Nondescript Holiday Party


holiday party

Twas a crowded room

An endless wave of humanity

Sounds echoed and mingled in a growing crescendo

Voices all speaking, yet saying nothing worthwhile

Shop talk, table talk, small talk, the same for their name

The colors of winter make an endless cycle

Blue suit, black dress, everything dark, everything drab

Jacketed servers with downtrodden eyes

Circling the room with libations

Trays fill up, trays empty, full and empty

Over and over it occurs

Small plates and small forks litter tables

Linens soiled with haphazard spills

Napkins take on amazing shapes

Crumpled, folded, wadded, and peaked

Behaviors lapse and the clock ticks

Buttons unbuttoned, ties untied, blouses unbloused

Still the servers continue serving

Riding the timeclock of another long night

Nondescript music beckons lucid couples

The him and her who may leave together

Only the drinks can say

Forgotten moves from high school dances

Jocularity replaces sobriety

Lights flash in an endless pattern

The focus not on the edges of the room

There the wallflowers drink in silence

Heads down, thoughts down even lower

Tongues loosened shout every word

Talk becomes cheap and risqué

Hands rush across soft curves

Whispers exchanged in sensitive ears

The crowd thins and some slip away

Singles, couples, and even a three

The servers stop serving

Drinks stop flowing

The final song

Last call


Another Year Gone By

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