Ostara 2022 – The Time of the Maiden Goddess


In 2022, Ostara falls on March 20th.  Ostara is also the Spring or Vernal equinox; when night and day are equal.  For on this day, all things are in balance. The world will suddenly seem more orderly and less chaotic.  Everyone can breathe easier, will feel better and be filled with optimism (or so we hope) thanks to the Maiden Goddess and the turning wheel.

Our ritual follows some of the practices we believe our Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic ancestors would perform to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  With no written records to consult, we must trust in the history we do know to help fill in the blanks. We are certain that celebrations would have taken place in every village.  Our ancestors were farmers and herdsmen and they lived and died by the seasons and significant solar events.  No one has been able to discover or identify an ancient  Ostara ritual. Across Western Europe there are many sacred places; some with stone circles or altars.  These places show evidence that our ancestors observed both the Equinoxes and Solstices.

Tonight we are energized by the all encompassing feeling of complete balance.  Light is in perfect harmony with the darkness. Day and night equal.  The yin meets the yang. A nycthemeron with two perfect pieces.  Springtime is but a long blink and thoughtful gaze away.  As so, we gather to celebrate. Each soul giving an equal amount of thanks and praise to balance the requests and protections. The wishes are noble and virtuous; fertility, bounty, defense and personal strength.

maiden goddess

The Ritual

This ritual is designed for a small to medium sized group. It is expected to be performed outdoors with a central bonfire or fire pit. The elementals, Fae, ancestors, and all things from the forests are welcomed in the circle.

What you’ll need to prepare for this ritual (as written)

Alter with yellow cloth
Quarter Candles (4 total) in these colors – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Maiden Goddess Candle – Large White Candle with three wicks (each representing a stage of the Goddess)
Sacred Drinking Vessel filled with equal amounts of fresh milk and honey
Large bunch of fresh spring flowers

Ritual leader should understand that any portion of the ritual that is bracketed with <> refers to instructions for them and should not be spoken aloud. It is recommended that the leader read through the entire journey before leading it live.

The Ritual

<Opening Statement – A call to action for the participants to stop talking, gather, and prepare to begin the ritual>

“Let it be called, let it be cast, this sacred circle of both present and past; a meeting place, a spiritual space, where we welcome all from the human race”

Join Us as We Call the Ostara 2022 Quarters


Turn you gaze to the East, the direction of the rising sun and the dawning of each new day.  As earth dwellers, we seek the light and the great feeling of renewal that accompanies it.  We also listen for the sounds of the Air spirits as they enter the circle on the swirling winds.  Springtime has always been associated with the symbols of the east; warm breezes, sunny skies, and longer days.  As we enter the time of the Maiden, all hopes are renewed and we once again seek the opportunity to be one with nature. <light yellow candle>


Next we turn to the South, where the secrets of the mighty Fire spirits were born and nurtured.  The great forges of creation continue to produce that which humankind cherishes.  The great flames are passed through many torches and the accompanying wisdom along with it.  Fire teaches us balance through the great lesson of creation and destruction.  We seek a greater understanding as to apply this wisdom to all aspects of our lives.  <light red candle>


As we look to the West, we are honoring the great spirits of Water.  From the tiniest trickle to the monumental oceans, water demonstrates motion.  Water is always moving, always transforming, and yet always appears as endless and permanent in placement.  As the seasons change, water changes along with them and makes itself always purposeful at the right time.  Now as the last of the ice and snow melts away, we are preparing to make ourselves purposeful as we prepare the soil for another season of growing; both crops to feed our bodies and knowledge to feed our spirits. <light blue candle>


And to complete the circle, we look to the North, the direction of the spirits of Earth.  The time of the Maiden has arrived.  The fertile belly awaits the birthing process and the new life that will emerge.  All things of creation are poised to burst forth with new life, whether on foot, by branch, or from soil.  But today, we pause to celebrate the great balance and the lessons it gives us.  Tomorrow we set our sights on the future.  <light green candle>

The Maiden Goddess

We celebrate equality, balance, equilibrium, and symmetry on Ostara.  All things come together for a brief period to remind us that nothing in this world is superior to anything else, nor is anything inferior.  All things have a rightful place and all places attract their rightful things.  The Triple Goddess is now the Maiden and she symbolizes new life, new beginnings, and growth.  We honor this time of youthful beauty, endless energy, and innocence.   <light a single wick on the white goddess candle>

Hail Great Goddess and Welcome to All Who Have Gathered on this Ostara night!

