open yourself up to the possibility of all things both physical and spiritual. Awareness is with you.

Now reach down to your root and pull the grounding energy of the earth up through your body, stopping only upon reaching your crown. Then, raise your arms high above and pull the lunar energy down from above, through your crown and down to your root. You are in perfect alignment, neither dark nor light, neither fully here in your physical form, nor completely in your spiritual form. See with you third eye. Feel with your primitive senses of knowing. Reach with your intellect and curiosity. Become one with the energy. Feel the flow. Trace it’s path as it moves through you. Where do you sense divergence? Where do you feel escape? Focus on the points for they must be cut, detached, and the wound healed.

Cord Cutting – Spiritual Cleansing

<ritual leader should distribute candles for participants>

Our spiritual health, like our physical health, depends on energy. Positive energy fills us with the motivation to learn, to seek a higher plain of existence, and to teach those around us. Negative energy saps us of our strength. It lowers our resistance to illness and invites lethargy, sloth, and indifference into our lives. When we a laden with a lot of negative energy, we feel depressed and angry at the world, sometimes without real reason. The same symptoms hold true when we are being drained by an energy vampire. Through carefully placed cords, they siphon off as much positive energy as they can get away with, leaving us weak and without direction. This is why cord cutting is critical.

We’ve energized our circle and aligned our chakras. Our physical bodies are ready. All that is left is to prepare mentally and proceed with the cutting. Once we cut those cords, we must be prepared for the fallout. Energy vampires are not accustomed to having their supplies cut off abruptly, and they will retaliate in some way. Be prepared for the late night phone calls, the sudden visits, or the contacts online. They will do anything and everything to get close to you, often whispering suggestions, or even engaging in physical contact with you. Be wary of this sudden behavior and the people who instigate it, for they are not your friends. They are only in your life to take, take, and take some more. Keep your distance from them.

<pass the flame around the circle, so that everyone has a lit candle>

Repeat after me:

With a focused heart and a focused mind
I draw power from the full beaver moon
I am grounded by the circle and the earth
In full command of my personal energy
Now, I take charge to free myself
To cut all cords which do not serve me
To cut all cords which are weakening me
To severe, destroy, and abolish
All those unwanted spiritual bonds
From this moment, until eternity
So mote it be!


Now step forward, trusting in the eternal flame at your command, and burn through the cord. Visualize your spiritual flame burning through your cords. Feel your energy rising as the connections are broken. Rise up higher and higher! Feel your vibration once again! Your are no longer in the service of another! Your energy is your own! And not for the taking! You are free!

Now, look skyward! Raise your arms and let the power of the full moon recharge you!

<give ample time for energy healing>

full beaver moon cord cutting

Closing the Full Beaver Moon Circle

Our magickal work is now complete and all unwanted attachments are severed. We leave here filled with the powerful energy of the full beaver moon. Vision is focused, thoughts clear, and our pathway unencumbered. Now look to the North with me. Look to the land far and beyond, and know that it shall sustain you. <extinguish green candle>

What was once empty and cluttered with negativity, is no longer. For tonight we are recharged. We are emboldened. We are free. Now look to the West with me. Feel the waves of clean positive energy wash over you; cleansing and clearing away all that no longer serves you. Surrender yourself to the healing energy and trust in it to guide you forward in your journey. <extinguish blue candle>

The flame has once again served us, yet we are not in its service, nor do we hold command. We are in alignment and our sight is clearer. One mind, one vision, and one goal. From the crown to the root, we have summoned each core to work as one, and we have come away with a great success. Now look to the South with me, and give thanks. For without gratitude, we have no understanding of our place in the universe. <extinguish red candle>

And even in ending, we leave here with the knowledge of a new beginning. Turn with me again to the East as we make out final stop of this ritual. If you have borrowed energy from the circle, please return it to the collective. Depart, but do so with the understanding that we are never separated. Whisper upon the wind, and you shall be heard. <extinguish yellow candle>

Closing Prayer
We gather our strength from many sources. Our Gods and Goddesses, our chakras, the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself. It is up to us to bring all those tools together and use each accordingly to reach the highest of highs. For each and all, I ask for blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together. We are stronger together and our bonds forever. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but in our hearts, is never broken.

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