No Spaces Among the Lines and Colors


No spaces amongst the lines and colors, nary room for a view between them all

Little slivers of light peek yet get no play from the blocking darkness

The wall ahead is too great for even the strongest of the rays to penetrate

Perhaps the rays do not know the way into the realm where your heart doth lie

They see nothing but a stained glass window where inside and outside become distorted

Colors smeared together, thickened blackness as their only separation

Where are you hiding my love, for my eyes are blinded by all of the light

Perhaps a shadow is where you’d best want to stay today, hidden below the radar

I hear you, sounds bounce and vibrate off the colorful panes of glass with stains

A small thing, like a marble, or precious stone sits atop the edge of the closest one

Ah, perhaps it is a message from you darling, a signal for me to endure the search

As I approach, I see another, and farther ahead another shows itself to me

A trail of precious breadcrumbs left for me to find you is it?

Know this my lady, I shall be the one who legends are written and spoken of

The knight who follows forth and travels the perils of this land to earn his prize

A quest have you call it, a journey through learning and imagination

Well, for you my dear, my trailblazer, I would learn more than most should

I cannot fear the chance that my calls will not be heard, nor my voice lose itself

I will not forsee my sight grow dim and my eyes lose the sparkle they possess

Only the thought of you shall be the focus of my sight and the end to my means

Peer out from the hidden glazed panes my love, for I need to see you in my sights

If only…if only for but a moment, for I wish to hold you close to my heart

My song of love shall fill your ears with its gentle melodies and enrapture you

My kiss shall unlock the torrents of love inside of you, like tidewaters from heaven

For never can I feel like anything more than a tiny pebble left along a trail

Whenever you are lost, my love, I need to be your pathfinder to bring you home

Now remember, I’ll be there questing for you love, have faith, the sands of time will too

Better things are to come and better things are coming for you

Nary room for a view from here, but nary room for one to stop looking

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