Nine Nasty Myths, Falsehoods, and Outright Government Lies


The America of my youth, sadly has disappeared.  Gone are the days when patriotism, common-sense, and the entrepreneurial spirit were three of the guiding tenants of civilization.  The education system was focused on teaching kids how to think for themselves while at the same time ensuring they had an adequate understanding of mathematics, science, history, and language skills.  Technology was still in it’s infancy and we thought it was life-changing to see television in color rather than black and white.  Telephones had cords, movie theaters were the only place you could watch a show more than once, and computers were something only NASA seemed to have.  Most people saw government as a necessary thing, but it was limited in how much it interfered with everyday life.  And then something happened.  To this day, I don’t think anyone is sure when or how exactly our country changed, but it did so very fast and with very damaging results.

Fast forward to today, a country where both of our major political parties have been infiltrated and hijacked by Globalists with self-serving interests.  Our school system, public policy, and even local governments are corrupt.  Those who dare to speak up about the injustices are quickly ridiculed, silenced, or in some cases imprisoned using trumped-up charges.  The Masters of the On-Line Universe all repeat the same news stories in an effort to make them seem factual while at the same time hiding real news.  Our laws are ignored by those who can line their pockets will ill-gotten gains, while the uneducated are being used as pawns in a dangerous game.  The common man and woman are nothing but sheep awaiting instructions or to be led to slaughter.

If you are one of the sheep, then everything you read below will be ignored, argued against, or called an outright lie.  After all, you’ve been successfully programmed by your handlers to only think and say what they approve of.  If you are still human in any way, then you might see some wisdom in these paragraphs and start doing more of your own research and decide what you agree with and what you don’t.  If you are awake, then you’ll be shaking your head in affirmation as you read one line after another, and you’ll likely be able to add tons of information.  Bottom line is that our government isn’t interested in anything except money, power, and the freedom to do what they want while at the same time suppressing our individual liberties and trying to keep us in line.  The nine topics I have chosen are just the tip of the iceberg of how we are constantly being lied to by the same people who beg us to vote for them each election cycle; it’s beyond understanding of why we continue this death spiral when we have the power to stop it.

Myth: Fresh water is a finite resource

Reality: Fresh water is a renewable resource; meaning that with some level of treatment it can be made safe for drinking and other hygienic needs.  Our children are being taught differently in schools so that a handful of global conglomerates can charge consumers high prices that are nearly all profit.  The Primary Water Cycle details the entire global water system (the natural system, not any treatment plants or other man-made portions).  A quick study of this cycle shows us that volcanic magma from deep in the earth is continually surfacing and in the process releases fresh water, which after cooling will become part of the surface water supply.

Read more on the Water Cycle here and the many different ways the earth naturally generates and cleans the global water supply.

Myth: Fluoride is Safe and Necessary for Dental Care

Reality: Fluoride is added to our water supply in America and nearly 2/3 of all people consumed fluoridated water based on debunked information that is several generations old.  Fluoride is the only chemical added to our water supply that is connected to a medical reason; there is no standard dosage established for fluoride and those who drink a lot of water are being slowly poisoned by it.  It is not proven to have any nutritional benefit and no human process has been identified which has a need for fluoride.  Studies have shown that the level of overall tooth decay does not change in sample groups where fluoride is removed over time.  There is evidence however that fluoride leads to thyroid problems, reduced IQ levels, and multiple other health issues.  Also, it’s been documented that it makes us docile and easier to control.

Read more here on the top 50 reasons you should be avoiding fluoridated water.

Myth: Marijuana is a Dangerous Drug

Reality: Marijuana is listed on the schedule of illegal drugs because it offers multiple benefits that the global pharmaceutical industry cannot compete with.  Some Doctors are seeing the light and prescribing it for pain, MS, anxiety, PTSD, nausea, appetite disorders/eating disorders, seizures, and much more.  These health problems are currently treated using expensive FDA approved drugs, which the pharmaceutical industry profits greatly from.  It is not a gateway drug, nor does it lead to addiction.  There has never been a single documented case of a marijuana overdose.  It does not impair or damage memory in human beings; in fact it does almost the exact opposite and is being tested in Alzheimer patients.

Read more here on why and how marijuana was deemed illegal – you’ll be surprised and shocked.

Myth: Chemtrails are the same thing as contrails

Reality:  Contrails is short for condensation trails, and they are a normal expectation based on the theory of jet propulsion.  When a jet engine releases superheated exhaust into the frigid upper-atmosphere, the water vapor quickly freezes; similar to when we humans exhale warm breathe on a cold day.  These contrails will dissipate fairly quickly, especially in very dry conditions.  Chemtrails on the other hand, use the naturally occurring contrail theory as camouflage to mask their true function.  As with most government cover-ups, this provides a way to quickly ridicule anyone who challenges the truth.  Chemtrails can be visible in the sky for hours, sometimes entire days, and they seem to have multiple crisscrossing patterns; ask yourself what aircraft flies in a back and forth pattern without a reason.  Chemtrails are deliberately filled with dangerous and toxic chemicals, which are being showered on the public without consent or sometimes without our knowledge.

