Realigning Begins With Questioning


Asking anything
Given an opening
Opportunity to start labeling
Shouting loudly but saying nothing
Opposition, trying to control my deciding

Who’s attacking
Why the assuming
A trying to force siding
Even if we resist the choosing
Interpretation by those beholding

Always changing
Measuring and ranging
What future is approaching
How the truth has seen distorting
Whose existence perceived encroaching

Yes, thinking
Not just existing
Are we even participating
In something considered changing
Revolutionary evolutionary bell-ringing

Simply relaxing
Taking in everything
Sensibility used in capturing
Ever vigilant information gathering
Seeking direction for what we’re doing

Author’s Note

Questioning; a term with broad ramifications and possibilities.  Philosophers throughout history have approached nearly every facet of our human existence and posed questions about it.  Sometimes to encourage discussion, but more than often to provoke those listening to make some sort of change.  They were able to see the stagnation of portions of their world yet weren’t always able to provide direction on how to improve things, therefore they audibly shared particular lines of questioning.  Instead of simply accepting the current explanation, their questioning often spurred the minds of other great thinkers and scientists of the world into action.  My assumption in this piece is that questioning will open the first door, which ultimately will lead to overcoming resistance from the “flat earth types” and ultimately to look ahead instead of behind.

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