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Personal protection spells come in all shapes and sizes it seems, and can be anything from a mojo bag to an amulet or talisman.  They offer the user a ‘walking around’ bubble to deflect any malfeasance.  Property protection spells are more complex and well defined as they are directly focused on a specific place.  Both left-hand and right-hand practitioners use protection spells for different reasons, but more often than not, they are focused on a specific incident or person.  Usually if a toxic person or entity is wreaking havoc on the house or farm, the owner(s) will quietly turn to an experienced Witch for help.

This particular ritual and accompanying spell work is very strong and has been proven effective; I hesitated to publish it due to the complexity, but came to realize that in our modern world, it’s a necessity.

In order to achieve peak performance, follow the instructions to the letter.  Taking shortcuts or a weak lack of intention are the two biggest reasons why spell work fails for so many people; don’t be one of those people.  You must believe in your actions to infuse them with the necessary energies to complete the task at hand.  You may not be able to find all the ingredients in your personal collection.  You may substitute something with a similar protective quality,  but don’t eliminate anything without a suitable replacement.

Property Protection Spell


Property Protection Spell

Protective spells, especially ones focused directly on property, take time to work.  This one is very complex and depending on the size of your land and home, may take an entire evening; but it’s well worth it.  If you can do it on the night of a full moon, that’s all the better; you’ll get the benefit of the extra lunar energy.

There are a couple of prerequisites you need to do beforehand in order to keep things moving at an even pace when you actually start the ritual.  First, you need to know where your property line is (or close to it) and then measure it to gets it’s full length.  If your lot is 100′ by 80′, your total length would be 360 linear feet.  If your lot is odd shaped, then measure each side and add them together.  Then take the total length and divide by 13.  Pick a starting point where you plan to begin the ritual and mark each of the 13 divisions. Using our example of 360 linear feet, you would place a mark every 27.7 feet which should bring you back to your starting position.  Use something that shows up in the dark when you are marking the spots.

Iron Nails, Herbs, Black Salt and Oils – Spell Ingredients

The following ingredients are necessary to perform this spell as written:
13 Iron Nails (must be straight of close to it)
13 Protection Herbs (see below)
Mortar and Pestle (the bigger the better)
Protection Essential Oils (see below)
Anthame or Boline (with a stout handle, capable of light pounding)
Small Fireproof Bowl/Small Cauldron
White Candle
Mixing Bowl
Small Shovel or ceremonial cutting tool (it will get dirty)
Works Best With At Least Three People

13 Protection Herbs for this Property Protection Spell

Agrimony to deflect against hostile magick
Anise to ward off the Evil Eye and those who covet your property
Basil to ward off negative energies
Bay Leaves to draw off evil, hexes, jinxes, and enemies
Black Cohosh to keep unwanted trespassers away
Blessed Thistle to specifically protect your home from evil
Blueberry or Blackberry – both are strong in the area of home protection
Horehound to protect against malicious sorcery and wild animals
Fennel to ward off negative energy and to strengthen psychic boundaries
Lavender to keep your relationship/marriage in tact and strong against enemies
Motherwort to keep demons, ghosts, and other unwelcome supernatural beings away
Mugwort to protect against thievery
Witches Burr to enhance the protective power of all other herbs

13 Protective Oils for this Property Protection Spell

Basil for protection of the family
Cyprus for purifying surrounding energies before they enter your space
Eucalyptus for removing residual negative energy
Frankincense removes negative influences from your environment
Heliotrope strengthens the lunar/solar space around your property
Juniper cleanses energies that attack your health
Lavender for inducing happiness, harmony, and tranquility to the property
Myrrh purifies the environment
Pine for general protection and grounding
Rose oil protects against EMF (Electromagnetic Field) and electronic attacks
Rosemary for fortifying
Sage creates a psychic shield against any attacks
White Angelica Oil protects the emotional foundation of your property and family

Property Protection Spell Ritual Begins

Gather your group at the starting point of your property line.  Using you shovel, dig a small amount of earth from the spot of starting and fill the fireproof bowl/cauldron.  Push your white candle into the loose soil so that it stands erect. Light the candle and have your group sit around it in a circle.  Have everyone sit close enough so that their knees touch; you want a single connected circle.  (This is a request to the Earth; the source of many energies and a universal cloak of protection).

