Magickal Properties of Herbs, Nuts, and Branches used in Spellwork


Spellwork is an art form practiced by both experienced and novice, Witches, Sorcerers, Casters, and a litany of other people who work in the metaphysical arts.  Most spells contain items found in the natural world, such as herbs, wood, nuts, seeds, and berries.  These are combined with other items and intention to finalize the process.

Bottle spells are a type of spellwork that combines herbs, nuts, household items, roots, oils, and intention, by sealing them in a jar or bottle.  Each one is individualized based on the nature of what the practitioner has planned for it.  Overall bottle spells are quite common, but spells of protection far outweigh any other type as the most common use.  If you are unfamiliar with bottle spells, you can can read more about them in one of my other articles, “Witches Bottles – Protection Against Witchcraft and Conjure” to learn more.

As mentioned, different people add different items to their individual spells.  Many of those items are often significant household items which are combined with different herbs, roots, nuts, or other things found in nature.  Some of the common household items are needles, salt, broken glass, nails, keys, feathers, shells, crystals, stones, pins, and coins.  Also items that have a direct connection with human beings can be added.  These include urine, semen, menstrual blood and regular blood, mucous, teeth, finger or toenail clippings, surgical staples, and hair from all parts of the body.  Some practitioners will also add pieces of cordage in various colors; sometimes with intricate knot patterns, wine or other spirits, food, animal bones, eggshells, soil, sand, sea water or other sacred water, vinegar, small carved items, amulets or talisman.   Also, copious amounts of things from the natural world can be added.  Herbs, roots, dried resin, seeds, grain, and many other things that will help guide the intent.

Spellwork – Characteristics of Natural Items

The following list is by no means comprehensive, but it can help anyone who needs a starting point for spellwork and it’s a great resource for making bottle spells.  Each item has a brief description of what magickal properties it is known for (again, I must stress that the list is not comprehensive and many of the items listed below have multiple uses; some which are not listed here)

Absinthium – Commonly known as Wormwood, it is used for protection against magick, or to send harmful magick back to whomever sent it, as well as for spells of vengeance.

Agrimony – Good for general protection, the removal of negative energy or bad vibes, and helps to cancel out hexes cast by others.

Acorns – The power and strength of the mighty oak tree fruit will add good luck, fertility, spiritual growth, and prosperity.

Aloe –  Renowned for it’s topical healing properties, aloe also is used for spiritual growth, as a part of spells for luck, success, protection, and love.

Acacia – Very masculine herb to promote prosperity, money, success, love and psychic powers.

African Violet – Used to add protection, healing, and to nurture spiritual growth.

Amber –  Fossilized tree resin with a history of healing, cleansing, and protection.  It is also used in spells of happiness, love, friendship, comfort and reassurance.

Anise  – Promotes spiritual growth, wards off bad dreams, aids in sleep, plus used for protection and purification.

Aletris Root – Sometimes called True Unicorn Root, is used for female magic, protection and prosperity, and to generally keep evil at bay.

Almond – Brings prosperity, wisdom and success.

Alfalfa – Known to increase prosperity, bringing in money, protection against financial misfortune.

Angelica Root – A great choice for boosting female strength.  Also used for healing, protection, exorcism, cleansing, and as a powerful guardian, that will deflect negative energy and attract positive energy.

Allspice – Used for luck, in money spells, and in healing concoctions.

Apples – Apples and apple seeds are used in love spells, for good luck, and used in immortality spells.  Apples are considered a food for the dead and used copiously in Samhain and Mabon rituals.

Fresh Arrowroot

Arrow Root – Used mainly for purification rituals and spells, cleansing, and overall spiritual healing.

Ash – One of the strongest woods for warding off evil.  Used in spellwork specifically for health, prosperity, and protection.

Aspen – House and item protection (from theft or burglary) and healing.

Avocado – Used in spells to promote youth, beauty, and healing, plus for love and lust spells.

Azalea –  Uplifting flower that is added to increase happiness and joyful living.

Basil – Wards off negative energies; used to cleanse, purify, exorcise, to drive off negative entities, for divination and in love spells.

Bamboo – Used for spells involving wish granting, for luck, and protection.

Bay Leaves – Used for protection and wish magick, to enhance psychic power, for divination, and spellwork that involves success and money.

