Ritual for May’s Full Flower Moon – Mending Fences


The Full Flower Moon for 2023 will be at its peak on May 5th 11:34 AM, MST. It is the second full moon of the Spring, and he first after Beltane. The flower moon is appropriately named, as the early part of May is when the many dozens of wildflower species begin to bloom, bathing the landscape in a rich blanket of color. Officially, the name is credited to the Algonquin tribe. It is also known as the Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Budding Moon or Leaf Budding Moon, the Bright Moon, the Blessing Moon and the Milk Moon. Other names are the Planting Moon, Frog Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Grass Moon, Mulberry Moon, Field Maker Moon, and Mother’s Moon. Although the names differ, most can be directly connected to the events unfolding in the natural world, and the impact the changing weather has on the landscape.

The 2023 flower moon will be full of surprises, as it will share the sky with the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. This annual meteor shower is usually active between April 19 and May 28, peaking on the night between the 5th and 6th of May in 2023. Visibility this year will be fair, especially with the full moon lighting up the night sky. The best viewing for North America will be between in the early morning hours (4:00 AM and 7:00 AM May 6th). The Eta Aquarids is one of two meteor showers originating from debris left by Halley’s comet, and while it favors the Southern Hemisphere and southern U.S., sometimes it can be seen farther north if you watch low on the horizon.

And to add to the celestial wonderment, Australia, parts of Africa, and parts of Asia will be treated to a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon in Scorpio (14 Sco 58′)). A penumbral lunar is a less dramatic eclipse as compare to other types of lunar events. In this case, the moon will move through the outer part of Earth’s shadow, the faint area called the penumbra. This 2023 eclipse will be the deepest penumbral eclipse until September 2042.

Any words between <> are unspoken, and should be seen as instructional to whomever is leading the ritual

Preparing for this Full Flower Moon Ritual

Altar with flowers, flowers, and more flowers
Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Deity Candle – Large White Candle
Paper & pencils
Fire pit, bonfire, or open flame (please use proper safety precautions)

Full Flower Moon Ritual Circle

With the Flower Moon peaking on Friday afternoon, we suggest a Friday night ritual. With the weather rapidly improving, you’ll certainly want to get outside to do this ritual. Our theme tonight is mending fences, not the wooden kind, but the spiritual kind. Throughout our lives, we have conflicts, which lead to walls being built and bonds being destroyed. Some are permanent, with no wish by either party to bury the hatchet. But others are not, especially if they are in the distant past. As we know, time heals our feelings, but it doesn’t repair those lost connections.

Opening the Circle

Full moon night, blessed light, magick realm within my sight. No present nor past, this circle cast, our place to think, our lunar link. Between the worlds, for now we dwell, to freely cast our magick spells. This Full Flower moon circle is now open!

Our circle, just as each new day, begins in the East. As we look in the direction of the rising sun, we see hope, new beginnings, and the eternal chance at starting over. As we feel the possibilities growing, we are reminded by the spirits of Air, that all things are connected. As the breeze touches our faces, it also touches the faces of everyone around us, bonding us in an energetic connection.  <light yellow candle>

Next we turn to the South, and our thoughts gravitate towards the noon hour of each day. The great spirits of Fire are our companions as the heat, light, and warmth fill our minds, our bodies, and our sphere of influence. As we seek greater understanding, we see that our foundation of trust is secure by the comfort of the power of fire. It is eternal, immortal, and seeks to serve and comfort us. <light red candle> 

When we look to the West, the last lingering rays of the setting sun may still be evident in the sky. The though of closure and completeness fills our spirit and lends peace to our thoughts. And this comforting feeling is enhanced as we see our ancestors looking back at us, happily among the water spirits. As they have crossed over, their spirits have been cleansed by the ever moving flows of both water and energy. <light blue candle>

And to complete this circle, we look to the North, where the earth spirits await. As night falls, and the moonlight bathes the landscape, the land shows its midnight colors, the trees cast interpretive shadows, and the nocturnal creatures begin their prowling. And in the spaces between, the mischief and magick makers peek out from their hidey-holes to whisper the magickal secrets of the world to those who are listening. <light green candle>

Gods & Goddesses

The great project of human existence is filled with a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. Some are all-powerful, others are specific to certain seasons or events, and still others are there to reward the faithful. Faith is an important part of human existence, as it builds confidence, helps us stay on our chosen paths, and provides a source for comfort in times of need. All are welcome, and yet none are thrust upon anyone who stands in this circle. We are all on individual paths, and that respect is given at the highest level. <light white candle>

flower moon ritual


The month of May will be a sky watchers delight, with the full flower moon, eclipse, and meteor shower starting the show. On May 17, a lunar occultation will take place, as the moon passes between earth and Jupiter, hiding it from sight for nearly 30 minutes. A lunar occultation is quite rare, with an occultation of Jupiter is even more unusual. Also, right after sunset on May 22nd-24th, the Moon, Venus, and Mars form a close grouping in the night sky, with the moon nestling between the two planets on the night of the 23rd. Add in the fact that the planet Venus is at peak levels in the night sky for the entire month, and you cannot feel anything else but excitement.

With so much happening, it’s easy to get lost staring into the cosmos. But we mustn’t let ourselves be distracted, even by such wonderous beauty. Tonight as we celebrate the full flower moon, we are taking the first steps on a healing journey. We’ve always known that with the release of negative energy, a temporary void exists in our spiritual selves. One which we recommend everyone fill up immediately with positivity and light. Some of that light can be found in past relationships, ones broken by things that no longer have relevance, or grudges over long forgotten conflicts. It’s a perfect time to mend those broken fences, and reconnect with those who deserve a second chance.