Symbol of Security and Stability
Bring Peace Inside This Circle
Bring Harmony Inside This Circle
May the Earth Ground This House
May the Soil Ground These Crops
May the Water Fall Aplenty
Watch Over Those Who Live Here
Watch Over Those Who Love Here
In Each Hour and Each Day
We Call Upon the Great Spirits of the Earth
This Place Shall Be Protected
For the Guardians Shall Know It’s Name
And Often Shall they Make Watch
With Haste and Speed of Sound and Light
A Humbleness and Selflessness
With All Respect and Accolades Due
We Ask Thee of Great Ones of the Earth
Defend This Home and These Crops
From Powers Both Dark and Needy
Entities and Evil Ones
Deflect the Danger
And Yet Harm None
For Not We
Shall Issue That Decree
And Open Now, This Circle Be!
By the Power of All
So Mote It Be!


Your circle is open; it’s path follows the measurement you laid out earlier and along it, the points that equally separate your land into thirteen quadrants.  We use thirteen for many reasons; mainly because there are thirteen full moons in a lunar year – each division represent small changes throughout the year and should remind us to never let our guard down and make sure we are prepared as one season moves into the next, both in our physical lives and our spiritual lives.

Have one person hold the mixing bowl, the second prepare the dry herbs, and the third to read.  Take a small amount of each dry herb and after it is spoken aloud, then crumble it into the bowl until all thirteen are completed.

First Agrimony to deflect Hostility
Then Anise to Guard this Property
Basil Repels Negative Energies
Fennel Strengthens Boundaries
Cohosh, Black Keeps Trespasser’s Away
While Motherwort Keeps the Ghosts at Bay
Mugwort Stops any Thievery
Horehound Blocks Bad Sorcery
Bay Leaves to Draw Off Enemies
Blessed Thistle Protects From Evil
Blueberry a Dedicated Believer
Lavender to Keep Your Love Eternal
And a Witches Burr to Enhance This Mix

Each person should take a turn stirring the herb mixture; as they are doing so, infuse as much protective energy as possible.  Once the mix is completed, one person should take a hand-full of the blend and put it into the mortar.  The next step will be to add the thirteen essential oils.  Follow the same routine as previous – one person holds the mortar, one person reads, one person adds thirteen drops of each oils.

Basil is the armor of the family
White Angelica is the emotional safety
Cyprus purifies surrounding energies
Eucalyptus cleanses residual energy
Lavender for tranquility to the property
Myrrh purifies environmental energies
Heliotrope strengthens the solar space
Rose defends the electronic space
Juniper works to strengthen health
Frankincense drives influence away
Rosemary fortifies
Pine for extra grounding
Sage creates a psychic shield

Each person should take a turn with the pestle, grinding the oil into the herbs to create a thick chunky substance; as they are doing so, infuse as much protective energy as possible.  


Take your 13 iron nails and put them into the mixture, making sure each gets a good coating of this magickal blend you’ve just made.  We use iron nails for many reasons.  Iron is amazingly stable.  Iron doesn’t pick up ambient negative magick.  Iron is naturally protective and negative spirits cannot touch it or cross a barrier constructed of it.  Negative attacks aimed at someone inside the protective circle will be attracted to one of the nailing points and then dispelled.

The group should rise and say this chant in unison – repeat it at each nailing point as you move around the circle; creating the barrier.

We call upon the fixing power of the iron nail!
We call upon the protective powers of the herbs!
We call upon the protective powers of the oils!

Take your first nail and a small portion of the herb/oil mix.  Place the glob on the ground – you’ll pound the nail through it.  As you pound the nail into the earth with the handle of your boline or anthame, recite the phrase below.  Make sure it goes deep beneath the surface, so as to not be dislodged.

By the power of thirteen and the powers of the herbs and the oils, I hereby make this a protection point of a greater net of protection.  By the power of all that it good and pure, I hereby infuse my sacred beliefs and personal powers into this circle.  By the power of the ancestors, the guardian spirits, and the things unseen, I give this circle life everlasting.  By the power of the energies of fire, the wind, the water, the air, and the earth, I charge this circle with the power to withstand all negative magick, negative attacks, or mischief on those who reside within.  By the power of all that we hold as truth, I bind these protective elements to this circle, in the sky above, the ground below and all things in between.  So it shall be !

Move to each successive point and repeat until you are at the last nailing point.  After finishing the final nail, stand and move to the initial starting point, thus completing the circle.  Say the words below.

Circle Cast, Forever to Last

An upward Sphere both far and Near

Ancient Magick and Honored Words

Protective Spirits and Thunderbird’s

Gathered Energies from Across the Realm

Nothing Dark shall Overwhelm

An Energy Barrier Shall Not Be Breached

It’s Secret Key Stays out of Reach


That’s the end.  Feel Free to Share as Needed.



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