In Praise of Mother Nature


A soft breeze slips effortlessly through the golden sheaves of wheat
Whispering a message of hope to the huddled and downtrodden masses
Falling mountain snow wraps stony peaks in a comforting blanket of white
Accumulating a glorious and readily-available source of fresh water
Fruits and vegetables spring forth from the rich, black, loamy soil
Nutrients and nourishment speak the symbiotic dance of perfection
High above the few sparse clouds glide across the fields of blue
Saving space for the life-sustaining rays of yellow-gold of the sun
Tiny wings of buzzing bees, moths, butterflies, and hummingbirds
Filling the gaps between the different factions of the growing cycle
Mule deer, migrating moose, and majestic elk bugling atop wooded knolls
Surrounded by tall hardwoods, pines, juniper, birch, elm, and maple
Forests thick with matted needles, ferns, flowers, goldenrod, and thistle
Fallen decayed trees presenting wide and unique mushrooms and spores
The ground ever-moving with crickets, rabbits, moles, voles, and mice
Always vigilant to the wide-winged flying predators who hunt them
Hawks, both golden and red tail, the majestic eagle, and mysterious owl
Nesting in the uppermost branches of the highest of high oaks and redwoods
Cold springs, rivers, ponds, and their many branches and tributaries
The web of life-sustaining water threads across the hungry fields and plains
Beneath the surface, the aquatic world exists in an alternate environment
Silent fish with gaping eyes that never cease moving, eels, and nymphs
Dark green plants of all shapes and sizes rise and thrive from sandy bottoms
Tiny bits of life peer out periodically from hidden fissures in the shoals
The fresh and the salt converge, spilling into one another, mixing life
Oysters, mussels, crab, salmon, and shrimp resting in the churn
A magical symphony is composed daily, screeches, hoots, cries, and caws
Branches creak, brooks bubble, thunder crashes, and windy whistling
Existence, reproduction, birth, bringing life from infancy to maturity
Expiration, natural selection, each an entry in the journal of life’s circle

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