Nondescript Holiday Celebration – Another Year Gone By

another year

another year


My thoughts are wandering

…on another year passing

Another nondescript celebration

Surrounded by people laughing

Conversations and photographing

Drinks and food and lots of dancing

Some retreating, others advancing

When all of them are really acting

Talk and talk and talk some more

Another year and what’s in store

Endless lists of resolutions

Old problems with new solutions

Expectations and declarations

Trending things and new relations

The market and its fluctuations

Latest news and the implications

Smiling faces and what they hide

Leading thoughts, are dissatisfied

Unqualified, amplified and cast aside

Sadly some think suicide

Wear their hearts for all to see

But none of them can turn the key

Superficial lives become that way

Living through the rainy days

To them, they never go away

Despite the image now portrayed

Nervous hands and empty chairs

Glassy eyes and endless stares

Dancing couples just holding on

Corner-dwellers already gone

The midnight hour closing in

Lonely men just nurse their gin

Drunken people showing skin

Swarming sharks with hidden fins

Living in this pleasant fiction

Lives are filled with contradictions

Restrictions, evictions, and addictions

Drinking away their derelictions

Likely leading to a bad decision

Random hook-up or car collision

Sad results from clouded vision

I like to speak, but no one will hear

A better way to start the year

Happiness is found within

Not who you know, or where you’ve been

You are enough, don’t lose yourself

Look inside and you’ll find help

Stop all the things you do for show

Don’t always agree, just say no

The scene is false, just don’t go

Instead, seek to find your inner flow

All the things that make you glow

The energy source that makes you, you

It will guide you on what next to do

The needs of others will have to wait

Until you’re inner-self is straight

Allow your points to activate

Open up and don’t hesitate

Ignore the time, ignore the date

Absolve yourself of any hate

Feel the love just escalate

Finally a reason to celebrate!

another year

Author’s Note

Some time ago, I wrote a poem called Nondescript Holiday Party in which I peeked into the “small-talk” at a gathering.  The crowd was weary and the intentions were superficial, but alas the show must go on.  Now the same anonymous crowd again gathers, but this time instead of watching, I think about offering some advice.

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