Ritual for March’s Full Worm Moon 2023

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The Full Worm Moon for 2023 will be at its peak on March 7th 5:40 AM, MST. The name, worm moon, dates back to Native Americans, who would name each full moon by an event or phenomena which occurred during that time period. In the month of March, as the snow began melting, insects and beetles would begin moving, leaving winding tracks that look liked earthworms. Other, less-known names for this month’s moon had an association with spring. One other name was the Crow Moon, as cawing crows signaled the end of winter.  Another was the Crust Moon. March daytime temperatures were warm enough to melt the upper laying of the snowpack, yet the nighttime temperatures would drop, refreezing the wet snow into a crust that night.  Other names were the Sap Moon, Sugar Moon, Wind Moon, Sleepy Moon, the Chaste Moon, and the Death Moon.

This will be the third and final full moon of the winter season as it occurs before the spring equinox 2023 (March 20th).

March is a busy time in many areas. The weather is certainly a factor, with snow melting, and even disappearing in some areas. Greenhouses and nurseries are filling their shelves with starts, while commercial farms are tilling the land in preparation for planting. Tulips and other bulb will start popping out from their winter hibernation, adding a welcome splash of color to the landscape. It’s a time for rejoicing that the long winter will soon be a distant memory, but also a time to set intentions for the rest of the spring and into the summer. Take time to set goals, develop healthy habits, and integrate your spiritual practices into your everyday life. Like a seed, springing from the soil, a habit can take root and grow into something magnificent.

Full Worm Moon Ritual Circle

It’s time to get outside and be one with the full moon. It might be chilly, but the night air will invigorate you. Since this full moon peaks early in the morning, many people will perform this ritual the night prior. It’s your choice, on when you do it. Depending on your belief system, you may choose to light and extinguish candles during the opening and closing of the circle, or not. If you do, use a yellow candle for the east, red for the south, blue for the west, and green for the north. How you honor your Gods and Goddesses is also a very personal choice. Your chosen path and the lunar energy will be your guide.

Opening the Circle

Full moon night, blessed light, magick realm within my sight. Neither present nor past, this circle cast, a place to think, a lunar link. Between the worlds, for now we dwell, it’s safe to cast our magick spells. The full worm moon circle is open!

As practitioners of magick, we know the importance of the elements, for they represent the tenants of nature itself. Taking time to honor the spirits and remind everyone of their lessons is an important part of our rituals, both as inspiration and reinforcement of the things we’ve learned to depend on.

The spirits of air come from the east. Moving freely across the vast open spaces, they control the skies, create the wind, and reign over the clouds. The wind is a powerful messenger, carrying words from the ancestors from beyond the veil to us, and taking that which no longer serves, away from us. They connect us with the rest of the universe and whisper guidance and happiness.

From the south come the spirits of fire. Strong and powerful, and represented by flame, they are the purest form of earthly energy, and never let us forget the great lesson of duality. Fire both creates and destroys. It provides and also takes away. It can be harnessed, but never controlled. It is one of life’s greatest mysteries, but also one of life’s great necessities.

Water spirits come from the west. Known for cleansing, healing, and purification, water is powerful and plays an important role in our lives. It teaches us the lessons of transformation, adaptation, and perseverance. Water adapts to the environment, but not to hide it’s identity, but to find the form which allows it to function at a high level. It changes as needed for success. When something tries to stop it, it moves around it, or with enough time, through it.

The earth spirits come from the north. The soil, stone, animals, insects, trees, and plants are all connected. None exist to serve themselves, but instead to support one another for a great harmony. It is the lesson of unity, cooperation, and service. When we go into the forest, the earth spirits are guiding us to find certain places and see certain things. They are there to guide us to reach a higher vibration and be a greater contributor to the harmony of the planet.

Gods & Goddesses

Blessed are the faithful. Those who trust and honor the Gods and Goddesses are rewarded with the love and compassion of nurturing parents. From our first cries as a newborn, to the last breath we take, our lives are in their hands. We offer praises and prayers for protection and safety, health and healing, sight and understanding, honor and humility.