Lesson of the Session – Mending Fences, Repairing Bridges

Bitter feuds, violent clashes, and spiritual mayhem, are commonplace in the modern world. Driven by strong emotions, jealousy, deceit, and improprieties, many of these incidents go far beyond any semblance of repairable. Yet, if we dig deeper, most clashes aren’t that dramatic. We often find that many of the standoffs or distancing we’ve had from others, can be attributed to much smaller, and forgivable things. Whatever the reason, we find people cycling in and out of our lives. Some are gone and it’s for our own protection, but others, especially those we used to be close with, may be worth considering for redemption.

Now that the wheels are turning, I’m certain that everyone is thinking about people in their past who they aren’t currently connected to. Some of them are gone for a good reason, as we’ve already touched on. But some aren’t. Often times we drift away from people for no real reason. If your older, think about the gap between graduation and now. People who were lifelong friends in school are often distant memories today. There’s no reason, other than life moving on, that your circles are no longer touching. If you are willing, then take the time to reach out. You’ll most likely find yourself being washed with joy for it.

Mending fences does come with some risk and possibly some pain, so before you decide to start sending e-mails, meditate, think, dig deep into those buried thoughts. Analyze and understand what the possible consequences are with re-engaging with your own past. Long lost friends with no baggage might be an easy place to start. Yet, you must be prepared for rejection or being ignored. Not everyone wants to return to the past, and often times, the person you used to know, no longer exists. That’s OK. Fishing doesn’t always mean catching fish. Sometimes the action is more important.

With people you’ve had run-ins or differences with, in the past, be cautious. Never invite anyone back into your life without your homework. Observe them to determine if they still have any of the toxic traits which led you to move away in the first place. Think about the events which led up to the break-up. Ask yourself if you’ve healed from any tangible spiritual injury and are you prepared to move forward without holding a grudge? If they were the narcissistic type or gas lighter, then chances are there is no hope. Likewise anyone who is a chronic complainer or energy vampire.

Mending fences and repair bridges is about filling your spiritual being with worthy people. People who will contribute towards your growth, cheer your victories, and offer an unconditional shoulder to cry on, should you need to cry. It’s not about bringing ultra-competitive people into your sphere. It’s about salvaging the good things that may have gotten caught up in circumstances beyond your control.

flower moon

Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

Each month we gather under the full moon to cleanse ourselves of negative energy. We willingly step away from those things which are no longer serving our highest self. Some of those things are places, some are people, and some are our own behaviors. By our actions, we are not passing judgement, instead making a decision for the betterment our ourselves. It’s simply taking a logical and rational look at the multitude of influential things in our lives. Once identified, we can eliminate the ones that aren’t good for us. They may have worked in the past, but if they aren’t working in the present, then they need to be released.

Deciding is often difficult, as we can become clouded by trickery or naivety. It’s important to block out the noise and really focus. Ask yourself what things in your current life are not serving your greatest and highest good. What makes you angry? Is it something you can control, or how you react? Are you in a bad relationship or environment? Remember that it was you who chose to be there in the first place. If you choose to do nothing when you could be doing something of value, who is to blame? Negativity once inside of us, will grow. But, when you choose to release it, to truly let it go, then you are taking the first step to living the best life you can live.

Identify those things which aren’t supporting your best interests. Write them down and commit that list to the great spirits of fire and air for banishment. Make a true pact with yourself to avoid returning to bad behaviors and associating with bad influencers, regardless of how hard they try to pull you back. As they burn in the fire, and the prevailing winds carry them off to lands far beyond out realm, focus your intention on a complete and guilt-free commitment to cleansing.

When your internal energy has risen to a peak level, and your focus is clear and without remorse, then approach the fire and cast your list into the flames. As they burn repeat the words, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me,” as many times as necessary.

You’ll feel a great wave of energy course through every fiber of your entire existence as negativity leaves your physical form. A great relief, but one quickly followed by thoughts of uncertainty and sometime even fear. Taking the first step is always scary, even for the strongest of us. Do not allow those aftermath feelings consume you. Immediately fill those new, open spaces, where negativity once resided, with positivity. Don’t look back and remember how you got there.

flower moon

Closing the Full Flower Moon Circle

As our ritual winds down, please join me once again and look to the north. As the magnificent lunar energy washes across the land, and each of us has shed the burdensome weight of negativity, we have a new perspective on things. Our circle shall come to a close, but not the teachings, moments of fellowship, and stimulating thoughts. Take with you a renewed sense of spirituality and a wiser outlook on the coming days. <extinguish green candle>

The west always rises to the surface when it comes to talk of closure or completion. The setting sun has entrenched such a powerful symbol in each of us. It indeed is the ending point, but says so much more, for tomorrow, there is a new awakening. Trust in that simplicity. Understand that all things are cyclic and that all endings can have fresh beginnings. <extinguish blue candle>

Now to the south, the bright light of all things. One full moon nights, we are reminded of the power of fire, in all of it’s majesty and mystery. For even now, as the embers are still aglow, we can look deep into the subtle movements to scry hidden messages. We must take notice and believe in the eternity of the spark of life, the never-ending emergence of new life, and the perpetual change always happening. <extinguish red candle>

And finally we bring this full flower moon ritual to it’s final stop. As we turn our gaze once again to the east, we do so with fondness and gratitude in our hearts. For we have been recharged by the moon. We have been blessed to share space with one another, and we leave here knowing that we are not alone in this world. The spirits of air are constant companions, encouraging us, guiding us, and passing the messages from our ancestors and the universe on the whispering breeze. <extinguish yellow candle>

Closing Prayer
We gather our strength from many sources. Our Gods and Goddesses, the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself. It is up to us to bring all those tools together and use each accordingly to reach the highest of highs. For each and all, I ask for blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together. We are stronger together and our bonds forever. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but the connection is never broken.

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May 5–6, 2023 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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