Beech –  Wish magic, happiness, divination and spiritual growth.

Belladonna – Used for astral projection, to enhance psychic powers, adding power spells and altars, memory spells; primarily for helping to forget past loves, protection, and used in flying ointment.

Blackberry – Used for protection, healing and prosperity.

Bergamot –  For clarity of the mind, enhanced psychic powers, protection and prosperity.  Also used in sleep spells.

Birch –  Protection, purification, general cleansing and removal of negative energies.  Use to remove hexes.

Buckthorn Bark – Used in exorcisms, hex breaking, and to ward off negative energies.  Also aid in legal matters.

Brazil Nut – For spells of protection, prosperity and love.

Black Pepper – Used primarily to banish negativity and negative energies plus to ward off bad vibes.

Blueberry – House protection and home blessings, for legal matters, luck spells, prosperity and protection.

Barley – Love, healing, and protection.

Bloodroot – Love, healing, and protection.  Also used to defeat hexes.

Borage – Courage and psychic powers.

Brimstone – Used to remove hexes and ward off demonic presences, destroys and enemies power over you.

Burdock Root – Used for healing, purification, protection, cleansing and self acceptance.

Buckeye – Attracting money and wealth, divination, luck spells.

Buckeye Tree with nuts emerging

Cabbage – Added to fertility, profit, and luck spells

Cardamon – For lust, love, or fertility

Calendula – Used mainly for protection, but also for enhancing psychic powers.

Camphor – Camphor adds strength to any mixture focused on psychic influence, divination, or psychic awareness.

Cactus – Spines used for protection, or chastity spells.

Camellia –  Protection and money spells.

Chamomile – Used to promote sleep,  calm the body, luck, prosperity, and to reduce stress.

Caraway Seed – Mainly used in protection spells and to promote healing.

Catnip – Used frequently in magick related to cats – also attracts good spirits and luck.  Provides protection while you are sleeping.

Carnation – Used for protection and healing spells, plus it promotes inner strength.

Carrot – Lust and fertility spells

Cayenne – Used to assist in separation situations and to sooth emotional heartache.  Cayenne is also a traditional offering to the Goddess and God.

Cedar –  For confidence, strength, protection, purification, power and money spells.  Also used to remove hexes and negative energy.  Used extensively in smudging for purification and cleansing.

Celery –  For mental clarity, enhancing psychic powers, as a sleep aid, and for lust or passion spells.

Chervil (french parsley) – Used to contact spirits and to help people find their deities/path.

Chestnut – Mainly used in love spells.

Chrysanthemum – Healing and protection, ward off evil spirits.

Chives – Protection and weight loss spells.

Cinnamon –  Used for spells of success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, and strength.  Also known to promote dreams, aid in business success, and overall spiritual growth.

Cloves – Used for protection, banishing spells, and achieving earthly desires/wants.

Clover – For mental clarity,protection and love spells.

Coltsfoot – Used in wealth, prosperity,and love spells plus to enhance psychic powers and dreams.

Coriander – Love, healing and passion.

Cucumber – Fertility, healing, and chastity.

Cumin – Used often in spells for home protection and home blessings. Overall for protection, exorcism, and to ward off negative energy.

Cumin Seeds

Daffodil –  Luck, love and fertility spells.

Daisy –  Love and lust spells.

Dandelion – Used for divination, to contact spirits, for clairvoyance, enhancing psychic powers, healing, and purification.

Dill – Used for protection/defense against hexes and curses, for clarity of mind, enhancing psychic powers, luck and love spells.

Dock Leaf – Prosperity, money, success in business, fertility, and healing.

Dragons Blood – Used to increase the power of any spell.  Also used in exorcisms and banishing spells.  Also a very strong protection ingredient.

Echinacea – Adds strength to your spellwork, plus builds both inner and physical strength.

Elderberries – For exorcisms, protection, house protection and home blessings, healing and love.

Eucalyptus – Healing, purification, cleansing and protection.

Evening Primrose – Used for love, healing, purification, creativity and protection.  Also used to attract faeries.

Endive – For love spells and sex magick.

Eyebright – Increases psychic powers, improves memory, aids in spiritual growth, clarity of mind, and a bright outlook on things or events.

