Ritual for April’s Full Pink Moon – Manifesting Your Dreams

full pink moon ritual

The Full Pink Moon for 2023 will be at its peak on April 5th 10:34 PM, MST. It is the first full moon of the Spring. Of all the full moon names, the pink moon is the most specific as it refers to one of the earliest blooming spring flowers, the pink Phlox (also called moss pink and creeping phlox). Some of the lesser known names are the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Frog Moon, Broken Snowshoe Moon, the Fish Moon, the Hare Moon, and the Egg Moon. The list doesn’t end there. It’s also called the Sucker Moon, the Sugar Maker Moon, the Breaking Ice Moon, the Paschal Moon, the Seed Moon, and many more regional and local names.

As a whole, all of the names are tied to the changing season and the arrival of spring. It’s no wonder the Full Pink Moon ritual is an annual favorite. It, like the season of spring itself, is a time of renewal and rebirth. Plus, there’s something magickal about the color pink. It makes people think of love, happiness, newness, and creates an overall sense of happiness. Spiritually, the timing is perfect for cleansing. As we shed our heavy winter wardrobe and clear the dust from our houses, we should also release the negative energy that has been cluttering our lives. It’s time to cast of the weight of those things which are holding us back from achieving our greatest and highest version of ourselves. Take responsibility for your own care and step away from those who are blocking your way.

Any words between <> are unspoken, and should be seen as instructional to whomever is leading the ritual

full pink moon ritual 2023

Preparing for this Full Pink Moon Ritual

Alter with pink cloth – decorated with spring flowers, colors, or other symbols of Spring
Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Deity Candle – Large White Candle
Paper & pencils
Fire pit, bonfire, or open flame (please use proper safety precautions)

Full Pink Moon Ritual Circle

With the Pink Moon peaking in the early evening, you’ll certainly want to get outside to do this ritual. Even though the night air will be cold and the moon won’t actually be pink, it’s certain to be a magnificent night of engaging with the powerful lunar energy. Use this full moon to set the goals you want to achieve in the coming months. Instead of just making a plan, envision yourself achieving the goal. Gather your energy and set your intentions to achieve those goals, or exceed them. You have the power to achieve anything you put your mind to.

Opening the Circle

Full moon night, blessed light, magick realm within my sight. No present nor past, this circle cast, our place to think, our lunar link. Between the worlds, for now we dwell, to freely cast our magick spells. This Full Pink moon circle is open!

The four cardinal directions are in essence, the embodiment of the elements which rule over this physical world. Collectively they represent nature itself, and by honoring them and welcoming them to participate in our practice, we further strengthen our relationship with the natural world all around  us.

As we look to the east, we feel the gentle wind blowing in our direction. The spirits of air bring a feeling of freshness and clarity. As they move, we move, becoming part of the natural world, soaring high into the clouds and facing the glorious rays of the rising sun. We honor the messenger, and the message, trusting the spirits of air to carry away that which no longer serves us, yet at the same time, whispering encouragement, offering support, and giving guidance. <light yellow candle>

From the south comes the great heat and flame of the spirits of fire. Great forges burn with white hot heat, casting the tools that have guided human existence since it’s beginning. The great relationship between humans and fire exists not only for heat, light and comfort, but also as an eternal lesson for all. The flame teaches us that we must never underestimate anything, for even a tiny uncontrolled spark can manifest itself into a power destructive force. Yet that same destructive force can be the reason for the land to be reborn, and new life to form. <light red candle>

When we look to the west, we see our ancestors looking back at us, happily among the water spirits. Their spirits are no longer polluted with the weight of negative energy or the burdens and stress of the physical world. They have been eternally cleansed by the transformative power of water. As we grow wiser, the lessons of water seem to grow clearer. We see the value in patience, adaptation, perseverance, and to never stop moving forward. <light blue candle>

The north holds the secrets of the earth spirits and self-discovery. Those things we take for granted, such as the soil, stone, animals, insects, trees, and plants are each an individual mystery. As we learn more about them, we become connected more to the natural world, and we’ll soon see that nature will adapt in many ways to us. For nothing on earth is self-serving. Each part, no matter how miniscule, has a place in the great turning wheel and everything matters. <light green candle>

Gods & Goddesses

The great project of human existence is filled with a multitude of Gods and Goddesses. Some are all-powerful, others are specific to certain seasons or events, and still others are there to reward the faithful. Faith is an important part of human existence, as it builds confidence, helps us stay on our chosen paths, and provides a source for comfort in times of need. All are welcome, and yet none are thrust upon anyone who stands in this circle. We are all on individual paths, and that respect is given at the highest level. <light white candle>

pink moon 2023


One time someone asked, why we perform a cleansing ritual month after month, often with little variation, other than an introduction to a concept or a short session of spellwork. To those of use who follow a regular schedule, the answer came with little need for deep thought. Yet following the honorable ways of the ancients, we must confess that no question, when asked with a genuine thirst for knowledge, should be refused an answer. Even if we live in such a way that we try to avoid negativity completely, some small bit still finds us and makes an attachment. Yes, we could simply allow those tiny bits to build up and only cleanse a few times each year, but why would we. Just as we regularly cleanse our physical bodies, we should also do the same with our spiritual bodies.

Lesson of the Session – Manifesting Your Dreams

In addition to charging magickal tools, and making moon water, the incredibly powerful energy of a full moon can be channeled to supercharge just about anything you are focusing on. This includes setting intentions and manifesting. Manifesting is a great tool to help you organize your thoughts, and future actions towards achieving your goals and dreams.