Read more on the differences between Chemtrails and Contrails here.

Myth: Vaccinations are Good For You

Reality: The process of vaccinating children is becoming less and less acceptable across the world.  Studies show that countries with the most vaccines also have the highest infant mortality rates.  The process itself makes no sense; healthy people are injected with a variety of potentially deadly diseases in hopes they will develop immunity to it in the future.  Nowhere else in the practice of modern medicine is this type of practice done; usually we treat something after a legitimate diagnosis.  What’s worse is that many of these vaccines are suspended in compounds of mercury, aluminum, or other neurotoxins to preserve their shelf life over time.  By artificially manipulating the human immune system, some of the natural workings are forever altered or destroyed; basically the immune system underperforms because of this “coaching” technique.

Read more about the real dangers of vaccinations here.

Myth: Human Beings Are Impacting Global Temperatures

Reality: Whether it’s called Global Warming, Climate Change, Global Cooling, or any of the other media-friendly buzz words, human beings have no impact on the planet’s weather conditions.  CO2 has been focused on as a leading indicator of Global Warming, and yet it’s also produced by nature in levels that mankind cannot come close to.  The so-called scientists, who are supposed to be experts, regularly manipulate and change data point readings to make sure their theories work.  Nations across the world are pledging significant amounts of money toward the study of climate change, but notice how none of them ever seem to have a problem/solution result.  What it really is about comes down to one simple thing – money.  If they scare enough people to switch to renewable energy sources, they shift the wealth of the energy sector from the fossil fuel producers to the new companies; companies that they own or are invested in.

Read more about the hoax of climate change here and how it’s being used to destroy capitalism here.


Myth: Organized Religion is Making the World A Better Place

Reality:  Organized religion, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Hindu, or any other sort of mainstream organization is nothing more than a way to control the masses.  People are separated, segregated, and categorized within their religious silos.  Once inside, they are taught to donate copiously, hate those who aren’t part of their religion, and listen to everything and anything their religious leaders tell them without question.  They are told to worship an imaginary being which is supposed to be everywhere at all times.  They are given a set of rules that were written by other men to follow to the letter and if they don’t, they are punished; sometimes on earth or sometimes in an imaginary place where bad people go after they die.  Some insiders get to the point where they will kill, start wars, or destroy anyone of another faith.  All modern religions are power centers that do everything possible to influence global politics, control vast amounts of wealth, and lead their followers down a road of false promises and lies.  In the big picture, organized religion does more damage than good.

Read more about how religion negatively impacts the world here.

Myth: Public Schools in America are Teaching Our Children How to Think

Reality: Public schools are not teaching children how to think or reason anymore.  They are instead teaching them what to think and how to follow orders without question.  It’s no secret that our school system is about indoctrination of our youth.  Teachers have our sons and daughters in a “captured audience” environment for half of each day.  One of the biggest goals is to condition the children to listen to the state before their parents or immediate family; other forces are working to break up any remaining traditional families to further support this agenda.  They are given instruction in math and government-approved scientific platforms, but also they are brainwashing them into believing things that just don’t compute logically.  Social constructs such as gender, media, entertainment, LGBT rights, and other far-reaching viewpoints are being elevated over rational and fact-driven truths.  Political ideologies that are un-American are being heralded and American history and the Constitution are virtually ignored.  The result of a 12 year public education is a timid, fearful, close-minded individual with little desire to achieve greatness.

Read more about indoctrination in our school system here.

Myth: Americans are Free

Reality: Most Americans are under a state of constant surveillance, subjected to a library of regulations, and increasingly unable to get off of the grid.  The internet, smart phone, and improved camera technology has made nearly every second of our lives captured, recorded, and saved for future analysis.  History is being erased before our eyes and when it can’t be erased, it’s being ignored.  Food, energy, healthcare, public and private transportation, land and water use, and even the air we breathe are regulated by the government; all without consent of the people.  We are seeing the rise of a police-state in many areas and corruption in our leadership is at an all-time high.  Age restrictions are put on most pleasures of the flesh such as age of consent for sex, drinking alcohol, attending certain events or places, and more.  It’s becoming illegal to home-school, drink raw milk, share food with the homeless, collect rainwater, make changes to your private property, publicly talk about a bad experience with a company, complain, water your lawn, and criticize organized religion.

Read more about the Nanny State gone wild in America here.


If you have read through this with an open mind and you’re not convinced that the government is always lying to us, then I wish you luck in the rest of your life; you’ll need it.  If this was new information in-part, or wholly, then take it further and do more research on your own; trust in your self.  And if everything is “old news” then I challenge you to spread the word to someone still asleep; we cannot allow complacency while the machine continues to consume our youth.  Thanks for reading.  Huzzah!

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