Raven Wisdom


RavensThe inky blackness gathers, still as a frozen pond, yet somehow moving like an angry thunderhead

The air hangs heavy, with a frigid dampness that penetrates through layer after layer after layer

A whisper, perhaps a whistle, quiet at first, then louder as the cold carries its echo for miles

The direction has given way to the darkness and perhaps the south is now north, or even west…

Yet there is no fear, despite the absence of light and the things we hold with familiar safety

Nay, these are the times of magic, when the darkness reveals the folds in time and corridors of space

This moment is exactly the place where the happening will begin, the physical crosses the spiritual

The barrier no longer holds purpose and containment ceases to be anything more than a word

Reflection, rebirth, repurpose, renewal, recycle, reduction, repopulation, recovery….

The making of a moment from the ashes of all the others, the messenger carries this upon a wing

Many fear at letting the consciousness of their existence slip from the light into the shadows

Yet to be one within, a soul must be temporarily surrendered to the tutelage of the raven

Find the comfort you seek, you carry it now yet it hides amongst the noise of today and tomorrow

Among the cool silence of the shade, seek refuge in the solitude and wisdom of the messenger

Learn to read the magic in the eyes, for there is something for all who seek its wonderment

The harsh croak is kept in reserve for those who become oblivious to events of amazement

Enrich yourself, feast on the magic, heal your injured soul, and prepare

For what you ask?

I think you know.


Raven Sign

If a raven comes to visit you, then magic is imminent. Raven is about renewal, rebirth, repurposing, recovery, and reflection. If a raven comes to you in a dream, take it as an omen and watch for the clues on how you’ll soon have a change of consciousness. The calling of the raven should be a warning that something you are doing isn’t right or you are missing something important. A raven feeding on a carcass signifies impending death.

Keeper of secrets, mystics, bearers of magic, shrouded in mystery, that is the raven.

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