Oceans in Your Eyes




My love, hold for but a juncture

Your time I so humbly request

For I have a wish yet unfulfilled

Twould be but a small encounter

One of little effort on your part

Only a turn of your head required

For I so hold such a wondrous thought

I’d most enjoy feeling it wholly as could be

To longingly gaze into the depth of your eyes

To drink from the kaleidoscope of colors revealed

My thoughts reach back to the roiling seas

Wide frothy caps and sharp sweeping curls

This moment of though forever captured

Another happening when I’m alone

With nothing particular but my own mind

The movement of those colors did draw me in

Gave residency with my impressions

I slept in my dreamy awakendness

As the precision of each shade and hue emerged

As the moments passed by, or perhaps hours or days

I hadn’t any countenance or fixed vision to hold

For I’d slipped in my thoughts to thinking of you

So beautiful and such a wonderful sight to behold

Long sweeping hair that rode light on the breeze

And pure alabaster flesh hidden beneath

A smile of eternity lay waiting to shine forth

But the eyes, the oceans of your eyes

That is what I so ask you to show

Pull back your hair and look over here

I only wish to gaze for an eternity or two

To take in the colors, the shades, and the hues

Cobalt, cerulean, azure, and Majorelle

All melt before me yet somehow retain what they are

And yet, they’re not just shades of blue

As avocado, and mint, and chartreuse slip in and through

The swirling colors, like the waves from my dreams

Electric gunmetal blue gives way to a grey steel

Then to greens of the forest, the trees, and the sea

Colors that neither canvas nor palette could hold

Deeper shades hide amethyst, hyacinth, and jade

Muted with smoke lightened Indigo and Teals

Yet I digress, for I have shown to be astray,

Lost in my own personal moment of swimming I’d say

I’ve stumbled and rambled as you certainly can see

Pronouncing each shade so carefully and true

But as part of the whole, they pale on their own

Your eyes, but a doorway to the entire you

In stepping back there’s so much more to see

As beauty goes my love, no one does compare

Each piece of you as part of the whole

Your eyes, and your skin, and your lips and your nose

The rise of your bosom, and the curve of your hip

The light step when you trod, your soft fingertips

I’m just a man who knows what he sees

In each moment, each part, and each second you breathe.

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