Prophets of Pollution – Deconstructing The Destruction


In the alleyways and darkened slums,

That wicked force has finally come

Foreign invaders, infiltrators, instigators

Fabricators, interrogators, and demonstrators

Corruptors and traitors bound by no regulator

Homeless, jobless, hopeless, nothing good

Migrating as a mob, their livelihood

Their politics perverted, their thoughts distorted

Trafficking in the rapture of their falsehoods

Marauding prophets spewing a new pollution

Lengthy soliloquies and the resulting confusion

Captured crowds of beastly sub-humans

Laying hands in an unholy communion

Shouting out their destructive doctrine

Imagined rights of revolution and retribution

Disillusioned at the institutions of persecution

Preaching hate against lawful solutions

Demanding distributions or executions

Mob mentality, criminality, and brutality

Irrationality, abnormality, with a dark lethality

Volumes rising, clans devising, gangs antagonizing

Instigators, instigating, demonstrators, demonstrating

Pressurizing, organizing, vandalizing, energizing

Building the armies for a false Messiah

Gathering weapons of the urban jungle

From secret stores and hidden tunnels

Metal pipes, wooden bats, rusty chains

Shanks, spikes, batons, and flames

Ashcan covers, clubs, grenades, and blades

Desensitized, energized, and weaponized

Havoc, bedlam, surprise meant to terrorize

Control the streets, no compromise

Dystopian soldiers, getting bolder

Feeble-minds pledged to the controllers

Standing ready, shoulder to shoulder

Cannon fodder, a human wall, urban sprawl

All for one, one for all, heed the call, unless they fall

Charging ahead, swift acceleration

This subhuman plague brings decimation

Feeding on the sensation of ruination

Aberration, condemnation, degradation

Violation of the corporations on their road to damnation

Demarcation a finalization without limitation

A line crossed, without chance of retreat

Heartbeats, drumbeats, words on the street

Eradicating any resistance that they meet

Breaking glass, grabbing cash, ass, no backlash

No escape from the rape, whiplash from the trash

Burning buildings, burning bodies, toxic ash

Join or die, no prisoners taken, bold and brazen

Authoritative castration of the forsaken

Condemnation from overpopulation, perpetration

Regulation, segmentation, valuation, and validation

Transplantation, obligation, liquidation, and vaccination

Integration, domination, arbitration, and mediation

Stigmatization, disorientation, and investigation

And so the rise to terrorize, but also to equalize

Neutralize and demilitarize, throw off the disguise

Deinstitutionalize the enterprise, or everyone dies…


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