Ostara Ritual – A Spring Equinox Celebration


Ostara is the celebration of the spring equinox. Its origin, like many other pagan celebrations is Celtic and Saxon. It was later “Christianized” into the modern holiday known as Easter. On this day, night and day are of equal length and the world is in a momentary phase of perfect balance and equilibrium. It is celebrated sometime between March 19th and March 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere. Ostara is also known as Lady Day, Egg Day, or Alban Eiler (Druidic.) Celebrations for this holiday include rituals focused on fertility, new growth/planting, spring, and the sacred marriage of the Goddess and the God.

This is a short ritual, written to be performed outdoors, and focuses on a combined individual and group renewal using spring as an catalyst.

What you’ll need to prepare for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South,) Yellow (East,) Green (North,) and Blue (West)
Goddess Candle – Large White Candle (I use a three wick candle for the Goddess)
Heavy Sheet of Paper
Small Black Candle
Small White Candle
Small Tan Candle
Small Green Candle
Black Marker
Green Marker
Bottle of Essential Oil (choose a spring scent)
Freshly cut flowers, greens, or other living plant matter (enough for 1 per participant)
Bonfire or fire circle

Any portion of the ritual that is bracketed with <> refers to instructions and should not be spoken aloud.

The Ritual

<Opening Statement – A call to action for the participants to stop talking, gather, and prepare to begin the ritual>

“Let it be known from the skies above to the land below that this sacred circle is about to be cast – a sphere of trust, safety, and absent of any judgment”

Join Us as We Call the Quarters


I call to the watchers of the east, all elements of AIR – come this night and guard our circle, blowing a dome of security as we gather tonight <light yellow candle>


I call the watchers of the south, all elements of FIRE – come with flame and heat to burn away the negative energies who may try to disrupt <light red candle>


I call the watchers of the west, all elements of WATER – spill forth from your shores and beaches to cleanse the souls of those gathered here, washing away that which weighs us down <light blue candle>


I call upon the watchers of the north, all EARTH elementals – surround us with the energies of the soil; grounding our spirits in that which is necessary for enlightenment <light green candle>

Great Goddess on this night we honor you and your many blessings of renewal, and ask that you impart your grace upon all who are gathered here <light Goddess candle>

Hail Great Goddess and Welcome to All Who Have Gathered!


We stand together to celebrate the dawning of spring on this night of perfect balance. Just as we honor one another by joining in perfect love and perfect trust, the concept of “quality in all ways” becomes more evident in our lives. We receive the things we need to thrive from the earth and the Goddess. We, in turn, give back, by doing everything we can to heal the wounds caused by careless treatment of Mother Earth. We do this work with the understanding that we cannot blame those who have yet to have their eyes truly opened. We also willingly should give our time, our emotions, and our service to one another, in honor of our eternal friendship and in celebration of the time of planting.


“O Great Goddess, you have freed yourself once again from the icy prison of winter. Now is your time; now is the greening; the moments when the fragrance of fresh flowers drifts on the breeze; the time when the crispness of the morning air holds the sweetness of trees budding and new life emerging. This annual beginning of life is only by your grace and we give thanks for those blessing.”

Creating a Circle of Humanity

<Have everyone rise and gather around the altar in a circle of humanity – each person pick up a plant or flower in their right hand, grasp the person’s hand beside them so that the greenery is between their shared hands <the ritual leader can hold a plant in one hand while reading the sections below>

“The power of nature comes from the greens – tonight we connect with those energies and also with one another. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as part of the plant you hold, envision your spirit inside its leaves and stems – take the sacred pathways where the waters of life flow, down into the heart of the plant, exploring its inner nature; sensing the miraculous processes of life at work within it.”

<Allow for several moments of silent meditation before reciting this verse>

“We walk this earth in friendship, not in dominance. Oh Great Mother, we humbly ask that you plant the seeds of everything wonderful and beautiful within us, as we soon will do when planting our gardens and fields. Renew our inner love of all living things and you renew the planet in springtime. Teach us to never forget to revere the Earth and all her treasures.”

<Release hands, but keep the greenery as a reminder>

Ostara Weeding and Planting

This evening we will renew our spiritual selves, just as the Earth does every spring.

<Take the heavy sheet of paper and tear the page in half. Ask someone to help and hand them one of the halves>

“Write the words “BE GONE” at the top of the paper” – The leader should then ask everyone what they want to be gone from their lives – pass the paper around and have each person write it with the black marker; this can include habits, feelings, situations, etc. that they want to get rid of.

<Hold the sheet above your head>

This is our collective negative list!

<Place this negative list under the black candle.>

<Next, pass the essential oil you’ve brought and ask everyone anoint their third eye/center of forehead with a drop of oil>

<Take the other half of the paper and ask someone else to help>

“Write the word “REBIRTH” at the top of this sheet” – The leader should ask everyone what they want to improve or add to better themselves; change for the positive, goals they desire to accomplish, etc. Tell them to make positive, active statements avoiding comments like I should, might, wish, hope or anything with that isn’t positive – those are neutral words. This is a positive list that needs filled with vibrant positive energy.

This is our collective positive list!

<Place it under the white candle.>

Join hands as we move energy – cleansing by fire that which is unwanted and forging that which we need for growth

<Using a wooden match, light the small candles>

<Take the negative list from under the black candle and use the candle to start it burning, then drop it in the fire saying>

What once was

Will no longer be

I’m making room

For the new me

Be gone, Be gone!

So mote it be!

<Meditate while watching the negative list burn completely to a crisp then take the positive list from under the white candle. You will need to be quick and steady for the next step – set the positive list aflame with the fire from the white candle and immediately use the burning list to light your tan and green candles before dropping the burning paper in to the fire>

Let me feel

Let me see,

Now reborn in positivity

As I hatch into spring

Let all good things now come in

In perfect love and perfect trust,

With harm to none,

So mote it be!

<Silent meditation until the list burns completely away>

We’ve planted our positive thoughts for the coming year, and we’ve weeded our spiritual gardens of that which serves no purpose except to add unnecessary limitations to our lives. The green and tan candles; colors of Earth and Springtime now burn with all our positive intentions. We’ve successfully merged our combined energies into those energies of all living things – we’ve become one with the natural world on this night of equilibrium.

Closing the Ostara circle

Power of Earth, we thank you for your attendance in our circle, stay if you will, go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust. <extinguish green candle>

Power of Water, we thank you for your attendance in our circle, stay if you will, go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust. <extinguish blue candle>

Power of Fire, we thank you for your attendance in our circle, stay if you will, go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust. <extinguish red candle>

Power of Air, we thank you for your attendance in our circle, stay if you will, go if you must in perfect love and perfect trust. <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, we thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space. <extinguish Goddess candle>

“This Ostara circle is open but never broken”

“Merry meet, Merry Part, and Merry meet Again”



Alternative Ostara Ritual

The Spring Equinox has so much material available to build rituals around, including fertility, rebirth, and rites of renewal.  If you are interested in a re-birthing ritual, try this one.

Ostara 2018 – The Rebirthing Ritual


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