Fennel -Protection, purification, healing, passion, courage and strength.

Feverfew – Protection against accidents, clumsiness and illness. Clears the head and helps with colds and fevers.

Frankincense –  Protection, purification, healing and cleansing.

Fenugreek – Used in money spells and fertility magick.

Fumitory – Used for protection, purification, cleansing, and consecrating magickal tools and circles.  Associated with the underworld.

Frangipani – For love, trust, and admiration spells.  Also used to promote openness with those close to you.

Galangal Root – Protection, prosperity, psychic powers, lust and passion.

Garlic – Very powerful for protection, healing, inner strength, and home or business protection.

Geranium – Healing, protection, love and good health.

Ginger – For protection, prosperity, healing, and love spells.  Promotes sensuality and improves confidence.

Ginseng – For love, protection, and beauty spells.

Goldenrod – Used in money spells.

Grape Seed – Used in fertility spells.

Gravel Root – Added to spells for seeking employment, strength in stressful situations, and love magick.

Hawthorn – Used for fertility, happiness, and chastity spellwork.

Hawthorn Berries

Hibiscus –  Dreams, divination, love and lust.

Heather – Used in spellwork for protection, luck and increasing physical beauty.

Holly –  Protection, love, dreams, good marriage.

Hemlock – Used to destroy sex drive, purification, and as an ingredient in flying ointment.

Honeysuckle – Prosperity, luck, peace, used for calling inspiration.

Hemp – For healing, love spells, and vision.

High John the Conqueror – Used in spellwork for money, love, success, and happiness.

Horseradish – Added to spells for purification and protection plus used for exorcisms.

Hyssop –  Protection, purification, cleansing, and consecration of magickal items.

Indigo Weed – Used for protection.

Iris – For wisdom and courage.

Indian Paintbrush – Used in love spells.

Irish Moss – Added to spells for money, protection, and luck.

Ivy – Used for protection, healing, fertility, and love spells.  Also discourages unwanted guests/visitors.

Jasmine – Used for divination, love spells, to attract a mate, and to promote new ideas.

Jezebel Root – Mainly used for attracting money or achievements.

Juniper Berries – Protection, exorcism, healing, love and health.

Joe Pye Weed – For spellwork focused on respect and/or love.

Jobs Tears – Healing, luck, and wish granting spells.

Knotweed – Used in binding spells and for health.

Kava Kava – For visions, protection, and luck.  Also used as an aphrodisiac.

Kola Nut – For calming, peace, and removing depression or the effects of depression.

Ladies Mantle – Used as a sleep aid, in love spells, for purification, physical beauty, inner calm, fertility, luck, protection and happiness.

Lady Slipper – Added to spells of defense, protection against hexes, curses, and the evil eye.

Lavender – Extremely valuable herb that is used for purification, healing, cleansing, home blessings,  protection, calming, sleep and love.

Larkspur – Used in spellwork for protection and good health.

Lemon – Uplifting, clarity of the mind, healing, psychic powers, and to contact the spirit world.

Lemon Balm –  For healing, psychic powers, spiritual growth, divination, love and success.

Lemongrass – To boost psychic powers, love and lust spells.

Lemon Mint – Promotes healing and love.

Lemon Verbena – Used for purification, protection, cleansing, and as an extra boost to other herbal mixtures.

Laurel – For love and protection spells.

Lettuce – Divination, sleep and protection.

Larch – For protection of property against theft.

Lilac –  To assist with past-life regression, for protection, love, and luck spells.

Lilac in Bloom


Lily –  For protection or to break a love spell or enchantment.

Lily of the Valley –  Used for healing, uplifting, happiness and inner calm. Attracts Fae folk.

Lime – For protection, healing, tranquility, and calmness.

Licorice Root – Love, lust, and fidelity spellwork.

Lobelia – Used for attracting love.

Lotus – Used for protection and unlocking things.

Lovage – For love spells.

Mace – Used for concentration and self-discipline spells.

Magnolia – Spells to promote a good marriage, love and passion.

Maidenhair – Physical beauty and love spells.

Mandrake – For spellwork focused on protection, love, money, fertility, divination, and enhanced psychic powers.

Maple – For spells of luck, prosperity, longevity, and love.