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Fire energy is powerful, thermal energy is amazing, but lunar energy goes beyond measurement. It has a power that goes far beyond simple heat or light. It penetrates and permeates our bodies, our tools, and our surroundings. It raises our awareness and fills us with the energy of our youth. We are excited; sometime to the point of needing to shout out to the skies above in gratitude. The full worm moon brings the energy of springtime, the energy of new growth and life emerging from dormancy. It gives us confidence and heightens our senses, and gives a boost of energy to everything we do, especially magickal workings. With such a strong environment, the full moon is the best time of the month to perform a personal spiritual cleansing ritual.

Lesson of the Session – A Brief Introduction to Shadow Work

The spring equinox is rapidly approaching, and the great celebration of Ostara. We can use this full moon to prepare for the upcoming event, by cleansing negativity and planting the seeds of things which will serve us in the long run. It is also a great time to officially cast off the weight of winter.  As the world changes around us, some things must come to an end, while other things are beginning. This holds true for nature, as well as our lives. Often while engaged in cleansing rituals, we are prompted to self-reflect, to analyze what areas of our lives are not meeting our own expectations, and to look at those things which hide in the shadows of our own minds.

Shadow work has been defined many different ways, and depending on who is telling the story, the method for approaching it varies. One good basic definition is bringing the unconscious part of our minds into the conscious, through self-analyzation, questioning, and exploration of our memories, relationships, and influences. If you invest real time in doing shadow work, you can discover why certain things irritate or trigger certain behaviors. You’ll find the root of why you act certain ways in different situations, and most likely make positive corrective changes.

Before you dive into shadow work, know these things. Inside each and every one of us, are demons. Not actual demons, but weaknesses, wounded parts, damaged and distressed parts, and things we have buried deep due to fear, pain, and anguish. You will be forced to reconcile with things that make you hate, make you cry, and possible bring you to a level of rage you aren’t expecting. It’s important to remember that these things are memories. They are in your past and cannot harm you. What’s harming you is suppressing the memories and burying the feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, or self-hatred.

There is no shame to being human, making mistakes; even colossal ones. It’s in our nature. Even so, it’s tough to admit to ourselves that we were at fault, caused pain to others, or brought shame upon ourselves or our families. In most cases, we make it much worse than it actually is. But, if we never face those errors, make amends if necessary, and repair the damage, then we’ll be stuck in the same place for the rest of our lives. We must rise above the past and embrace the highest version of ourselves. love ourselves, and cast off the doubt, guilt, or shame of the past.

One of the benefits of shadow work is that it brings you closer to that deep knowing feeling we all have called, intuition. Witches and practitioners of the metaphysical arts, usually have a strong sense of intuition, but doing shadow work can improver it. It also helps with self-esteem, by identifying the things that hold us back or make us feel inadequate. Often times, if we focus and dig deep enough, we discover than it was one exact incident that implanted a feeling or behavior, and we’ve never overcame it. In some cases it’s easy. A mentally abusive parent could be the cause for a child to grow up timid and fearful. Other times it may be hidden to everyone except the individual, such as we often see in those sexually abused as a child.

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Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

Interesting how the value of cleansing and clearing seems higher now that we’ve touched on shadow work. The two are related. What we do here under the Full Worm Moon is a beginning. The act of discovering negativity in our lives and releasing it, is not entirely the same as facing our inner demons, but has an important role in out overall spiritual health. It takes determination and intention to drive action. To banish things takes strength and focus. To discover the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves takes all of these things, plus time, devotion, and a willingness to walk through the spiritual flames.

Ask yourself what things in your current life are not serving your greatest and highest good. Most often they come from yourself. When you get angry at something, it is you who reacts negatively to a trigger. If you in a bad relationship or environment, remember that it was you who chose to be there in the first place. If you choose to do nothing when you could be doing something of value, who is to blame? Negativity once inside of us, will grow. But, when you choose to release it, to truly let it go, then you are taking the first step to living the best life you can live.