Ostara 2022 maiden goddess

Introduction to Ostara

Ostara is the celebration of the Spring equinox which is rooted in tradition.  This celebration, like so many others is often misrepresented as a Wiccan holiday, but that isn’t entirely true.  Wicca is a neo-pagan practice which started in 1954 and like many other neo-pagan practices, draws upon the remnants of ancient practices and rituals .  Countless other pagan and neo-pagan groups also celebrate Ostara across the world today.  We are all one when it comes to celebrating the seasons, the moon phases, and the traditions of our ancestors.

Ostara (also known as Eostre or Eastre) originates from the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Goddess whose legacy is symbolized by the hare and the egg.  This Goddess is associated with fertility, spring, flowers, and all the other elements associated with springtime.  She also represents the Maiden aspect of the triple Goddess.  She is young, pure, beautiful and filled with life.  She is like a flower blossom and the promise of new life each spring.

Music of Ostara 2022

Tonight we are energized by an ancient rhythm that energizes the soul while taking the mind on an epic journey of self-discovery.  It comes courtesy of Sowulo.  The piece is called Ostara.

What Does Spring Bring?

When we celebrate Ostara, we celebrate spring.  It’s a powerful time of the year that many consider an awakening of the earth’s energy.  The great circle of life begins anew each year on the spring equinox.  The fertile Maiden is ready to is ready to usher in new life after a long winter.  Spring talks of flowers, budding trees, tiny green shoots emerging from the warming soil.  Also about birth, mother’s milk, nurturing, and fertility.  Furthermore we speak of sunlight, warming temperatures, and preparing the land for planting.  And not to be forgotten, we speak of ample rainfall to help coax that new life from the soil.  So, tonight we will offer  prayers to the Spirits of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, we’ll work together to focus our collective energies, and finally offer our eternal thanks to the Maiden Goddess.

Prayers to the Elements

The elements play a critical role in the existence of every living thing. As humans, we are dependent of each one separately and in unison for our very existence. Yet, not all citizens of earth are also citizens of nature.  Many abuse Mother Earth to profit from her bounty.  Many take more than they need, extract natural resources in ways that do extreme damage to the environment, and leave a wake of destruction in their pathway.  Mother Earth has an amazing ability to heal from these damaging actions, but that healing might take thousands of years.  This is where we can step in to help.  Each one of us can conserve, contribute, and clean-up things whenever and wherever we can.  There is always a need to do more, use less, and spread the message to be good stewards of the gifts which we have been given.  Also, we need to show our gratitude to the sacred elements for providing for us.

<you may choose to have the participants turn and face the associated cardinal directions as you recite each prayer, should you wish to>

Great Spirits of Air, we the people of (Insert the name of your community/town/coven/etc.) praise you,
With each breath we take, you become a greater part of our bodies and our souls,
Each time the wind passes around us, we feel your guiding presence,
With every strong gust, we recognize your endless power,
And when the world around is calm, we marvel at your mystery
We trust in the power of Air to provide that which we need

Great Spirits of Fire, we the people of (Insert the name of your community/town/coven/etc.) praise you,
As the energy of the sun grows each passing day, we offer thanks
The light brings a sense of calm, trust, and comfort
Our thoughts are with the fields, the young, and the growing
Golden rays fill everyone with a sense of eternal hope
We trust in the power of Fire to provide that which we need

Great Spirits of Water, we the people of (Insert the name of your community/town/coven/etc.) praise you,
We see life in every river, every pond and every stream
Each drop of rain is a testament to the continuance of life
Through the many forms, water teaches us the lesson of flexibility
And by the tests of time, we also see it’s strength and perfection
We trust in the power of Water to provide that which we need

