Ritual for July’s Full Buck Moon – Eyes Wide Open


The Full Buck Moon will be at it’s peak on July 3rd, at 5:39 AM, MST. This is the first full moon of summer and the first of four supermoons in 2023. The moon has an elliptical orbit around the earth, meaning there are times when it is closer (perigee) and times when it is further away (apogee). To be deemed a supermoon, the full moon must occur during the perigee period, which is when the moon is closer to the earth. The result of a supermoon is stunning, as the glowing lunar body appears to be much larger than usual. On average supermoons are 7% larger than a regular full moon, but from the naked eye perspective, look much larger. This year’s Full Buck Moon will be 224,895.4 miles away from Earth.

This supermoon is the first of four consecutive supermoons, which is very significant, as the lunar energy will be extremely powerful for a period of more than ninety days. We expect the peak of this power to happen on August 30th, a highly auspicious day, as it will be the closest supermoon of the year, and a blue moon. We highly recommend that practitioners take the opportunity to focus on their spiritual pathways and craft during this period, using the enhanced window of lunar energy to enhance and expand their knowledge and skill.

We called the July full moon, the Full Buck Moon, as this is the time when male deer antlers, begin a rapid growth process, in preparation for the mating season. Native Americans would study deer, along with other factors of the natural world to better understand how to prepare for the future. The July full moon has also been called the Thunder Moon due to the amount of thunderstorms in July. Some of the other lesser-known names are the Hay Moon, the Blessing Moon, Meadow Moon, and the Wort Moon. Still others are the Salmon Moon, the Raspberry Moon, Berry Moon, and Halfway or Halfway Summer Moon.

The topic of our ritual tonight is ‘eyes wide open’. With a heightened period of lunar energy coming up and the peak of summer near, we must take this time to focus on growth. It’s easy to be distracted by the warmer weather and activities associated with summer, so much that we may lose sight of spending time on our personal spiritual practices. Tonight, we’ll spend time discussing the importance of prioritizing time the next few months, and the benefits that it can yield.

july buck moon ritual 2023

What You’ll Need For This Buck Moon Ritual

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Athame or wand
Large White Deity/Goddess/God Candle
Adorn you altar with antlers, fur, bones, skull, etc. also selenite, moonstone, and clear quartz
Paper and pencils
Fire pit or alternative spot to safely burn

Throughout this ritual, any text surrounded by these symbols < > should be considered instructional and not spoken aloud but done in accordance with the directions

July Full Buck Moon Ritual Circle

Up above, down below, across the ground and all around, a sacred sphere we gather here! In our hearts we hold the still of time, within this ring our boundary line, there’s no future, present, nor a past, I do decree this circle cast!

<The ritual leader should point their wand/athame in the direction as they speak, having the participants turn and face accordingly>

Be still, take pause and gather your thoughts, then turn your gaze the the East. As each day begins with the rising of the sun, so each circle shall begin with a unadulterated new beginning. Leave behind that which only serves to distract your focus, and allow the spirits of Air to flow around and through you. This space is sacred and we are free to drop our shields and boundaries without thought of harm to our physical or spiritual selves. Tonight we are in the company of the moon. <light yellow candle in the East>

Send your vibrations soaring to the sky, extending the waves of kinship and connections. For as we look to the South, we feel the warmth and comfort of the Fire spirits. As we glide down our individual sacred paths, we often encounter crossroads; sources of knowing, growing, and sharing. At each we find the comforting hands of those who walk their talk and give more energy than they receive. Gather that which is freely given and rise higher and higher, feeding your soul and strengthening your vision. <light red candle in the south>

As we journey in the spirit realm, we seek the counsel of our ancestors and the lessons found in the footsteps that have walked this land long before our birth. In the West, they wait for our calling, languishing gently among the rising and falling waves gifted to them by the great spirits of Water. For just as the cycle of moisture is replenished across the physical land, the cycle of knowledge is replenished in the spiritual realm. Give thanks knowing that we can reach across the veil at the chosen times to gain the best of both worlds. <light blue candle in the west>

And as the night is ushered in on the remnants of the day, we seek out the spirits of the Earth. For as long as we walk along the trails of this world, we know that they will be there to guide us in the care and nurturing of the land. And when the deep darkness of the night finally blankets the skies, the great power of the Buck Moon will radiate and permeate all things below. We are one with the heavens, we are one with the lunar energy, we are all part of the great source, where nothing is hidden and growth is infinite and magickal. <light green candle in the north>

For this Buck Moon celebration, we call upon the God Cernunnos to join our circle and guide our way to a greater understanding of the power of the stag and it’s many spiritual strengths. Great God, I humbly invoke you in the name of all who gather here. Join us and impart wisdom, knowledge, strength, and guidance. Stretch your protective arms around this circle so each individual may feel comforted and without fear while we open our spiritual selves to be immersed in the cleansing light of the moon. <light Deity candle>

buck moon

Opening Statement

This year, the Full Buck Moon has an elevated significance for those with a personified or sacred connection with the moon. As the energy rises and the moisture is pulled from deep in the earth to the surface, the land will push forth new life from every pore. The tides will stretch higher upon the beaches, giving the sea life access to resources necessary for growth. Energy streams will be stronger, giving an extra boost of power to spellwork and a greater depth of understanding to necessary immersions in shadow work. This is the moment of a great happening and the oyster of the world is open. Take heed, gather focus, and step boldly into your future!