Marjoram – Promotes inner balance, enhances psychic powers, aids in spiritual growth, happiness, love, prosperity and protection spells.

Mastic – Spellwork that includes manifestations and enhanced physic powers.

Marshmallow Root – Mainly used in love and protection spells, and to remove negative energy.

Meadow Rue – For divination.

Meadowsweet – For spells of happiness, love, inner calm, and peace.  Also used in divination.

Mesquite – For healing spellwork.

Mint – Prosperity, psychic powers, spiritual growth, traveling, exorcisms, protection, healing.

Milk Thistle – For spells of strength and wisdom.  Also to aid in decision making.

Mistletoe –  For spells of youth, beauty, love, healing, prosperity, protection and fertility.

Mugwort –  Used for spellwork related to dreams, astral projection, divination, healing, inner strength, clarity of vision, protection and fertility.




Mulberry – For strength and protection spells.

Mustard Seed – Spells of faith, courage, and endurance.

Myrrh –  Protection, purification, cleansing, exorcisms, spiritual growth, and healing after trauma.

Morning Glory – Used for binding and banishing spells.

Mullein – Protection against bad dreams and sorcery.  Used in spells of invoking and exorcisms.

Myrtle – For love, fertility, peace, and money spells.

Neroli –  Used for spells of inner calm, sleep, peace, joy and self-confidence.

Nettle (Stinging Nettle) –  Protection and healing.  Also used to dispel darkness and fear, and for strengthening the will.  Also used to capture curses and send them back to the originator.

Nightshade – Astral projection, psychic powers, used to add a boost of power to spells, healing, helping forget past loves, protection, used in flying ointment.

Nutmeg – Used in spellwork for prosperity, love, luck, clarity of mind, protection, and healing.

Oak – The most sacred of all trees, oak wood is used to make magickal instruments as well as being used in protection and fertility spells.

Oak Moss – Used for protection, luck and strength spellwork.

Oats – Used in money or wealth spells.

Oatstraw – For money, prosperity, and wealth spells

Onion – Protection, purification and healing.  Also used to induce prophetic dreams.

Olive Leaf – Magickal uses include peace, potency, fertility, healing, protection and lust.

Orange – Peace, calm, love, luck and lust.

Orchid – Calming, dissolves anger, used in love spells extensively.

Oregon Grape Root – Money and prosperity spells.

Oregano – Happiness, protection, prosperity, healing and love.  Use to help with difficult in-laws.

Osha Root – Protection against evil spirits.


Parsley – Psychic powers, spiritual growth, luck, uplifting and healing.

Plantain – Drives away nightmare and evil spirits.

Palo Santo – Used for purification and breaking curses.

Passion Flower –  For spellwork around home blessings, friendship, inner peace, emotional balance, love and family bonds.

Papaya – Keeps evil at bay.

Patchouli –  Used for fertility, money, and lust spells.

Pennyroyal – Purification, protection, home blessings, and promotes inner calm.

Pau D’Arco – Used for healing serious diseases.

Peony –  Used primarily for protection, exorcism, and the removal of hexes.

Peppermint – Promotes psychic powers, calming, healing, clarity of the mind, and purification.

Periwinkle –  Spells to ensure a good marriage, clarity of mind, purification, protection, and love.

Pine –  Protection, purification, cleansing, and healing.

Pink Root

Pink Root – Used for healing.

Pineapple – Prosperity, luck, and money spells.

Plum – Healing, love, peace and inner calm.

Poplar – Used in money spells.

Pomegranate – Divination, wish fulfillment, protection and prosperity.

Plumeria – Promotes persuasiveness and easy dealings with others.

Poppy Seeds – Use in spells of happiness, love, lust, luck, prosperity and fertility.

Poke Root – Used to find lost objects and to break hexes and curses

Potato – For money, healing and luck.

Pumpkin Seeds – For health spells.

Purslane – For spells focused on sleep, protection, and happiness.

Quince – For protection, love, and happiness spellwork.

Quassia – Used in love spells.

Raspberry Leaf – Protection, sleep, dreams, healing and protection.

Radish – For lust spells and protection.

Ragwort – For courage and to ward off evil.


Rose – Universally recognized for love, romance, and passion spells.