Great Spirits of Earth, we the people of (Insert the name of your community/town/coven/etc.) praise you,
There is potential in all things, not matter their size or status
Every rock, stone, tree, and blade of grass has a purpose
As we break the surface of the land for planting, we become a part of something bigger
Our energy is comingled with the great energy of the earth
We trust in the power of Earth to provide that which we need

We offer this sacred libation to all the elements as a token of our eternal thanks

<pour the sacred libation of milk & honey onto the earth and allow several minutes of silence for meditation>

ostara 2022

Focusing Our Collective Energies

We all hold sacred magickal energy within our physical bodies.  This energy is powerful, maybe more powerful than most people realize.  Those who regularly across realms can attest to this.  We are going to use the power of many to amplify this energy and focus it on healing the wounded planet.  We are using fresh spring flowers, a symbol of pureness as a tool to assist us in this endeavor.  Fresh Spring flowers represent all the wonderful things that we associate with Ostara; fertility, birth, the Maiden Goddess, emerging from the darkness, and renewal.  This blessing is not for any individual, but for everyone gathered.  It’s a pledge to actuate real change.

<before reciting the focusing rite, the ritual leader should walk the inner ring of the circle and touch each person on the right shoulder, the left shoulder, and then the top of their head with the bunch of fresh spring flowers – once everyone has been touched, make a second circle and distribute a few flowers to each person, asking them to join hands with the flowers held between their hands>

<Part one brings everyone together and focuses their energy – once you feel that attunement, then proceed to the actual healing prayer>

Breathe deep and close your eyes
Let your body relax completely
There are no outside influences
There is no ego
We are no longer individual
We are free and focused
One with the sun, one with the air
One with the earth, one with the water
Our energies are given freely
We are one

We are one with the land,
Our energies are given freely,
As is our gratitude and love,
We share that energy to help and to heal,
It flows from our hearts and our souls
Through our flesh and down into the soil
Our intentions are focused
Let the healing begin
Blessed Be!


<observe a moment of silence, allowing the energy to flow>

Release and relax – take the flowers home to remind you to start something positive tomorrow morning

ostara 2022

Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Maiden Goddess

<ask the group to hold hands as you recite this prayer>

Great Goddess
We celebrate and praise you
As a Maiden you project fertility
We join you as you open the doorway to spring
Each moment of new life is magical
Each birth a masterpiece of creation
Every new shoot a new memory
Every bud and flower a thing of beauty
As the wheel turns, we turn with it
Our fates are in your hands
We pray for wellness, for health
And for life renewed
Walk with us as we walk together
Provide us comfort in times of sorrow
Hope in times of despair
And share your love with 
Now and for all of  time

ostara 2022 maiden goddess

Closing the Ostara 2022 circle

Great Spirits of the North – In closing this Ostara circle, we leave with a new sense of purpose and a great intention to take action to preserve, protect and honor the planet. As we prepare the land for planting, we ask for favorable conditions and adequate resources. <extinguish green candle>

Great Spirits of the West – As we leave this circle tonight, we leave with vivid vision of clean rivers and lakes teeming with life.  We shall not forget that water is life and without it, we too shall disappear from existence.  We have provided our shared energy to assist in keeping the water clean and safe for all. <extinguish blue candle>

Great Spirits of the South – With the smoke of our circle fire drifting upward and the glowing coals sharing their secret messages to each one of us, we offer our gratitude for all that you provide.  <extinguish red candle>

Great Spirits of the East – Wee leave with the lesson of balance and harmony, both in our hearts and with our community.  As we have shared energies on this night, we have also shared our hopes, dreams, and vision of a future where all things are as they should be. <extinguish yellow candle>

Maiden Goddess, we have been blessed in so many ways; the fertile earth that awaits the new seeds; the warmth of the nurturing sun; refreshing cool, clean water; and the fellowship of those around us.  Thank you for your wisdom and love. Thank you for sharing this night with us in our sacred space.  <extinguish Goddess Candle>

“The circle is open but never broken”


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