Ritual for June’s Full Strawberry Moon – Communing With Nature

strawberry moon

The Full Strawberry Moon will peak on June 3rd, at 9:42 PM, MST. This is the third full moon of the Spring, and the last one before the summer solstice, commonly called Midsummer, Litha, and Lughnasadh. The strawberry moon gets its name from the Algonquin Native American tribe in the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada. It refers to the region’s abundance of ripe wild strawberries which could be gathered as a sweet treat. June’s full moon has also been called the Honey Moon, Rose Moon, Berries Ripen Moon, Green Corn Moon, Hot Moon, Birth Moon, Hatching Moon. Still other names are the Horse Moon, Dyan Moon, Flower Moon, Planting Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Blooming Moon, and Mead Moon. It’s interesting to note that the Mead Moon name has no reference to the drink, but refers to mowing the meads, or meadows. As it is in every month, the names are closely connected to what is happening in the natural world. June is a month when the days are getting hot and the nights are warmer, resulting in exponential growth of both plant life and animals.

A full moon on a warm Saturday night should be a reason for getting outside and doing a group ritual. You should be able to see the moon shortly after sunset, in the southeast. It will be at peak during astrological twilight so viewing might be a bit challenging.

Any words between <> are unspoken, and should be seen as instructional to whomever is leading the ritual

strawberry moon ritual 2023

Preparing for this Full Strawberry Moon Ritual

Altar decorated with fresh fruit, honey, fresh eggs, or other items which symbolize the growth, ripening, and abundance
Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Deity Candle – Large White Candle
Paper & pencils
Fire pit, bonfire, or open flame (please use proper safety precautions)

Full Strawberry Moon Ritual Circle

There’s no excuse for not getting outside to perform some kind of ritual this month. The weather should be optimal, the skies are predicted to be clear the weather rapidly improving, plus with just a few weeks until the summer solstice, you’ll enjoy the evening light.

Opening the Circle

Full moon night, blessed light, magick realm within my sight. This lunar link, our realm to think, forget the present, forget the past, our energy shared, this circle cast. Our Strawberry Moon circle is open!

As we do each day, we first look to the East, to gather focus and raise our morning vibration, just as the sun rises in the eastern sky. Forgetting the trials and tribulations of yesterday, we eagerly set forth to engage with the world and the new beginning of a fresh day. The world speaks volumes as we step forth into the rushing wind, stopping so that the spirits of Air might invigorate our bodies and fill our soul with the passion and excitement of the unfolding day.  <light yellow candle>

Warmed by the sun, we turn our attentions to the South, for all things bright and hot are gifts of the spirits of Fire. As the heat of the day washes over our physical bodies, our spiritual selves reach outward and upward, seeking to expand our knowledge of the universe and reach higher levels of knowledge. Encouraged by the eternal sources of energy, we gain confidence in our existence and our future is filled with clarity of vision. <light red candle>

With the twilight still hanging on the cusp of the horizon, we turn to the West. The memories of the day rest comfortably within our memory. In this moment of stillness, we embrace the duality of our existence, for the the Water spirits lend the balance, with their continual movement and perpetual change. The lesson of balance is demonstrated exquisitely.  <light blue candle>

With night falling and the powerful lunar light and energy washing over the landscape, we look to the North. The great shift occurs as the spirits of Earth begin to glide effortlessly across the wide quietness of a sleeping world. Our gatherings will certainly attract visitors, who watch from a careful distance, sharing in the same energy, listening to the words of humanity, and being a part of this circle and the greater circle of life.  <light green candle>

Gods & Goddesses

The great project of human existence is filled with a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. Some are all-powerful, others are specific to certain seasons or events, and still others are there to reward the faithful. Faith is an important part of human existence, as it builds confidence, helps us stay on our chosen paths, and provides a source for comfort in times of need. All are welcome, and yet none are thrust upon anyone who stands in this circle. We are all on individual paths, and that respect is given at the highest level. <light white candle>

strawberry moon


After last month’s busy skies, the month of June seems pale in comparison. However it’s redemption comes in the form of the wonderful Strawberry Moon, followed by the summer solstice several weeks later. The lunar energy is wonderful in June, and with the nights growing longer, being outdoors presents an optimal time for meditation, stargazing, and communing with nature. Human beings, like the plant and animal kingdom, have an energetic connection to the natural world. Often times, people forget or ignore this connection, and that directly contributes to them being a conduit for negative energy.

Lesson of the Session – Communing With Nature

Most people spend two-thirds of their day, or more, inside, and that’s when the weather is good. In the winter months, it’s pretty much the entire day. Now, there are those lucky people who work outdoors, which is great, but their focus during those hours is work, not engaging with nature. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to lay in a meadow and talk to the grasses, or climb a tree and contemplate life. Just get outside, let your senses roam without condition. Smell the fresh air, feel the wind on your face, watch how the tree branches bend and the leaves swirl. Let your energy share the same space as the natural energy, you’ll be better off for it, in more ways that you realize.