Tonight, I call upon each of you to focus on those things which no longer serve you. Write them down and commit that list to the great spirits of fire and air for banishment.  I call upon each of you to make a true pact with yourself to avoid returning to bad behaviors and associating with bad influencers, regardless of how hard they try to pull you back. As they burn in the fire, and the prevailing winds carry them off to lands far beyond out realm, focus your intention on a complete and guilt-free commitment to cleansing.

When your internal energy has risen to a peak level, and your focus is clear and without remorse, then approach the fire and cast your list into the flames. As they burn repeat the words, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me,” as many times as necessary.

You’ll feel a great wave of energy course through every fiber of your entire existence as negativity leaves your physical form. A great relief, but one quickly followed by thoughts of uncertainty and sometime even fear. Taking the first step is always scary, even for the strongest of us. Do not allow those aftermath feelings consume you. Immediately fill those new, open spaces, where negativity once resided, with positivity. Don’t look back and remember how you got there. It will serve you well when you do shadow work.

Full Moon Magick

With spring soon upon us, our moon magick event will be a quick lesson on how to create a bottle spell for our growing areas. Since this is a personal thing and should be done right at the point of entry, we’ll only tell you how it’s done tonight. Once you’re home, you can put it into action. If you are without land, and grow inside, then use one of your pots and position it as noted below, to the east of your other pots or trays.

First gather your ingredients, which should include a bottle with a stopper (cork is preferred), sealing wax stick, soil, salt, and your choice of herbs, flowers, spices, essential oils, talisman, shells, etc.. The key is to fill the bottle with things that encourage growth, protection, prosperity, happiness, good weather, and luck. Make sure your ingredients are completely dry, else they’ll decay and break the spell. IF you need ideas on what to add, consult this article.

Put some of your own soil in the bottle first, a pinch of salt to ward away unwanted nighttime visitors, and then add your other ingredients, but don’t fill completely and don’t seal yet.

Dig a small hole on the eastern edge of your growing area, so the spell can interact each day with the rising sun. Place four white candles around the hole, one for each of the four directions. Place you bottle, unsealed in the hole, then recite this incantation.

Lunar energy start your flow, the groundwork for the seeds be sown, keep them safe from hex or curse, all attacks go in reverse, safety from the stormy weather, harmony as they grow together, full with fruit and long of stem, guiding hand until the end. 

Stopper the bottle, seal it with wax using the flame of the eastern candle to melt the wax. Gently cover the hole and extinguish the candles.

Wait until autumn, and enjoy the bounty of your growing area.

Closing the Full Worm Moon Circle

As we step confidently away from this circle, we do so with new knowledge, confidence, and the strength to take great steps forward in our personal spiritual growth. Trust in the earth spirits of the north to stay grounded.

With any great cleansing, comes another reminder of the lessons of the water spirits of the west. Nothing is permanent, no matter how soiled, no matter how damaged and scarred. With enough time, patience, and determination, all negativity can be washed away.

Through the powerful fire spirits of the south, we have taken a step in the right direction. That which no longer serves us has been eradicated from our being and banished to places far from here. We have seen the flames, but now, cleansed of negativity, we can see the true light.

The air spirits of the east will remain with us as we depart. There role is that of a messenger, but also one of great support. Every gust reminds us to stay true to ourselves, remain on our chosen spiritual path, and be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Closing Prayer
We gather our strength from many sources. Our Gods and Goddesses, the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself, all combine to provide each of us with all the tools necessary to rise to heights unseen. For each and all, I ask for blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together. We are stronger together and our bonds forever. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but the connections not broken.

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Ostara is right around the corner – Our 2023 Ritual is called Reconnecting With Nature. It includes a rebirthing ritual, a seed blessings and more.

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