Musical Interlude

Music is one of the most powerful and primitive methods of raising energy. Thunderous drumming and rhythmic chanting stir something deep within each of us, bringing forth the endless energies of our very existence. It’s freeing, stirring, and mesmerizing. As we listen, we release, and as we release, we grow and our thoughts multiply, entwine, and expand. For this month’s ritual I’ve chose a song by Heilung, a group you listen to, not with your ears, but with your heart. Close your eyes and let the energy of this piece, Anoana, fill your soul.

July Full Moon – Lesson of the Session – Eyes Wide Open

Eyes wide open, can be interpreted in many different ways, both physically and spiritually. For our context it symbolizes keeping your physical eyes, your third eye, and your spiritual sense of seeing, open to positive influences. Positive influences can come in many forms and look differently to each of us, mostly because of our differing spiritual paths. What can be good for one person, can be spectacular and life changing for another, and vice versa. It’s one of the aspects of paganism that never ceases to amaze. Our individual growth is unique and directly related to our calling. We are not mindless sheep, following the crowd, for better or worse.

But, even in a circle filled with individuals; each succeeding in their own unique and wonderful way, there are still a few ‘common ground’ things we can all benefit from, in one way or another. The powerful lunar energy of the full moon is a universal source of powerful energy, that everyone subscribes to, whether directly or indirectly. That is why we’re going to make it the focus of this gathering. Full moon energy crosses all divides, no matter how great. It permeates everything, moves around and through inanimate objects, and fills every organic and living being with energy. At that point, however, it stops being similar. Like any gift, what each person does with it afterwards, is strictly up to them, and there are a rare few of us, who become so overwhelmed with the lunar power, that it takes control over their actions.

With the supermoon peaking on the 3rd, the world is entering a lengthy period of elevated lunar energy. All things will be enhanced and illuminated, even after the moon has gone to dark and through it’s waning phase. The residual charge of a supermoon will linger, resonating and pulsating with the charge of the peak. Because it falls during the peak of the summer, the powerful solar energy of the days will support it, meaning that very few factors will exist to cause dissipation. And with three successive supermoons following this night, that charge will remain strong, even building in strength, throughout the summer. This never-ending day-night cycle of energy is something many people have never experienced before. It will be a complete rebirthing of our environment, and we mustn’t allow it to pass without utilizing it for our own growth.

Pay attention to nature, to your surroundings, and to those who you interact with regularly. Look further, deeper, and beyond the boundaries that you might usually allow yourself to find supportive. Periods of high energy are periods of universal signs, some are directional while others are warnings. Keep vigilant and don’t be afraid to ask your mentors for help in deciphering them. Now is also a great time to share; lead a hand when you see a need, give guidance, and teach others. Your efforts will be rewarded in multiples. Above all, take time to meditate, study and practice, and document your findings. Spiritual growth only comes when we, as individuals, put in the time and effort to seek a higher vibration in life. Light a candle, focus your energy, and seek the answers to that which has posed questions in your life.

And, as you contemplate on what to release during the cleansing portion of this ritual, give attention to this upcoming energy cycle. It very well might be the best time in your life to permanently shed some of your heaviest baggage, as there will be support coming from every direction. So much positive energy will be flowing that you’ll find it an ally of epic strength and endurance. If any time was the right time to finally shed the weight, it is now. Pain can be endured. Hurts can be healed. Magick can and will happen.

july ritual full buck moon 2023

Negativity Be Gone – Cleanse, Clear, Mature, and Thrive

The full moon provides a monthly opportunity to release the negative energy that pollutes each and every one of us. Some things may have had a role in our lives, but no longer do. We may have outgrown them, or saw that they were a crutch. Other things may have been thrust upon us, or hung over our heads for decades, like a dark cloud. Some negative energy sources exist as touch points in life, such as people we interact with, our jobs, or even our significant other. Due to their insecurities, they may be using us, abusing us, or simply demeaning us.