Not to sound preachy or like a health coach, but it’s a proven fact that spending time in nature, improves your mental well-being. Nature stimulates positive feelings and makes you happy. The warm sun stimulates stimulates mental recharging, freshening up of the mind, to put it more clearly. It also is a proven fact that being outdoors strengthens the immune system and makes you healthier overall, provided you don’t have allergies or other reactions to certain pollens. It also improves breathing and helps you sleep. The benefits to your physical health go on and on, but that’s only part of it.

As a spiritual person, being in the outdoors is the complete package. The extra, double, cherry on top, delight of all delights. You get an energy recharge. Your head is clear and you have time to do shadow work, deep thought, and analysis. If you are fortunate to be able to walk in the woods, you’ll hear the whispers of the trees and the giggling of the Fae. Plus, the extra, extra, benefit is that nature is speaking to you, and if you listen, you’ll discover things. Stones, leaves, sticks, and dozens of other items will call out to you, hoping to return home with you.

It’s important that you don’t miss out on spending time in nature while the weather is nice. Your mind, body, and soul will be thankful for it.

Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

With a greater understanding of how negativity finds us, it’s clearer that we must take steps to rid ourselves of its weight. As we do every month, we rely on the power of the lunar energy to help give us the strength to cleanse ourselves of negative energy. We willingly step away from those things which are no longer serving our highest self. Some of those things are places, some are people, and some are our own behaviors. By our actions, we are not passing judgement, instead making a decision for the betterment our ourselves. It’s simply taking a logical and rational look at the multitude of influential things in our lives. Once identified, we can eliminate the ones that aren’t good for us. They may have worked in the past, but if they aren’t working in the present, then they need to be released.

Deciding is often difficult, as we can become clouded by trickery or naivety. It’s important to block out the noise and really focus. Ask yourself what things in your current life are not serving your greatest and highest good. What makes you angry? Is it something you can control, or how you react? Are you in a bad relationship or environment? Remember that it was you who chose to be there in the first place. If you choose to do nothing when you could be doing something of value, who is to blame? Negativity once inside of us, will grow. But, when you choose to release it, to truly let it go, then you are taking the first step to living the best life you can live.

Identify those things which aren’t supporting your best interests. Write them down and commit that list to the great spirits of fire and air for banishment. Make a true pact with yourself to avoid returning to bad behaviors and associating with bad influencers, regardless of how hard they try to pull you back. As they burn in the fire, and the prevailing winds carry them off to lands far beyond out realm, focus your intention on a complete and guilt-free commitment to cleansing.

When your internal energy has risen to a peak level, and your focus is clear and without remorse, then approach the fire and cast your list into the flames. As they burn repeat the words, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me,” as many times as necessary.

You’ll feel a great wave of energy course through every fiber of your entire existence as negativity leaves your physical form. A great relief, but one quickly followed by thoughts of uncertainty and sometime even fear. Taking the first step is always scary, even for the strongest of us. Do not allow those aftermath feelings consume you. Immediately fill those new, open spaces, where negativity once resided, with positivity. Don’t look back and remember how you got there.

Closing the Full Strawberry Moon Circle

Closing our circle begins in the North. Releasing those things which no longer serve us, is critical for spiritual health. Tonight each of us has shed burdens and possibly gained fresh perspective. This circle shall come to a close, but not the teachings, moments of fellowship, and stimulating thoughts. Take with you a renewed sense of spirituality and a wiser outlook on the coming days. <extinguish green candle>

Now turn to the West, and give thought to the setting sun, and the closing of another day. We do not feel remorse for the of a day, neither should we feel remorse for releasing of ending something which has negatively influenced our lives. It is simply a regular part of living and we should understand it as such, just as we do the end of the day. We must not allow false guilt to penetrate our thinking, for it will only plant another seed of negativity. <extinguish blue candle>

Next turn to the South, where as always, we are reminded of the power of fire. Fire creates and fire destroys. It can be controlled, but is uncontrollable. Whether a tiny spark or a raging inferno, fire always gives the same message of duality. How we engage with it, determines the outcome. When we bring respect and understanding, we are rewarded with warmth, light, and comfort. When we bring uncontrolled clumsiness, the results are devastating and painful.  <extinguish red candle>

And lastly we turn to the East, fondly thinking of the day day ahead of us tomorrow. For we have been recharged by the moon. We have been blessed to share space with one another, and we leave here knowing that we are not alone in this world. The spirits of air are constant companions, encouraging us, guiding us, and passing the messages from our ancestors and the universe on the whispering breeze. <extinguish yellow candle>

Closing Prayer
Strength comes from many sources, including within. Our Gods and Goddesses, the powerful lunar energy, earth energy, and those who fill our circle. Combining these allows each of us to reach our highest vibration. We are stronger together. As we close this strawberry moon circle, take with you the lesson of nature, the knowledge of energy, and the connection with one another. Go with the blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together and keeps us together. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but the connection is never broken.

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