Manifesting is the action of willing something into existence. It is not conjuring, which is invoking or calling upon something from the spiritual world to assist you. It is bringing something into existence, using the power of your mind and will. Some might call it the power of positive thinking, which is partially true, but not the complete picture. Many positive people are just that; people who never let the ups and downs of modern life, bring them down. Or at least, that’s what they project. Manifesting is willing change, usually focused on self-improvement or achieving goals, through setting a clear goal, envisioning the steps necessary to achieve that goal, and finally seeing that goal through.

Each of us has meditated, and some of us have gone into a spiritual trance, or a vision quest. During these periods of intense focus, we open our minds, but also focus our energies toward a specific outcome. Manifesting is similar but goes beyond just seeing things. It adds planning out how to reach the goals we set, rather than just envision them. It’s a great alignment of your spiritual energies, your thoughts, and ultimately your actions. Your state of being is tuned and joined with the universal energies, to carry you through until the finish line. It is an amazing art to master, and one that will keep you on your personal spiritual path.

Since there is no specific ‘right way’ to manifest, there are many ways to begin. One thing to note, is that whichever method you choose, stay consistent throughout the process. Secondly, like intention, you must believe in what you are doing and the expected results you wish to achieve. Since we all know ourselves and our capabilities, it’s important to be realistic about manifesting. Setting unattainable goals and then not achieving them, could be harmful to your overall spiritual growth. Likewise is making wishes for changes to your physical body, solid objects, of the outcomes of events. You can’t manifest your favorite team to win the big game, but you can manifest that you’ll set a plan to save up funds to attend the big game.

Make a plan, spend quiet time working out the details, and follow up by scheduling the necessary elements to get to the goal, step by glorious step. Another important thing is to set a timetable. Rather than focus on someday I want to write a book, instead say I am going to write a book by the end of the year, and I’ll do one chapter each week instead of watching evening television. Focus on the plan, commit it to your mind, and take action. Once you build the ‘memory’ you’ll find the energy or time to make it happen. Once you get in the mindset and see the results of manifesting, it will become a regular part of your spiritual life, and give you one more powerful tool to use for self-growth.

Cleansing and Clearing Negative Energy

Each month, we use the period of the full moon to cleanse, spiritually. We willingly step away from things which are no longer serving our highest self. Some of those things are places, some are people, and some are our own behaviors. Cleansing and clearing is not passing judgement. It’s simply taking a logical and rational look at the multitude of influential things in our lives. Once identified, we can eliminate the ones that aren’t good for us. They may have worked in the past, but if they aren’t working in the present, then they need to be released.

Deciding is often difficult, as we can become clouded by trickery or naivety. It’s important to block out the noise and really focus. Ask yourself what things in your current life are not serving your greatest and highest good. What makes you angry? Is it something you can control, or how you react? Are you in a bad relationship or environment? Remember that it was you who chose to be there in the first place. If you choose to do nothing when you could be doing something of value, who is to blame? Negativity once inside of us, will grow. But, when you choose to release it, to truly let it go, then you are taking the first step to living the best life you can live.

Tonight, I call upon each of you to focus on those things which no longer serve you. Write them down and commit that list to the great spirits of fire and air for banishment. Make a true pact with yourself to avoid returning to bad behaviors and associating with bad influencers, regardless of how hard they try to pull you back. As they burn in the fire, and the prevailing winds carry them off to lands far beyond out realm, focus your intention on a complete and guilt-free commitment to cleansing.

When your internal energy has risen to a peak level, and your focus is clear and without remorse, then approach the fire and cast your list into the flames. As they burn repeat the words, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me,” as many times as necessary.

You’ll feel a great wave of energy course through every fiber of your entire existence as negativity leaves your physical form. A great relief, but one quickly followed by thoughts of uncertainty and sometime even fear. Taking the first step is always scary, even for the strongest of us. Do not allow those aftermath feelings consume you. Immediately fill those new, open spaces, where negativity once resided, with positivity. Don’t look back and remember how you got there.

Closing the Full Pink Moon Circle

Join me once again and look to the north. As we step confidently away from this circle, safe in the comforting arms of the earth spirits, we do so with new knowledge, confidence, and the strength to take great steps forward in our personal spiritual growth. Setting goals, and manifesting those goals into reality will help us take the next step towards a better version of ourselves <extinguish green candle>

The west draws us to the never ending sunset and the memories of those who walked these lands before us. Yet, just as the water never ceases it’s movement, we are reminded that life continues. It’s happening all around us, even in the moments we are deep in meditation. We too must keep moving, forging ahead and rising higher and higher. Yes, there may be ups and downs, but like the waves, we shall all eventually reach the safety of the shoreline. <extinguish blue candle>

Again, we turn our eyes to the south. On this full pink moon, as on every other full moon, we see the never-ending healing power of fire. For as the flames burn away the negativity and the smoke lifts the remnants and ashes high above and beyond, we feel a great weight rise up from our selves. The heavy coat of winter is gone, and the lightness of spring has taken it’s place. <extinguish red candle>

Finally we turn our gaze once again to the east and say farewell to the spirits of air. Invisible but intelligent, the spirits of air are always there, encouraging us, guiding us, and passing the messages from our ancestors on the whispering breeze. <extinguish yellow candle>

Closing Prayer
We gather our strength from many sources. Our Gods and Goddesses, the powerful lunar energy, and the grounding energy of the very earth itself. It is up to us to bring all those tools together and use each accordingly to reach the highest of highs. For each and all, I ask for blessings, fortitude, and the love and compassion that brings us together. We are stronger together and our bonds forever. Go now in peace. This circle is open, but the connections not broken.

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