Whatever the source, baggage is baggage, and it’s time to leave it at the station and move on down the line. Some bags will be easy to drop, while others might be complicated and problematic. Life just seems to be that way. But the good news is that no matter what, you are still in control and even if you can’t release it today, you can at least identify it, compartmentalize it, minimize how it affects your life, and work on a solution to ridding yourself of it as soon as possible. It’s important to clear these hurdles out of our lives, as they prevent us from reaching the highest version of ourselves. We cannot be free to fly to dizzying heights if the anchors of negativity are chained to our ankles.

So now, as the thoughts are flowing and the energy is supportive, I ask each of you to take time to dive deeply into your subconscious and seek out the things that are holding you back. Find the fears, the self-imposed limitations, the energy vampires and manipulators who are trying to run your life for their benefit and not yours. Look for the places that make you sad, the actions that steal your time without any real value, and the moments that lead to your sadness and tears. You know what is in your way. But you also know that you have the power to clear the path. Now, I invite you to write them down and prepare to release them.

<offer paper and pencil to all participants to write down the things they wish to banish from their lives>

Each month, we gather together to support one another through the sometimes difficult journey of healing through casting off that which no longer serves us; we stand united to help each other cut the cords of energy thieves; we open up our bounty of goodness and positivity to fill this circle with comforting strength; we support because we care. If you need a shoulder to lean upon, let mine be the first, and the person next to me the second, and the person next to them the third, until all shoulders are there, along with strong supportive arms. And if you shed tears, we all share in your struggle. And if you are struggling with your spirituality, call upon your ancestors and the ancestors of those ancestors, for they wait on the other side to do battle with the forces of darkness; call upon them and they will answer. My hands are clasped and I call upon the powerful lunar energy of the Buck Moon to give you the strength you need, today and forever more to rise up and above.

Now, if you have something you wish to release, then please approach the flames, commit the sheet to the fire, watch it burn away and send it to the skies above in an act of permanent banishment.

As you burn your paper or items, say “I banish that which no longer serves me, now and forever, I choose to be free”.

<allow plenty of time here, and once all have participated who wish to, continue>

Cleansing is both uplifting and exhausting. It’s an emotional battle within. And yet, it’s a battle which must be fought and must be won. We are lighter, more agile and nimble with the weight of that unwanted baggage lifted from our spiritual selves. Yet, do not leave here thinking this is permanent. Those who had the cords will certainly feel them being cut away. The places of negativity will still exist, waiting to lure you back inside. Bad habit are easy to fall back into. Cleansing leaves an empty space in your heart and soul.  That space must be filled with positive things or it’s susceptible to negativity again. Do not break the resolve you have committed to on this night. Follow through on your commitment to yourself. Set new goals, find new things, commune with nature, use your time wisely and effectively. Step forth with a purpose and do not look behind you, as you aren’t going backwards. You are going forward with a newfound passion for life, growth, and above all, your own happiness.

full buck moon

Closing the July Full Moon Circle

As we have ushered in this glorious night, alas, it is now time to bow to the spirits of the Earth and make our grand exit. For our magickal work is complete and together we have shed tears that have fallen upon the land. Our spirits are energized, although our flesh be weakened by the great ordeal of cleansing. And yet, we remain gloriously hopeful, for the lunar energy has filled us to overflowing, diminishing our fears, and preparing us for the days ahead. <extinguish green candle in the north>

We have called our powers back on this full moon night, like the power of a flowing river in a summer storm, we stand united with the spirits of Water, knowing that no obstacle will stand in our way. Whether through it, around it, or beneath it, we shall continue in our journey forward, growing both mentally and spiritually along the way.  <extinguish blue candle in the west>

Our eyes remained transfixed on the lingering flames, with memories of those things which no longer serve us being consumed and removed from our lives. The spirits of Fire will forever be our ally in the quest to become the best version of ourselves and we can always trust in that knowledge. We’ve surrendered those things which have clouded our vision and cast darkness over our pathway, and now we see the clarity of growth, enlightenment, and peace. <extinguish red candle in the south>

From start to finish, we now look once again to the direction of a new day. For as the sun rises tomorrow, truly, it will be a new day. A new life starts with the first light and yet the first breeze will remind us of the spirits of Air, and how they carried away the smoke of that which no longer served us. And each day after, we shall be again reminded so that nothing shall move us from the path we have chosen. Take the first step into this new life, gathering positivity, light, and powerful energy along the way.  <extinguish yellow candle in the East>

Great God Cernunnos, we offer our endless gratitude for all that you have given us, on this night, and all other nights. We honor you for sharing your strength. We praise you for your guidance. As the full moon continues to shine, we shall linger in it’s light, carrying the magick of this night and your presence at the forefront of those thoughts. <extinguish Deity candle>

I now dissolve this chosen space, return those powers back to space. Our work is finished for this night, we bring to end this sacred rite.

The circle is now open, but remains in our hearts unbroken.

Huzzah !

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