Red Clover – Used to remove/banish negative spirits.

Red Sandalwood – For divination, meditation, consecration and purification.

Rhubarb – For protection and fidelity spellwork.

Rose Hips – Love, luck, healing and invoking positive spirits.

Rosemary – Purification, healing, health, love spells, clarity of the mind, and enhancing psychic powers.

Rowan –  Used in protection, home and business blessings, success, psychic powers and healing.  Also used to drive out stubborn entities/anti-haunting.

Rue –  Used in exorcisms, for protection, luck, to remove hexes, love spells and business blessings.

Rye – For love, fidelity, and spells of self-control.

Saffron – Psychic powers, healing, love and lust.

Sage – Used extensively for purification, cleansing, home protection and general protection.

Sandalwood –  Cleansing, purification, protection. Removes negative energy and blocks psychic attacks.

Salt – Purification, cleansing, casting a protective circle, drives away ghosts.

Salt Petre – Halts sexual tension, stops outside relationships.

Sarsaparilla –  For spells focused on money, health, and love.  Also for sexual vitality.

Sassafras – For health and overcoming addiction spellwork.

Scotch Broom – Used to dispel supernatural creatures.

Slippery Elm – Used for protection and to stop gossip and rumors.

Spanish Moss – For protection, to open blockages, and to dispel negativity.

Spearmint – For spells of protection, protection during sleep, clarity of mind, healing and love.

St. Johns Wort – Used to remove demonic presences and forces.  Protection, healing, love, happiness and divination.

Saint John’s Wort Flower

Skullcap – For spells of fidelity, relaxation, and peace.  Used also to consecrate vows and commitments.

Solomon’s Seal – For protection and cleansing.

Snapdragon – Used for protection, purification and exorcisms.

Spikenard – For luck and to ward off illness.

Squaw Vine – Used for all things related to childbirth and fertility.

Sugar – Used in sex magick and love/lust spells.

Star Anise – Used for psychic awareness and strengthening psychic abilities.

Sweet Pea – Used to attract friends and allies.

Tansy – For love and longevity.

Tea Tree –  Used for healing, peace, harmony, and clarity of mind.

Thyme – For enhanced psychic powers and spiritual growth, love, and to stop bad dreams. Also used for divination, courage, purification, restful sleep, healing, inner calm and balance.

Tonka Bean – Used for love spells, courage, and wish fulfillment.

Turmeric – Purification and cleansing.

Turnip – Used for spells to end relationships.

Uva Ursi – Used to increase intuitive and psychic powers.

Valerian Root – Sleep, purification, cleansing, protection, dreams and love.

Vervain – Inner calm, harmony and peace, protection, purification, divination, consecration, prosperity, love and creativity.  Known as the Witches Herb.

Vanilla Bean – For spells of love, lust, and to increase mental powers.

Vetch – For fidelity spellwork.

Watercress – Used in sex magick.

Walnut – Healing, clarity of mind, wish magic, fertility.

Willow –  Divination protection, love, healing and to help relieve sorrow.

Wheat – For spells concerning money and fertility.

White Willow Bark –  Protection, love, healing, pain relief, inspiration and luck.

Witch Hazel –  Protection, helps mend a broken heart, healing, charm, and chastity spells.

Witches Burr – Adds power to any spell.

Wintergreen – For luck and good fortune.

Woodruff – For money and spells focused on winning.

Wormwood – Used to remove anger and stop violence.

Yarrow – Exorcism, protection, love, removes hexes, aids fear and promotes calm. Inner strength, psychic powers and courage.

Yew –  Removes negative energy and hexes, protection.  Also used to raise the dead.

Ylang Ylang –  Inner calm, brings peace to situations, love, happiness and tranquility.

Yucca – For protection, purification, and transmutation.

Yellow Dock Root – Spellwork concerning money, healing, and fertility.

Yohimbe Root – Love, lust, virility, and sex magick.


The previous list only touches on the properties of some of the herbs, nuts, woods, roots, and berries that are used in spellwork.  This is meant to be a push in the right direction for anyone interested in magick.  I highly recommend doing additional research before haphazardly attempting to concoct a spell or witch bottle.  You can find more information by reading other articles linked through the passage, but it’s not exclusive and there is much more out there.

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